160 cm

I was known as the tallest girl being 160 centimeters, yet I knew, it would take me a while to get myself noticed by him.

"Satsuki doesn't like models, or girls with long hair." Ayumi remembered as those words her friends repeated in her mind came back. "Just do your best." was another thing people always told her. Shaking her head tiredly she couldn't help but sigh. "I'm tired of what people are telling me… can't they just make up their mind?"

Almost stepping on a notebook that was on the floor, she bent down to pick it up and looked to see if there was a name inside it. "Katakura, Satsuki?" she read aloud as she blushed slightly saying his name. "I better return it to him."



"Sho-chan! Look at what I drew!" a little girl exclaimed to her friend who was at the sand box. Eager to see him she smiled happily as she showed the picture at his direction, making him glance at her.

The boy smiled but gave her a weird look. "Sho-chan? That's sounds like a name for a girl."

Her smile dropped as she gave him a worried gaze. "Y-You don't like it?"

"N-No, that's not what I meant." he interrupted putting his hands up. "I meant, it's okay to call me that." turning away with a bit red in the face, making it an awkward silence between them. "Um…your picture is nice by the way…"

"Really?" she asked as her smile came back. "Thank you!"


"Kids are so lucky…." yawned a blond high schooler as he walked inside the preschool building after school waiting for a certain girl to come out and call his name when she saw him.

"Kippei-onii-chan!" yelled the familiar voice as she ran up to him to hug him. Noticing that there was another girl beside him, she still smiled but kept quiet.

"You still remember Kokoro right?" Kippei asked her as he realized that there was a quiet atmosphere between them. She nodded as he took hold of her hand and the three of them walked outside to go home.

As they were going home, they noticed someone at their doorway waiting outside the Katakura family gates. Seeing her sigh and about to walk away, Yuzuyu recognized the girl and smiled. "The girl at on the billboard!" she pointed surprising Kippei and Kokoro by her outburst.

"Eh?" Ayumi asked in surprise also that someone was pointing her out.

Kokoro looked at Ayumi and remembered where she saw her. "Oh, I think Yuzuyu is talking about the ad. at the billboard station. You were the model for that correct?"

She blushed slightly and nodded and bowed. "I-I'm Kubota, Ayumi, you can call me Ayumi."

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Tokunaga, Kokoro. Kokoro is fine with me also." the high school girl introduced as she turned to Kippei.

"Ah! I'm Katakura, Kippei" he quickly announced as he pointed to the young girl in between them. "And this is Yuzuyu-chan!" he grinned.

Ayumi smiled warmly at the three. "It's nice to meet you." as she checked her watch and gasped. "I'm sorry! I'm going to be late for my photo shoot, perhaps maybe next time we'll talk more?"

"W-Wait! Didn't you come here for a reason?" Kippei asked as he stopped her for a moment. "Uh… I mean, because you were looking at our house and no one was home, well I mean, now we are but-"

Listening to his long speech, she took a notebook out of her backpack and gave it to him. "Oh yes, this was Katakura-kun's notebook. Your brother left it at school and I was going to return it but it seemed like no one was at home."

Staring at the notebook he skimmed through the pages and saw his brother's name and nodded. "I'll give it to him." as she smiled and ran down the street in a hurry. "Wow! She runs fast!" he added.

"What are you talking about? That's what you and Yuzuyu are like every morning when you're running late." Kokoro added as she rolled her eyes that he would suddenly forget and started walking into the house.

"She's lucky. People her age are so young." Kippei complained as he walked in after her inside the house. "Young teenage love, that's what I'd say."

This started to make her annoyed. "Are you saying that we're old?!" almost destroying the carton of milk that she was about to pour for the preschooler.

"N-No! I didn't mean it like that!"


"Well, I didn't see Satsuki when I dropped by, but at least his brother was nice enough to return it to him." Ayumi thought sadly as she stopped running, now slowly walking since she really wasn't that much of a hurry. "Oh well, it would take a lot to get noticed for a girl like me anyways…"