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"We will conquer them all"
- Escape the Fate

"I demand an answer," I growled, glaring at Gabriel. I couldn't help but notice how evasive he has been over the subject – how he has all but run away from me since our migration into the warm jungles of South America once again. I couldn't help but notice the fact he used Patricia as a mouth piece. And I couldn't help but notice how close said siren was getting with a certain werewolf, nearly cutting off her ties to Gabriel.

The tricky old man ran a hand through his hair haphazardly in almost a casual manor – except I noticed the anguish in his eyes. Frustration dwelled in the small creases around his lips. Through the games and illusions he played, Gabriel had lost more than he wanted.

"I did not betray you, Isabella," he sighed suddenly. "Isabelle offered me immunity – once ago we were on friendly terms. I had tricked and betrayed her. You must understand that if Patricia and I were to slip just once in our powers – to have given as much as a millionth of our strength into a fight prior to the stunt we had pulled to save you the results could have been catastrophic."

I watched him carefully, still untrusting and careful of Gabriel. He was too dangerous – too independent and didn't seem to want me on the same page with him at all – which, in some situations, could offer my death.


He knew where to go from here – he knew how to take over my position as the newly instated queen and to, despite my whining and complaining, point me in a good direction during my "reign".

I looked at my advisors – or whom I was hoping would take the position. Carlisle raised an eyebrow at Gabriel but rested his hope into me – I could feel it. Esme also trusted me. The beautiful siren, Patricia, only smiled thinly, hoping for my forgiveness and also wishing that I would continue to trust her. The rest of the Cullens remained mixed – they disliked the man, however, they knew or rather assumed that I would make the better decision. I turned to my human king.

Frustration marked the small creases around his lips like Gabriel – he wasn't used to feeling so…deaf. A slight blush and tan ran over his soft skin – humanity suited him fine. I wondered if I should keep him human or to give him the immortality still stored in the pocket besides my chest. It was almost a fattening feeling – as if I was carrying a luggage, I was not meant to.

Patricia's eyes flickered over to my human, whom I had protectively shielded. He smiled slightly at the female, before beaming a more beautiful grin at me. His smile, just as perfect, if not more so without intimidation or immortality, flickered briefly. Gabriel only scowled at our theatrics.

"Gabriel," I drawled. "Might I speak to you privately?"

He shrugged his broad shoulders, a sudden childlike innocence overcoming his features. He seemed almost human for a brief moment. He loped over away from the party, breaking into a run. I gripped Edward's hand. "Keep the peace for a few minutes. I need to…" I paused, "figure out where we stand at the moment."

He laughed dryly. "What else are kings for?"

I mockingly waved in an almost regal air, flashing a silly smile, before running off after the tricky old man. His scent was full and musky – as if a rose was preserved for thousands of years.

He rested his lanky, teenage body on a tree with the fluidity of a jungle cat. "My dear Queen, what is it that you desire?"

I growled under my breath. "You of all people are not in the position to be any way shape or form patronizing of my position – the position I informed you I will not be keeping."

He rolled his eyes. "Isabella, like I had promised, rule for a couple of years. I'll find someone else to replace you. My hopes for Patricia have wilted like a flower in the sun...She has less of an insanity streak in her family, however...it seems her innocence and unwillingness have oppositely grown."

"Very poetic," I bristled with the jab at my ancestry but kept my voice even. "I want you no where near that throne, Gabriel."

He shrugged. "I know you don't want me whispering in her ears. Is that why you have suddenly thrown her into a relationship with that mongrel? Surely, that would keep me from placing her as the Queen of Immortals. How nice of you to steal my mate…"

"Your mate is worm-food. Artemis has been gone for ages. Get over yourself." I paused, watching the anguish in his eyes grow. For a moment, I felt as if I liked it. "You know as well as I that you had used Patricia for your own. I am not stupid. It was similar to how Isabelle used Isis or Myrah for whatever she wished. Patricia was your lover, your companion, and your champion. Under my rule, I have decided that you no longer need to exist and neither," I lowered my eyelids to a severe glare, "do your champions."

"Oh, but you surely cannot kill me," he chuckled. "From here until the end of your rule you'll need me. I am the eldest alive to this very date. Even Marcus is young in comparison…and extremely foolish. I know how to rule this underground world to perfection and now that the humans have some idea of what lurks in the night," he laughed, "this is going to be the most terrible year. You must reunite humans and night folk, while bringing a unity to the rest of the underground immortals. You. Need. Me."

I looked away in anger. Do not misunderstand need with want, I warned him. When the rule starts going more smoothly, mark my words as I stand here on this very spot, you will die by my hands.

He only grinned. "I dare you, Raven sweetling. I dare you." Carefully, the man jumped from the tree into a handsome wolf. He howled and ran off through the jungle, a jet-black body slinking through the twilight on the hunt.

I only smiled hesitantly. And so the games begin.

I ran back to my human king, tackling him into the ground, careful of his tender human bones. He laughed fearfully, hesitantly kissing my cheek. I smirked at his sudden fear of my being.

"Am I scary," I inquired to him. merely

"Oh definitely," he replied with a grin.

"BELLA!" a voice cried. I was suddenly thrown into the air, and nearly air born. I laughed at Jake when he tilted his head away from my scent – which was a bit too sweet and alien compared to the light scent of freesia he was more used to. I detached myself from his embrace and the wolf laughed at the human lying on the ground, eyes wide.

Marcus chuckled, raven haired and immaculate against a tree. His diet, which for many years consisted of human blood, was unused to the animals he now devoured and it caused an almost tiring affect. I have never seen you this lively.

I only raised an eyebrow. Never had I had such a reason to live.

Never mind Gabriel, the immortal warned me, eyes stone.

"Was this what it was like for you?" he asked me. "Are you always this fast?"

I helped up the human Edward gently. "Yep," I confided kissing his nose.

The man speaks more than he really accomplishes – I have known him continuously. Must he trouble a daughter of mine, the vampire paused mentally. I shall surely be the cause of his suffering.

"Hey punk," Jake chuckled, ruffling Edward's bronze hair. The ex-vampire attempted to growl, but it came out as a human whimper. He looked away, his skin tinting red at the cheeks. I wrapped my arms around hum.

"I just returned from the scouting party," Jake said finally. "You have to hear the news?"

"Followers of Elesmeera," he paused, "have now converted to the Isabella side. They're rebuilding Volterra. With help from humans. Apparently, a large percentage of Europe is easily giving in to the fact of mythical creatures. Asia is a bit lost, and Africa has no idea. South America," his face turned a bit queasy, "isn't that uhm, welcoming. America of course has to be difficult."

I lowered her eyes. "I guess I'm going to have a lot of work ahead of me."

Marcus bowed casually from the waist from the tree he was resting by. "Congratulation my Rose Queen," he whispered before striding off with the aid of a walking-stick, which to my amusement, he used for theatrics. I only shook my head at him daily, watching his pasty skin turn from translucent to full – to that of a handsome man centuries past.

Edward's face twisted sourly at the man, resting my head on his shoulder. Patricia twinkled into view, her eye's eyes flickered to meet Jake's and she only raised an eyebrow.

"So off to Volterra we must travel?" she asked gently. "Back to the…palace?"

I bobbed a nod half-heartedly. Alec pulled at the wool plum skirt, belonging to the dress Elesmeera had given me. I patted him on the head gently. Edward looked away– his distrust of the tiny immortal seemed more prominent in his humanity.

"Study the eyes of your enemies – the color of their sins dwell," the boy sang out, looking pleasingly up at me. "Do not fear," he assured me, burying his face in my skirts. I ran my fingers through his hair carefully.

My family was strange, almost awkward in a sense. A vampire son, whom predicted the future in riddles and could inflict the most powerful of pain – a future husband who could once hear voices in his head – a family of powerful vampires – a friend in a werewolf and an ex-enemy….

Thinking of the factors that could easily claim Edward's life, I shuddered. His immortality must he returned – we both understood that.

"Edward," I said carefully. Patricia and Jacob had left, understanding the sudden change of mood. Alec lay underneath a tree, finally releasing my skirts. The hunt would soon be taking place – the vampires would choose one direction while the wolves would run off in another, going cross country to avoid complete wiping out of species.

"Edward," I began again. He nodded with understanding, pulling me into his chest.

"I understand. This is not a place for a human king," he laughed. "And besides," he cupped my cheek. "How will I rule eternally by your side with a limited life?"

I smiled at his optimism. "You have spent so many years craving humanity Edward – I am not going to…"

"Bella," he said firmly. "My sweet Isabella, this is what I want – forever by your side. Don't question it."

I nodded slightly, feeling Edward's immortality carefully underneath my skin. Two long talons of his shimmering topaz light flickered atop my tongue, scalding it. He hesitantly shuddered, seeing something in my eyes he had not noticed while immortal. I could feel the tenor of his mind bristling with a misunderstood fear of my power.

I rested a hand on his cheek, guiding his face towards mine. The smell of his breath - a sweet mixture of sleep, saliva, and his natural perfume – wafted into my nose until I nearly felt consumed by his presence.

Hesitantly, my tongue weighed by the scalding topaz, I rested my lips against his. "I love you," I assured him, his lips carefully following the movements, until they were pressed into the flesh.

Suddenly aggressive, his tongue slipped through my lips and a shock danced through my body – and for once, it was not pleasurable. Instead, it was nearly painful, knocking me closer against him. Edward's muscles tightened, before loosening slack around me. My hands wrapped around him tightly and kept him close, hoping that he wouldn't fall through my arms like sand. His weight, although an easy problem to overcome, I didn't guard myself from. With a careful meditation, I could make myself feel as human as I desired, and human strength did not help you when vampires decided to throw their weight around you.

Edward's forehead creased and he shuddered. I could sense he was feeling a duller, less painful and quicker version of the change. His mind compared his first change, fueling a pain to grow throughout him. I gently kissed where his neck and jaw connected and felt his body loosen.

With a soft, hesitant smile, I kissed my king on the lips once more.

("Kiss me yet once more, the last, long kiss,
Until I draw your soul within my lips
and drink down all your love.")