The Caslevania and Harry Potter Remix

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Chapter One:

A Boy and a Girl

Two children walked slowly down a Transylvanian road. One child, a girl, had long silver hair down to her waist placed in a ponytail. She had a pretty face with a nose that wasn't too long or too short. Silver eyebrows, which were usually in an annoyed curve, framed her storm gray eyes with silver glasses. She was thin and willowy, walking with grace that made you think she was floating. She had very little muscle, and a small body frame. Her twin looked nothing like her, except the eyes.

He had jet black hair, spiked, and he was big. His broad shoulders meet his defined arms, chest, and abs. His waist was slimmer than his shoulders, but just as defined. He walked without grace, but his movement and evasion were not hampered by this. His balance was perfect. His face was like his sisters'. The face structure was the same, as were the eyes. His nose was a little crooked from being broken.

They were at a fork in the road when the boy stopped. He looked around with a puzzled expression. He abruptly changed into a fighting stance, and jumped into a roll. At that moment a shadow flew from the woods, going straight for where he just was.

Ace jumped back, ramming the creature with his shoulder, and jumped away again. Whirling around with a flexible kick to its head, and knocking it down. When it hit the ground, face-first, he jumped toward it, moving in for the kill. The creature, wrapped in a heavy cloak, landed on the ground, mostly unhurt by its fall. But when the boy came at it to snap its neck, he found the cloak empty and slightly wet.

"Looks like it disappeared," the girl said quietly. She walked over to stand by her twin. "Do you know happened, Ace?"

The boy, Ace smiled. "We're getting close, Ame. That was a vampire who turned to mist..." He quickly stopped talking. Turning around, he jumped into the air and turned into mist, narrowly avoiding the cloaked vampire. The vampire, propelled by his jump, crashed into Ame. They both landed on the hard earth. Ame was pinned under the vampire and could not move or breathe. Ace, who had solidified, kicked the vampire off her.

The vampire rolled off the girl, and tried to get to his feet. He was stopped by a shining silver sword and wooden stake made of willow.

Ace looked into the vampire's eyes, seeing dark pupils riddled with evil magic. He spoke quietly to the vampire; "We're looking for our father. You should know him, as his name is Count Dracula."

The twins stared at each other and laughed loudly: "BWUHAHAHAHA!"

Maybe we should back up a bit. Give you an idea of what happened... And why.

Ace and Amethyst were the two children of Garnet Hyabuso. They all lived in a meadow, by a mountain and a forest. It was thirty miles away from the nearest civilization, London. She had raised them well, considering their abnormalities.

For example: Ace took after his father, and was the Prince of Vampires. He could do numerous things, while he still had not reached greatness by regular vampires. At the moment, however, he was working on a sword technique, which would teleport him a short distance and he would slice numerous times, then teleport back.

However, quite different from Ace was his twin, Amethyst. While he had Dracula powers, she took after Garnet, who was an Iris witch. She would teach Ame the basics of herbs and stones. Ame was working on alchemy, the magic to turn an object into its next stage of matter, like blood to rubies, or any liquid to a solid or a gas. Ace was in the backyard, fencing, and Ame was inside with their mother.

"Mom, I'm confused. Do I use the rune for Change or the symbol for Transformation?" Ame asked, finally. After an hour of working she was close to turning a gold chip into a bowl of blood. "Oh, I have a question. How is this useful! Why would anyone want to waste gold on blood? Gold has much more potential. Money, protection spells, health spells involving lungs or fever or infection. While blood is mainly used for health spells involving... well, blood, or... binding... or...

Garnet, about to go cook dinner sighed softly. She was a pretty woman, with silver hair, given to her daughter. She shared the twins face and eyes, and though she was willowy, she was not as thin as Ame.

"If you don't remember, tonight is the time of the month where Ace has to feed on blood. And we don't really want to go kill an innocent rabbit, do we? Or a human for that matter... oh, and the uh-he rune, the rune of Change; it works better.

Ame sighed and thought I should have known that...

Meanwhile in the backyard, Ace was tearing up the yard, he was trying that hard. Whatever he did, he could not do the technique. If there was an actual fencer around, there would have been no competition as to whom would win, but he felt absolutely devastated that the sword would not obey his will. Inwardly, and outwardly, he sighed and cursed every god he could think of. After he got over his last failure, he tried again.

He knew what he was supposed to do and how it should feel. So he grabbed at the air and twisted his body and all the sudden his back hit a tree. He looked around. He was six feet away from his former spot. He yelled his delight, while sheathing his sword. The birds nearby erupted with fear from his loud yell. One bird in particular flew straight at Ace at an alarming speed. Without thinking, Ace pulled through the air at an unseen speed and drew his sword, cutting the bird in half. That was his intention anyway. He never got passed drawing his sword.

"That's enough of that," his mother said, releasing her holding spell. "Come on inside."

Back inside the house, they all prepared for lunch. Garnet made the food while Ace and Ame set the table and washed up. At the table Ame and Ace were both excited, because she had hinted something was in store for them. They all sat down at the table, Ace and Ame looking very excited and Garnet looking sad and depressed.

"Sit down, eat, and then we'll talk," Garnet said before either of the twins could speak. Ame, frowning slightly, started to pass food dishes around. The two children started to eat as soon as they had all the food they wanted. Garnet got no food and ate nothing, but neither noticed while they both dug into their food with relish. As quickly as Ace could manage without choking, he began to ask questions. "Watt arc we gong too talks about?"

Garnet looking up at her son smiled, and said "Your father used to talk with his mouth full also. Eat quickly now."

Ace and Ame exchanged quick glances. Their mother almost never talked about their father, and they were eager to know more. They exchanged quick twin/telepathic messages.

"Ace, what do you think we're going to talk about this time?" Ame said.

Ace scowled at her. "Obviously we're going to talk about dad!"

Garnet, quickly getting the headache that always comes after a premonition, felt quite queasy and sick. "Oh hush youtwo; I'm not felling well enough to intercept your thoughts, so please just..." She trailed off.

Ace and Ame looked at each other, then at their mother. Their mother was almost always feeling well. Was she sick? Or was it something unnatural or down right magical?

"The last thought," said Garnet. "I was able to hear that one."

"Well, what is it then?" asked Ame anxiously. "Are you ill?"

"No, no. I just had a premonition, that's all," she said.

Ace, ever curious, asked questionably, "Well, what was it about?"

"Nothing important," she answered. That was a big lie but she could tell them later. Hopefully, she could tell them later.

They were going to ask more, but she distracted them.

"Now about your father," she began. The twins listened with strict attention. "As you both know your father left soon after you were born, due to reasons out of our control. Vampire hunters were after him and after you two. He left to save us, and he led them away. So now they don't know where we are or where he is."

Ace and Ame said nothing...

"Because these hunters know you exist, they have been searching for you since your birth. But your father led them on a chase around the world. And while they were following his trail, I was able to create a spell to hide us from those same hunters. However, I believe they are getting closer and closer to finding us. And now that you know that you are being pursued, I have to get more serious about your training. Ace, here is a list of all the powers that your father ever told me, most of which you've inherited," said Garnet.

Powers of the Lord of Darkness


Bat- Flying, Fire Breath, Death Dash

Wolf- Running, Echo Bark, Running Blast

Mist- Transparent, Poison Gas


Summon Spirit- Summons a Spirit to do your bidding.

Dark Metamorphosis- Allow you're to consume less blood for more energy.

Manipulation- Make eye contact to enjoy power over others.

"I'm sorry Ace, but it is all your father could risk telling us without you being too noticeable." said Garnet.

Ace, meanwhile, was not listening. He was staring wondrously at the list of powers. Imagine what he could do with all of these powers! And there was more to find! But how to do it discreetly. So Ace interrupted his mothers' and sisters' conversation.

"Mom, may I go out to the woods and practice, please?" asked Ace with a charming smile. Not his most charming smile, but he had a lot on his mind at the time.

Garnet sighed, and with extreme patience she answered, "Yes, but..." Aces' smile disappeared faster than a bullet. "... As long as Ame can come with you, after I finish this talk with her." Ace yipped for joy and went upstairs to get ready.

"As I was saying, before your brother rudely interrupted, I want you to have a look at my Book of Shadows." said Garnet.

Ame who looked confused asked, "What is a Book of Shadows?" Garnet laughed and said, "You know perfectly well what it is; it's where I record all my spells that I learned, and those my teachers passed on to me. Therefore, it's gone through three or four generations of our family. Yet you actually ask me what it is, while I do know that you've already looked at some of the spells in there." said Garnet.

Ame looked ashamed and started to say, "I'm sorry mother." but Garnet interrupted her. "Don't be sorry, I'd be disappointed if you didn't."

Ame smiled at her mother and said, "May I go with Ace?"

"Of course you can, but be back for supper," she said.

Ace and Ame hopped around their room like bunny's, they were so happy. They both shrieked their joy.

I'm surprised London's finest aren't investigating the sound. The window in their room broke, along with the bathroom mirror. Garnet heard it and she rushed up the stairs, casting a summoning spell along the way to call a sword locked in a chest at the base of her bed. The sword came to her as she got to the bedroom door. She burst in to find both children staring at each other in horror.

"What is it?" she asked pulling the sword out of the hilt. They both looked at her then Ace yelled, "You've got a sword."

Ame said, "We were just happy, that we get to learn more powerful... activities."

"Is that all?" said Garnet relieved, "I was going to let you go shopping tomorrow to pick up some supplies for the training."

"But we don't have any money," they both said, again at the same time.

"You don't! Haven't I been giving you allowance?" she asked in mock horror. They both shook their heads, completely missing her sarcasm.

"Well," she said, "Now is a good as time as any," she started down stairs. "Ace, I almost forgot,'' she yelled. She threw the silver sword back upstairs, where he stood at the top. "That's a lot better than that wooden one you use, and you'll need this more, now that you are going to start your intense training."