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UPDATE: The Story in the Soil has been nominated for the 2008 Dramione awards.

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Chapter 1 - First day of my life

"I don't know where I am
I don't know where I've been
But I know where I want to go
So I thought I'd let you know
That these things take forever
I especially am slow…."

Bright Eyes

It took a few moments to realise what had happened, but moments can seem like an age in a situation like the one Blaise Zabini had found himself in. The feeling of the gravel and grass against his right cheek was strange, Blaise, who had spent most of his life trying to avoid any situation in which any of his dark handsome skin would become scarred, could feel a sharp stone pushing into his cheek, a gash was now trickling blood into the soil. It came back to him, the blow had knocked it out of his mind for a moment, but it was coming back to him now. He had been duelling with someone, there was a battle going on, he couldn't afford to lay there on the ground bleeding. Pressing his palms against the ground, he lifted himself up, his wand was still in his hand, that was lucky. He looked around, Dean Thomas, the person he had crossed wands with was now laying on the ground, the vacant look in his glass-over eyes told Blaise that he was dead. Although he could not remember killing him.

He raised his wand, blinking a couple of times to clear the fog from his vision, something becoming very clear to him at that moment, the battle was over. He must have been knocked out for longer than he thought, or maybe the battle had already ended while he was still duelling with the Gryffindor boy, he couldn't be sure. An inner voice of reason spoke inside his head, telling him that he couldn't wait around here, he had no idea which side had won, he knew he couldn't afford to stick around to find out if they had lost.

Fingering his cheek lightly, feeling the parts of his skin which seemed to have ripped up and bubbled, his fingernails becoming pitted with his own blood as he did so, he tried to gain his bearings, still in the grounds, aparation would be out of the question, he'd have to make it on foot. Trying to escape via broom would be stupid, he's be an easy target flying alone in the sky, the fact that he had never been all that comfortable on a broom would not help either.

He had only taken one step in the general direction of the school gates before he came to a sudden and sharp realisation, he couldn't leave without Draco. There was one problem, he had no idea he would be. He knew that Draco was present in the school that evening, he just had to find him, he guessed his best bet would be the school.

Blaise forced his feet to start moving in the opposite direction, with each step, his chest filled with a sickly feeling of reluctance, he was taking a huge risk if against all odds and some sort of ridiculas luck Potter had managed to pull this rebellion of school children and old aged wizards together and defeated the Dark Lord. Logically he knew it was unlikely, but there was still a worry there in the back of his mind, it would just be like Potter to manage such a thing. Perhaps find a rare Scottish Macgufffin and set it wild onto the Dark Lord. He really didn't have the time to worry about such things if it was the case, he needed to get out of there.

He glanced over his shoulder for a moment, the battle field, looked far worse than he had originally thought, some sort of strange mist trickled over, the sight of bodies strewn across the land was enough to make him quicken his pace, he had no desire to become one of them. It occurred to Blaise for only a few moments that there was a chance that Draco could be injured and he'd have to practically carry him away from the somewhat ruined looking castle, it occurred to him for less time that Draco could be dead. He wasn't going to allow himself to think that way.

Draco could hear something, a muffled but familiar sounding voice speaking to someone, to him, he wanted the voice to go away, he was so tired, he just wanted to go to sleep, maybe the terrible sound of the blood pounding in his ears would cease if he was able to get enough rest.

"Cumghf own mayte!"

He groaned, the voice persisted and he felt a tugging on his arm, strong hands clasped around his arm, for the first time, he became vaguely aware that his wand was still loosely in his grip, still loosely in his grasp, his fingers tightened around it, he had almost lost it a few weeks before hand, due to Potter, but he had managed to hold onto it, he hadn't managed to stop Potter from escaping, something which had cost all present dearly. The voice that was speaking to him now cut through the haze he had been drifting in more clearly and he felt his eyelids being forced open.

"Come on mate!"

A blurry dark face suddenly became clearer, Blaise was pulling his arm over his shoulders and getting him to a more upright position, his feet were only just starting to work on their own accord. He realised what was going on, Blaise was rescuing him, oh he would never hear the end of this if they escaped unscathed. Draco felt cold metal bash against his front teeth, knocking him back for a moment, before he felt a bitter tasting liquid drip down his throat, some sort of restorative draught, Blaise was pushing down his throat from a hip flask. It took but a few seconds but already he started to feel less groggy, things were starting to make more sense to him. Someone had laid into him with a sucker punch, now he was more alert, more aware of what was going on. He coughed a little as Blaise pulled the flask away from his mouth, licking his dry lips with the little bit of spittle he could muster from his tongue he croaked at his best friend. "Did we win?"

Securing Draco's arm around his shoulders, Blaise made a small grunt and cocked his head to the side slightly. "I have no idea, which is why we need to get out of here as soon as possible." Draco looked around now that his vision seemed to have cleared, although his head was pounding and he seemed to have acquired some sort of new injury to his left leg without realising it, or maybe he had already gained it previously and now was only aware of it since he was no longer functioning on adrenaline alone. They appeared to be heading down one of the corridors which had been slightly less damaged in the battle than other places had been. The sight of several former classmates laying dead on the stone floor as they passed them, didn't disturb Draco half as much as he thought it would, Blaise pointed to the slumped body of someone he didn't know, blood had poured from a deep wound from the head of the schoolboy, staining half a head of almost white blonde hair. "I thought that was you when I first passed it." There was enough gravel in the tone of Blaise's voice for Draco to guess that it had been a shock for him. He wondered how long Blaise had looked for him, if he had stooped over more than one blonde haired body, wondering if he turned it over it would bear the face of his best friend.

The two boys turned a corner, making their way to what Draco guessed to be the main entrance, a shuffle of feet behind them went unnoticed, as a shocked looking Luna Lovegood almost crashed into them. Her eyes widened at the sight of the two Slytherins, her normally vacant expression seemed to be present only the background of her face.

Blaise looked at Draco for a moment, an unspoken agreement seemed to pass between their eyes and they raised their wands, pointing them at the odd Ravenclaw girl. She was unarmed.

"Do you think we should get rid of her?"

"Probably, but what if they won?"

"All the better, she might tell them she saw us escaping."

"What if we won? The Dark Lord might want them kept alive."

"What if he wants them dead and we let this one go?"

"Good point…"

As the two Slytherin boys discussed killing her, Luna's eyes widened in fear, she held her hands up palms facing them, taking slow tentative steps backwards, noticing the change in her behaviour the boys turned their wrists slightly, sharpening their aim on the blonde girl.

"Even if we lost, what's one more half blood gone for the Dark Lord's cause?"

"Your right, we better do this before she starts running."

Luna started to let a half scream escape from her throat but two green blasts of light hit her in the chest before she had a chance to finish it and she dropped backwards, landing with one leg looking uncomfortable skewed upwards, bent at an odd angle. As they took one moment to breathe a sigh of relief and take in the sight of the body laid on the floor in front of them, both boys jumped and nearly lost a careful balance they had established to keep them both upright as the clear distinct sound of clapping came from behind them. They turned their heads, seeing none other than the Dark Lord with a slightly amused expression on his face, if the Dark Lord could ever be described as having such. The red slits for eyes seemed to have a gleam in them that neither of them had seen before and guessed many others hadn't either. Lovegood hadn't been scared of the raised wands, that they were sure of now.

The Dark Lord clapped no longer. "Wherever you two had thought about going before, you can stop now. You can be assured the right side has won the battle. Potter is dead." The boys shared a look of relief between them before watching the Dark Lord turning and beckoning them to follow, which they did as best they could between Blaise trying to keep Draco upright and stepping over the bodies in the corridor which seemed to have grown in number in the few short minutes since they had passed them by. "I have plans for you two…"

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