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"Shawn, take a break will ya?" Adam said, frustrated.

"Don't need one. If I'm gonna get his title from John, I have to be ready." Shawn grunted, doing a backflip off the top rope. He landed on his feet and climbed back up.

"Shawn, you're exhausted. You haven't drunk and water in a while. 5 minutes come on." Adam insisted.

"Later." Shawn replied, doing a backwards moonsault and staggered on his landing.

"Shawn..." Adam started.

"Shut up Adam. I'll take a break later." Shawn told him, climbing back up to the top rope. He made ready to do another flip but lost his balance and fell outside the ring.

"SHAWN!" Adam yelled, running over to the crumpled blonde. He gently rolled him over and was relieved to find him conscious.

"Damn you Shawn, sometimes I just want to hit you." Adam told him, helping him sit up. Shawn grabbed onto Adam's wrist and closed his eyes.

"Angel, what's wrong. You ok?" Adam asked worriedly.

"Dizzy. Lightheaded. Sore." then he grinned slightly. "Thristy. Don't say I told you so."

"I told you so." Adam teased and Shawn groaned. Laughing slightly, Adam grabbed a water bottle and tipped the liquid into Shawn's mouth.

"Thanks." Shawn muttered after he swallowed.

"You're welcome. And now you are taking a break. No arguments." Adam said sternly, letting Shawn curl up in his lap.

"I'm ok with that." he said as Adam leaned back against the barrier in a reclining position. Shawn lay his head on Adam's chest and let him run his hands through his hair.

"What happend?" Adam asked.

"Got dizzy. Lost my balance. Shoulda taken that water break." Shawn muttered. "You were right. No more I told you so's."

Adam grinned but didn't say anything.

"I'm just gonna relax. Right here. I ain't moving any time soon."

"What about training for Cena?" Adam asked.

"Screw Cena, I'm comfy." Shawn said. Adam laughed and gave Shawn a kiss.

"I'm perfectly fine with that."