A tall, slender teenager turned from her computer and stared at the demon doll behind her. Her dark hair and black make up only served to show her social preference. She was wearing black pants, an emerald green tank top and a black jacket over it. Her hair was down, and there was a black upside down heart underneath her left eye make up.

"I'm finished," she announced.

The evil doll hovered behind her. She didn't dare look behind her, as everyone knew staring into the Tails Doll's eyes meant your own eyes would turn to mush.

"Good girl. You've done very well."

"Yeah yeah," she said, waving her hand. "I did what I was told, because you threatened the life of my boyfriend and family. I wrote your story, now leave me alone," she snapped.

"Such an attitude...and what if I don't want to leave? I've grown to like your company and your attitude."

"Too bad. You're not welcome here."

"Oh, I'll make myself welcome..."

"What part of 'no' don't you get? The 'n' or the 'o' or the fact that I'm pressing my case here?" the girl snapped icily. Ignoring her enemy, she put music on. Organ Grinder, from the Saw 3 OST started to play.

"You're quite the brave and strong hearted girl, aren't you?" Tails Doll asked. "What if I decide I want another deal?"

"I'll say 'go find yourself another guinea pig'. I'm only good for writing," the goth replied.

"Not true. You would make an excellent fighter for me..."

"Go screw yourself. Unlike Celestia, I don't want you here and I don't need your soul devouring powers."

The Tails Doll's jewel flared. "I SAID YOU WILL COME WITH ME!!!"

"No." The sweet response chilled even the evil doll. The gothic girl stood up slowly, brandishing a replica of the Master Sword, known in the Zelda series. "Now you go or I'll slice and dice you up so much, it'll take more then stitches to put you back together."

Tails Doll laughed. "That's just a replica. You can't slice anything with that."

"Wanna bet?" the goth laughed. She ran her finger along the blade, causing a cut. "Ouch!"


The goth grinned at him. "There are advantages to having a loving boyfriend, who loves video games as much as me. He saw this sword and bought it for me. Not very cheap, but not very dull either..." Grinning, she advanced on the floating doll, who was trying to look for a way out.

"Even if you slice me, what good will it do?"

"I'll end the terror you've been spreading around. I'll stop the murders, the deaths and the blood baths. I'll take some stuffing and flush it down the toilet, bury some other stuffing, bury some other stuffing and parts in seperate boxes in the ground...throw some away...take some other parts to my father's home and bury some there...flush some down the toilet there...the possibilities are endless," she said, gleefully.

Suddenly, she darted forward and hacked off the doll's head. Swinging her sword some more, she cut off the arms and the legs seperately. Ripping each limb open, she took some stuffing and started to flush some down the toilet in her bathroom. After that was done, she spotted a pair of scissors and began to cut the cloths up to shreds. She put some in a bag and threw it away. The rest of it, she put in a few boxes and went outside.

"We are spanish people, we are all gay..." she hummed, to a made up song in a Resident Evil 4 bloopers video she really liked. She kept humming and digging until she dug a three foot deep hole. Dropping the box in the ground, she smiled even more. She finished with the burial and went back to her room.

There was still the arms and the head to take care of. Snapping the jewel off the head, she realized how dangerous this jewel was. It had to be locked up.

But first, to dispose of the rest of it. Picking the scissors up again, she cut the head and arms into pieces. Throwing some out in her trash, and putting the rest in a bag that she would dispose of at her fathers, she was finally satisfied.

"No more...Don't mess with me," she said, glaring to her reflection. "I'm CeleBaby, and I'm strong."

She never saw the jewel floating behind her, or the blood running down the walls...