Disclaimer: Everything here is JK Rowling's property.

Note: Just a little notepassing fic. I use an OC from my story "Here With Me", Venus Vance.

So that you can make out who's speaking: Sirius James Remus Lily Venus. Peter will join them later. Just so you know, this begins at the end of their fifth year. Please leave a review, thanks!


Go out with me, Evans ?

I won't even dignify that question with an answer.

Wow that was harsh.

Prongs, maybe you should just stop asking her.

But if I stop asking her, how will she able to say yes?

She'll never say yes.

Padfoot! You're supposed to be my friend!

I am your friend! That's precisely why I agree with Moony. Just stop that whole Evans stuff.

I can't.

I'm sorry to say this, but you're pathetic. Think about all the other girls you could have!

But I want only Lily!

You ARE pathetic. Maybe you should see one of those Muggle doctors… a psychalagit?

A psychologist?

Yeah that one.

Go and see one yourself Padfoot.

Yes, why not?

Because I am not obsessed with anyone?

You're obsessed with yourself.

That doesn't count… does it? Anyway, I can get any girl in this room to go out with me!

That's quite easy, you've already dated half of them. How about Venus?

Yes, do just that, you'll see what it's like for me!

Go out with me, Vance?

Fuck off, Black.

Ha ha! I win. At least Lily remained polite.

Reading between the lines, I'd say she hates you.

I don't care! I hate her too anyway.

Yeah, sure. That was why you had that disappointed look on your face.

I am slightly disappointed to see that ONE girl is refusing me, not especially her. I am not having this conversation again.

Whatever you say, Padfoot.

Anyway, does anyone know when this bloody lesson end?

In five minutes.

Thanks Moony. Now what am I going to do for five minutes?

How about…taking notes?

Moony… you're hopeful, even after five years of knowing me!

Well I can still try.

By the way, I can't see why Evans says I ask her out all the time. Last time I did it was just before I took off Snivellus's pants, and that was one week ago!

A happy memory, that one!

Stop laughing, guys. It's not funny.

Yes, it is! Don't you remember Snivellus's face? Ha ha. I couldn't stop laughing for hours afterwards.

The bell's ringing… God bless it.