New Experiences and New Places

I can't believe mom sent Alice and me to an all-boys boarding as guinea pigs to see if they could go co-ed. Our godfather, Carlisle, is the headmaster of the school here in New York, so our mom did him a favor and sent us here, not telling us we would be the only girls here.

As Alice and I walked along the corridor, I noticed the calmly decorated walls, the rich art hanging on them. Whoever decorated the place definitely knew what they were doing.

"Well here's our dorm, room 814. I hope they have a big closet and a decent bathroom."

Alice said this with, as always, excitement in her voice. Alice is my older sister, even though she is smaller than me.

We are both beautiful, though in different ways. Alice is 5'2", with pixy-like features, almond-shaped violet eyes, and glossy black hair that's a short bob and sticks out in different directions on the sides. She's got my dad's hair and eyes. She is extremely thin, but she doesn't look anorexic.

I am 5'4", with a heart-shaped face, a cute nose, full lips, large, inviting brown eyes, and long, mahogany brown hair that goes to my waist and curls slightly at the ends. I look just like my mom, so everyone says. I've always been slender, but I have all the right curves.

Alice opened the door and turned on the light. We both gasped at the sight before us. There were more than just beds! There was a living area that had a large entertainment center, with comfy looking couches. There was also a very nice kitchen that we could use if we didn't want to go to the cafeteria for food.

We claimed our rooms and Alice was delighted to find that she did indeed have a decent walk-in closet. We both looked in the bathroom and squealed in happiness that it had a shower and a huge bathtub, plus a very nice vanity in each of our rooms.

We immediately stocked the bathroom with necessities, and put our clothes up in our closets. When we were done, we took showers, me first, then Alice. After she came out, she said there was another door in the bathroom, we were about to check it out when we heard a knock at the door.

We went to open the door, and found our cousins Olivia and Danielle with huge smiles and open arms. We all screamed and hugged, and said compliments to each other.

Olivia and Danielle, or Goose and Dan, who are twins, are also stunning. I'm pretty sure it runs in the family. They're 5'1" with gorgeous red-orange hair and robin-egg blue eyes, with thin, yet soft features, and svelte bodies. Goose had stick straight hair, that was short and gelled up into a mini-mohawk. Dan had a waterfall of waves down to a little below the middle of her back.

"So what dorm are you staying in?" Alice asked them after we caught up with each other.

"In room 816. So, we're right next door. I wonder what our uniforms look like. Do you guys know what the uniforms look like? I hope they're not hideous." Goose said, excited about something. Why is she so excited?

"I bet there are some really hot guys at this school. We know the names of the guys we share the dorm with, T.J Mason and Garrett Adams. What about you guys?" Dan asked us. We have to share a dorm with guys?!

"We have to share a dorm room with guys?!" I almost yelled at them.

"Yah, I know, but if they're hot it won't be too bad." Goose said, trying to comfort me. I huffed, and just told myself that maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

"Now come on, we have to go get our uniforms before assembly starts, and I have the perfect accessories for it, too!" Alice said, wanting to find out if the uniforms were cute or not.

We got up and went down the hall, which was surprisingly empty, and went to Carlisle's office to get our new uniforms. When we got there we knocked, but no one answered. We knocked a few more times, but we still didn't hear anything so we opened the door and gasped quietly at the sight before us.

Carlisle and his wife, our godmother, Esme were making out in his giant leather chair! I mean, they were really going at it. I was trying to hold in my giggle, as were the others, but, Goose, being Goose, had to say something.

"Wooh! Go Carlisle!"

As soon as she said this, they stopped kissing, stared at us in embarrassment. They blushed furiously, and smiled sheepishly at us, but Goose reassured him.

"Don't worry, guys, we won't tell anyone about your make-out session." She made the motion of zipping her mouth shut and turning a "key", then throwing it away. "Our lips are sealed."

"Anyway, we just came to get our uniforms," I said, as they readjusted themselves into a better position.

Esme gasped, and ran out of the room, then came back quickly with four large bags in her arms. She gave us each a bag, and smiled the warmest smile I've known since i first met her.

"These are your uniforms. I don't know what they look like, but I'm sure they'll look very nice on you four." And by that, she means we could wear ripped up garbage bags and still look good.

We made our way back to Goose and Dan's dorm, but suddenly, Goose stopped in her tracks and stared toward an open space, that we just passed.

"Oh my god." Goose squealed in happiness. Then, Dan squealed in agreement.

They did this often. Being twins, they had some mind link, so they could pretty much read each other's minds whenever they wanted to.

"What?" Alice and I said at the same time. I always hated being out of the loop, so Alice, being my sister and all, usually felt similarly to me.

"They have a Starbucks™!!" They yelled in excitement and rushed towards it.

We had no choice but to follow them, seeing as without my daily caffeine, I would be really cranky, so I should see where I could get it from. We finally saw and ran towards it. When we got there, we could see a guy, sitting on a stool, reading a clothing design textbook. When Alice saw this she got really excited.

"Hey, what's your name?" Goose asked him. He looked up, startled that someone had said something to him. He was pretty good-looking. He had black, chin length hair, and aquamarine eyes. He was pretty well built, too. When he saw us, he smiled.

"I'm Brett. What are your names?" He had a voice that wasn't necessarily masculine, but it was attractive. It's really hard to describe. Dan introduced us.

"My name's Danielle, but you can call me Dan. This is my twin, Olivia, but you can call her Goose. These two are our cousins. The black-haired one is Alice, and the brown-haired one is Isabella, but she likes to be called Bella." He nodded after she introduced each of us.

"So you," he pointed at Goose, "are Goose, and you have a mini-mohawk. You," he pointed to Dan, "are Dan, and you have wavy hair. You," he pointed at Alice, who was still bouncing up and down from excitement and sugar, "are Alice and you have black hair, and you," he pointed to me, "are Bella, and you have brown hair. Did I get them all right?" He asked at the end, looking nervous.

"You got them all right!" We all said at the same time. Then, when he sighed in relief, we erupted into a fit of giggles.

"So Brett, how early do you open?" Goose asked. She always woke up the earliest out of all of us.

"I open it up at 8:00 every day, and my boyfriend comes at lunch time to eat with me and we switch, and he closes every night at 7:00. His name is Liam."

"Wait, boyfriend?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, I'm gay."

"Oh, okay." We all said at the same time. We all laughed at that, even Brett.

"So, you'll probably see me tomorrow, at like 8:30. What time does school start? Do you know?" Goose asked, being lazy, she didn't look at her schedule since Dan is the organized one.

"Yeah I think it starts at 9:30." We all nodded and talked for a few more minutes. He was gong to NYU as a freshman, and he was majoring in fashion design, hence the book he was reading. I checked my cell phone for the time, and saw it was 6:50. The assembly would start at 7:00.

"Oh my god, guys we have to go get dressed!!"

They gasped and we practically sprinted towards Dan and Goose's dorm. We quickly unlocked the door and went in. We had a minute or two see what clothes looked like, that way we could just pull them on, dab on a little makeup, choose shoes and run to the auditorium.

We dumped the bags and were shocked by what we saw. Our uniforms, which consisted of white long or short-sleeved tight button-up shirts, a blue-and-black-plaid pleated skirt (which barely passed mid-thigh), short black uniform roll-up shorts, or a sweater vest with the school's emblem on it, were kind of racy for a private school. We could wear any shoe we wanted, supposedly, so we quickly got dressed and put on make-up.

Goose had the short-sleeved shirt, with the roll-up shorts, and blue sequined sneakers. Dan had the short-sleeved shirt, with the plaid skirt, the sweater vest, black Issy Coach Wedges, and a black leather head band.

Alice was wear a long-sleeved shirt, the roll-up shorts, turquoise Wanted tie flats, and she did her hair into two tiny pigtails. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a sweater vest, the plaid skirt, mod Mary-Jane ballet flats, and I put my hair into two low pigtails.

We ran out of the room, locked it, and ran for the exit of the dorm building. Once we got outside, we saw a sign that had a map of the campus on it. We ran up to it and immediately started searching for the auditorium.

"Aha!" Dan shouted, once she found it.

She pointed to a spot on the map, we memorized the way, and then we ran. Once we reached the building, we ran to the nearest door. We pushed it open and then, everyone's eyes were on us.

Dan and Goose linked arms, and Alice and I copied. We walked down the aisle towards the stage with confidence, even though every once and a while, we would hear gasps escape a lot of the boys' mouths.

Dan and Goose were whispering about something, but we couldn't hear, and Alice and I were whispering about who would take a shower first, and by the time we got to the stage, Alice agreed that since I take less time, I would go first.

We sat down in chairs that put on the stage and smiled sheepishly at Carlisle for being late, and we mouthed 'sorry'. He just smiled and shook his head, then went back to talking. I zoned out for a little bit till Alice practically stabbed my leg with her fingernail, signaling that I should stand up. I glared at her and she smiled sheepishly.

We all stood up and Carlisle introduced us and the grade we would each be in. Goose and Dan would be sophomores, and Alice and I would be juniors. Then, he dismissed us first to talk to the guys a little bit more, but not before we practically dog-piled him in a hug. Then we exited.

"Bye Uncle Carlisle!!" Goose said with a giant smile on her face.

Goose and Dan always have the biggest smile on their faces. They look like they have the same personality, but they really are different.

Goose loved music deeply, and she could play at least four instruments and had a beautiful voice, and she could actually break dance. She cared deeply for the environment, so she was a vegetarian. She was also a member of P.E.T.A., and she did a lot of protests, but not ridiculous ones that usually associate with P.E.T.A. members. She respected everyone's opinions, but she voiced her own, too. She encouraged everyone to recycle and to not use Styrofoam and any other thing that wasn't biodegradable.

Dan was a fantastic dancer. She loved ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, too. She and Liv had some awesome hip-hop routines that they did. She could probably teach them to people she was so good at it. She was also a health fanatic, so she was a vegetarian, too. She wanted to be doctor, so most of the time, she tried to get us eat healthier all the time. She only ate organic foods, and lots of natural proteins and vitamins.

Alice was in love with fashion. She knew everything from which stitch to use when using silk, to which style was in vogue at the time. She had her heart set on being a famous fashion designer, on having a piece of clothing from her line appear on the red carpet. She was hyper most of the time, so I usually had to hide the caffeine and sugar from her.

Me, I loved photography and film. I've done about six documentaries, and four of them have gotten national awards. I have plenty of portfolios full of pictures, mostly of Dan, Goose and Rosalie, our brother, Emmett's, girlfriend in clothes that Alice made.

We all loved at least one sport. Goose played soccer, center or right defense, and she did track. Dan swam, she was best at freestyle, and she also did track. Alice did water polo, and I played tennis. We've all done cheerleading at some time, but we mostly stick to the sports and our arts, now.

We walked back to the dorm building and went our separate ways. Dan and Goose gong to their dorm and Alice and I going to our dorm.

I went into my room and quickly undressed and wrapped myself in a towel. Then, I walked to the bathroom, and turn the shower nozzle on hot. When it was warm enough, I got in and hung the towel up on the shower door. It was frosted glass, so I didn't have to worry about some one coming in and seeing me take my shower. While I lathered shampoo in my hair, I started to sing.

Turn around there's those eyes again.
Turn around fake indifference and I.
Watch their cold, dark silhouettes disappear.
A hundred bodies fill this room.
And all their faces overdone.
Pain is foreign, foreign to us.

I don't even know you.
You won't even know I'm gone.
Was it something I did wrong?

Roses, roses cold.
Roses, roses sold out.

Turn around reds and whites again.
I'd sell my kicks for one more low tar.
Fevers hand in hand with shoelace bracelets. Why are some girls so naive?
He didn't unbutton your blouse to see.
A better view of your heart.
Oh yeah, can't blame you for trying.

I don't even know you.
You won't even know I'm gone.
Was it something I did wrong?

Roses, roses cold.
Roses, roses sold out.

Sing it soft.
Make it slow.
Apples parachute
the boys back down.
Fill it up.
A new, improved modern way to feel.

I don't even know you.
You won't even know I'm gone.
Was it something I did wrong?

By the time I had finished singing, I had washed my hair, my body, and managed to shave my underarms and legs. I got my towel from the door, and dried myself off in the shower, and I towel-dried my hair, then I wrapped myself up in the towel.

When I opened the shower door, I heard a gasp and turned towards an auburn hottie with gorgeous green eyes.