Prologue: The ancient horror

It was a long time ago, when Dr. Ivo Robotnic had created his new evil enigma. Before humans and the animals interacted. Long before...

It was something the egg shaped man will regret for the rest of his life. Two of his creations were perfect in every way. One was not.

It was unspeakable horror.

A doll in the shape of the blue hedgehog's best friend. Two tails. Blank eyes. A glowing red jewel.

A hunger no one could satisfy.

The Grand Prix was done a year ago. And the doctor had buried the doll under the ground after breaking the jewel off its head. For a while, he thought it would be safe.

How wrong he was...

The slaughters of countless people could not be buried.

The blood of slaughters could not be rinsed.

And the very few survivors of the terrible curse would forever remember the friends and family lost forever.

Tails Doll will rise again.

A teenaged girl, carrying a small grubby paper bag in her hand, made her way through the rain up to the cemetery. Shivering slightly, she pulled her hooded sweater tightly around her slender body.

"It will be done..." she muttered.

Walking up the dirt path, she passed the tombstones of many people. Pausing only at every fifth stone, she read aloud the cause of death.

"Jim Murray. 1989-1998. R.I.P. Taken by the doll of hell. Poor child, he didn't even make it to live to ten years old,"

Blinking her grey eyes, she went on. Her destination was at the top of a hill, where a very tiny grave was surrounded by fences and locked gates.

She didn't care. Using a rock, she busted the locks and climbed over the fences. Dusting the mud off her jeans, she stood up and looked at the dirt and the tiny stone.

"Tails Doll. A deadly enigma forever buried. May he rest in peace and may the world never know his evil again,"

The girl chuckled. Her grey eyes gleamed with a mad desire and her grin didn't have a trace of happiness on it at all.

More like the grin of a murderer.

"Finally, revenge is mine. Those idiotic jerks will feel pain, just like I promised they would. They'll be sorry. Oh they will be sorry..."

Digging into the grubby bag, the girl pulled out the strangest object ever; a red jewel attached to a wire. The jewel began to glow, faintly at first but it gradually grew brighter and warmer. Soon it was so bright, it burned like fire.

"I summon thee from the depths of hell, Tails Doll...come forth, reclaim your power and allow your hunger to burn again..."

The dirt in front of the tiny grave began to shift. A dirty doll's paw dug its way up from underground and began pulling itself up. The girl smiled even more.

"I approach you as your new servant...I ask that you return to the exchange for bringing you back, I shall lead you to new souls and you must promise to take them..."

Another dirty paw came up from the dirt and started pulling even more furiously. The girl, no longer able to contain her glee, began laughing evilly and horribly.

"Arise, Tails Doll...come back to the world that shuns both you and I...together, we can take revenge."

The summon was done. A blast of dirt erupted and a muddy figure climbed out of the hole, staggering and slow moving, like a zombie.


The girl rushed forward and placed the burning jewel on the doll's forehead. It looked up and stared at her for a few seconds and nodded.

"You have been a good help, sweet child. Tell me your full name and we shall form a pact. You shall seek souls for me and I shall devour them. We shall be unstoppable," the doll said.

"Celestia Noble," the girl said.

And the two figures in the graveyard formed their pact, and sealed their fate.

May the horror...

the slaughter...

the evil begin.


Yes, I KNOW the Tails Doll curse is probably a bunch of rumors, but it makes for a good horror story. I am still a believer in the curse and I have my reasons. I will not tolerate flames, and anyone who does flame me for believing will be blocked on sight.

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