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It's Because of You

Note: This is the alternative ending after the Japanese version of Hana Yori Dango Season 2, episode 6. It takes place right after Domyouji Tsukasa drops her Saturn necklace into the river, but what if Tsukushi stops herself from retrieving it.

Synopsis: What if Makino Tsukushi chose Hanazawa Rui instead of Domyouji Tsukasa? Due to the fact that she couldn't take how hard it took just to be with him and that he ignored her for a year. RxT. R&R!! No flames wanted.

Chapter 1: Who Will Tsukushi Choose?

February 14th—a day famously known as Valentine's Day a.k.a. the ultimate date of love and romance. It's a day completely painted with the feminine colors such as red, pink, white, etc. In celebration of this special day, combined decorations of hearts, doilies, and the bearer of the arrows of affection, Cupid, are put up everywhere. This day and these decorations are known to bring out the unknown mushy-love side of almost everyone; or just make them hurl.

Anyways, every year on this day in Japan, girls of all ages make chocolates for their boyfriends, crushes, girlfriends, and/or guy friends. Usually, the girls make these special chocolates from scratch and ready themselves for a day of romantic bliss. On this day, some ready themselves for love confessions and others know that they will surely spend it with the one most important person to them—that is if they have a special someone.

However, on this day a certain college girl named Makino Tsukushi found this day quite troubling. But why would such a pretty girl like herself have such trouble?

She is by the way, the only student to have declared war on the fearsome and dominating F4 and to have survived through it. And ever since she rebelled against them, she became good friends with all four of them. Not to mention, she was the runner-up winner of the beauty pageant Teen of Japan (T.O.J.) in 2005. In addition, she is a brilliant student studying to become an international lawyer at the prestigious Eitoku University, similar to her idol Toudou Shizuka.

So what is the dilemma that is deeply troubling Tsukushi?

Well, it's not one dilemma, but two dilemmas—two men to be exact: Hanazawa Rui and Domyouji Tsukasa are two of the members of F4 who are in love with Tsukushi.

Unfortunately, Tsukushi is confused about her feelings for both of them.

Rui is the calm and cool member of F4 with the most mysterious side. Armed with light brown hair, a tall and cut body with looks that made all the girls swoon over him, he is known for having less to say. But whatever little words he has they usually have the most meaning. Plus, he is the heir and son to one or two of the most influential trading companies in the world. Rui was also once in a relationship with Shizuka, but they had recently broken up.

Rui met Tsukushi in their favorite place in Eitoku: a stairway fire escape. Before she found out that it was Rui's quiet hide-away, it was a place where Tsukushi would go to relieve her stress. At first, she fell head-over-heels for him and he became her first love. Even though at the time he couldn't return her feelings, he was fond of her. The two attempted to be together by going out on a date, but Tsukushi seemed to be more flattered by F4's leader, Tsukasa.

Tsukasa is the leader of F4 and a real force to be reckoned with. It's not just because of his short temper and violent behavior; he's also the son and heir of Domyouji Financial Corporation, a corporation Japan's economy relies on. Other than his aggressive trait, Tsukasa is also trademarked by his jet black curly hair, making many mistakes in speaking his native language Japanese, and his somewhat warped personality. Even though he has a sister that has always cared and disciplined him. His parents, however, coldly pushed him away and simply gave him whatever he wanted. Therefore, he longed to be loved.

When Tsukasa and Tsukushi met, their different personalities completely clashed. She couldn't stand his arrogance and the way he went around the school all high-and-mighty. And he couldn't stand that she never, unlike all of the students at Eitoku, obediently followed him and was always ready to defy his rule. That is why when Tsukasa insulted her and her family; she set him straight by giving him a powerful punch to his face and declaring war on F4.

And the unforgettable war between F4 and Makino Tsukushi began. It was a war that made both Tsukasa and Tsukushi reach their limits.

Although nobody predicted that Tsukasa would fall in love with Tsukushi. It seemed that the more they fought and he got to know her, his feelings for her grew. Later on, he called Tsukushi his "girl of approval" and was very open about his feelings for her.

Since then, Rui gave up on her and allowed his good friend to be with Tsukushi, but on one condition: if Tsukasa ever hurt her, Rui won't hesitate to take her away.

Their relationship was fine until Tsukasa left for New York to learn business and things began to change.

Due to an unexplainable reason, Tsukasa halted all contact with Tsukushi for over a year. He didn't send a letter or make a phone call to her; it was as if Tsukasa had accidentally forgotten about her. Since she didn't want to admit it and Tsukasa wasn't there to confirm it, the ideal couple broke up. This left the love-struck Tsukushi quite heartbroken.

In her ex-boyfriend's absence, Tsukushi found comfort in Rui and they got closer. They became very good friends and Tsukushi came to view Rui as someone she could lean on and talk to about anything. Rui felt the same way and repaid her by treating her out to a wide variety of fancy restaurants and shops, much to her delightful protest.

Along the way of their blossoming friendship, Rui developed feelings for Tsukushi. Presently, he already declared his love to her and had hoped that they would end up together.

Unfortunately, fate was not on his side, because two weeks ago, Tsukasa returned to Japan. Even though Tsukushi had visited him in New York a month ago and he denied the fact that she came to repair their break-up. And for the very few days that she was there, Tsukasa had little to say to her and simply watched her leave New York with a heavy heart. Sadly, Tsukushi thought that was the end of their relationship and attempted to move on with her life.

But now that he was back in Japan, his old love for her re-surfaced and he tried once again to be with her. This proved to be very difficult, because of his new girlfriend and fiancée, Shigeru, who his mother had forcefully arranged with. And the fact that Tsukushi was unsure of whom she wanted to be with.

Eventually, Rui fought with Tsukasa over the way he treated Tsukushi; he hated the way Tsukasa thought he could suddenly get back with her, even though he ignored her for a year and now had a fiancée. After hearing his good friend's opinion, Tsukasa realized his irrational actions. The two agreed to allow Tsukushi to choose who she wanted to be with and not fight with her decision.

Which brings this story to the special day of February 14th or Judgment Day for both Tsukasa and Rui—who will she choose?

For a week and the night before Tsukushi had thought long and hard while she made a small box of dark chocolates for her special someone. For Tsukushi, this decision was one of the most heart-searching and painful decisions she ever had to make.

On the one hand, she really loved Tsukasa, and had always felt special and safe whenever she was with him. Even though they did get into many arguments, she loved having him around. But now her feelings for him were somewhat cold. Since his mother was so intent on keeping them apart, she was unsure whether they could ever have a real relationship again—not that she wouldn't go through anything for him. But now the fact that he ignored her for a year and that he had a fiancée, hurt his chances. Could Tsukushi really be in an un-worried relationship with Tsukasa?

On the other hand, Rui was Tsukushi's first love and held a very special place in her heart. He may have a cold outlook on the world, but Tsukushi saw how much warmer he was now. And even though their first attempt to be an item failed miserably, she still had some feelings for him. In addition, ever since Tsukasa left to New York, Tsukushi found that she was more at ease around Rui. She realized that she laughed louder and smiled wider whenever she spent time with him. Furthermore, his love confession to her made her question her present feelings for him. But were her feelings for Rui confused with the way she felt about him as a best friend?

This and more all came down to Valentine's Day.

Earlier that morning, Tsukushi had wrapped the chocolates away and another box into her purse. She wore a lengthy white ruffled skirt with a matching long-sleeve shirt and a medium-sized dark red belt. As she put on a pair of beige boots and vest, she prepared herself for a day she knew would be quite emotional.

She took a deep breath and pulled out her cell phone. A quick look through Tsukushi's cell's phonebook brought her to one of the guys' numbers and she pressed the 'call' button.

The phone rang a few times before a voice answered.

"Yo," answered Tsukasa's voice on the other end. It was quite shaky, but sounded the same cocky and arrogant tone as usual.

"Konichiwa Domyouji," Tsukushi began, "Um... Are you busy right now?"

Tsukasa looked around at his surroundings; at the moment he was at home in his room and Shigeru was over. She was talking to him about something he didn't care about and he had tuned out the moment she came.

"No, I'm not," Tsukasa replied happily. This was the call he had been waiting all day for and he tried to keep his excitement under check. "Why do you ask?"

"Because I'd like to meet up with you later at 11," Tsukushi said. She quickly told him of a place where she'd like to meet him and asked if he would be able to make it.

"Yeah, I'll be there," he said and hung up his phone. Ignoring Shigeru, Tsukasa looked at his watch and saw that he had about half an hour to kill before his meeting with Tsukushi.

Abruptly stopping Shigeru in mid-sentence, Tsukasa told her he had other business to attend to. Even though she protested, Tsukasa swiftly left her with an unbelievable expression upon her face.

The meeting with Tsukushi

Tsukasa looked out over the bridge and couldn't help the giddiness growing inside of him. A small river flowed beneath him as he put his hands into the pockets of his cream-white jacket. His cocky side told him that Tsukushi had called to get back with him. Even though he didn't mean to hurt her during his time in New York, due to the fact that Tsukasa was learning to become a business man and inherit his family's corporation, he was glad she had chosen him.

The scenery around him was a bit brighter and the air was crisper as he looked around. When Tsukasa saw a young boy and girl pass by holding hands, he smiled giddily to himself.

I'm sorry, Rui, but it seems that Makino has chosen me, he proudly thought to himself.

When he turned around, he saw Tsukushi walking onto the bridge. He smiled wider as he called to her.

"Tsukushi!" Tsukasa saw how cute she looked in her outfit and had always loved her sense of style.

"I'm sorry," she replied with a small smile when she got closer. "Did you wait long?"

"I just got here." He told her before bluntly asking, "You have... something to give me, huh?" Tsukasa happily tried to sneak a peak into her purse.

She looked down at the ground before saying in what she hoped was a calm voice, "I... I've been really confused about this."

"It's okay," Tsukasa quickly reassured her as he leaned back onto the bridge's metal fence, resting his elbows on the top bar. "Just give it to me." He turned away from her in means to keep his anticipation waiting; he could already taste the chocolate Tsukushi had made for him.

She sighed and slowly retrieved a small box from inside her bag. Before handing it out to Tsukasa, she tried to reassure herself.

"Here." She unfolded her arm and held the box out for him to receive.

When he turned and saw the rectangular velvet box he gave to her last year, the frivolous smile on Tsukasa's face slowly faded.

"Huh?" The smile was then replaced with a puzzled look.

Tsukasa was confused as he looked from the velvet box to Tsukushi. He took it from her and opened it. Inside it, he saw the necklace he had given her: a white-gold Saturn-shaped pendant hanging on a silver necklace. After he found out that the planet Saturn was a symbol that they shared as one, the necklace was his gift to her. He had always seen her happily wear it, but now it was back in its case—as if it was never worn.

"Eh? What's the meaning of this?" he didn't understand why she was giving it back to him.

When she looked up and saw his crestfallen face, Tsukushi felt a heartstring tug, but she tried to keep a determined and positive attitude.

Be strong Tsukushi, she told herself as she looked away from him. Don't cry. This is something that has to be done.

"I'm giving that back to you," she said with a determined tone, "so I guess that settles everything—that's what it means." She bit her lip and continued to look away from Tsukasa's face.

His eyes grew wide with every word that came out of her mouth.

"I've given it a lot of thought and it was a very difficult decision," Tsukushi confessed to him. "I guess you were just too late. We won't be happy if we end up hurting everyone else." There, I've said it. I've been honest with him.

The wind blew lightly between them, but to Tsukasa it felt as if someone had just slapped him across the face. At the sound and searing pain of his heart breaking, he felt his body freeze for many seconds.

No, this can't be happening, he sadly thought to himself.

Tsukasa could feel the hurt spread through his body and a new anger boiling. Without even giving it a second thought, he put the velvet box over the edge of the bridge and let it drop into the river below.

"Hey!" She gasped loudly at his sudden actions and looked over the fence, trying to locate the fallen necklace. She saw it flow with the river and she blindly followed it as it went under the bridge. It got stuck between two rocks on the opposite side of the bridge. With wide eyes, Tsukushi looked down at the necklace from her place on the bridge and then to Tsukasa on the opposite fence.

"Don't play around with me!" Tsukasa angrily shouted at her and began to powerfully kick at the bars of the fence.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he cried out in a rage.

Tsukushi was taken aback by his sudden outbreak and didn't know what else to do, but to watch and keep silent.

A few moments later, he turned to her with a glare of pure fury in his eyes. "Is that all I am to you?!" he shouted at Tsukushi, trying to make sure she didn't hear his heart tear into a million pieces.

"Huh?" Now it was her turn for a look of puzzlement.

"If you don't want it anymore, what good does it do for me?! This doesn't make me sad at all!!"

It seems that the heartbreaking pain empowered his every word as he balled his hands into tight fists, "Listen, I..."

He took a deep breath and stood his ground, trying to send as much as anger and pain toward her through his eyes and words. "I don't want anyone—anyone, but YOU, Makino!" Tsukasa shouted before storming off.

For the next few minutes, Tsukushi was silent and couldn't help, but stare at his retreating back. It wasn't the fact that his anger outraged her, but the fact that his last words echoed through her head and to her heart.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this, she thought to herself. I mean, I knew he'd be angry, but not this angry.

Please understand, Domyouji, Tsukushi wanted to say.

She felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked down at the stuck necklace below her. One look at it brought back all of the memories they had together; how he saved her from Sakurako, and how she had confessed her love to him before he left for New York. Her body told her to leave the present spot and go down to retrieve the velvet box. Oh, how she wanted to pick it up and run after Tsukasa, but that wasn't what she decided—no matter how painful they were right now, she was going through the consequences.

It may be painful now, but time will heal and he'll understand in the future, was her motto for today.

She made the right decision, she kept saying inside as if it were a mantra. Today was meant to be emotional and Tsukasa was just being the spoiled brat that he was. But with every reassuring word to herself, she felt tears fall down her face.

On the way home, Tsukushi tried to be as composed as she could, but her mind was a whirl of her memories of Tsukasa. In her mind, there was the scene when he said he approved of her and the time when they had accidentally kissed—these memories and more kept running through her mind like a broken record.

Don't cry. Don't cry—wait until you get home, she told herself. But no matter what she said, her urge for tears wouldn't lessen.

But now that she had done it, she didn't feel so confident about her decision now. In her reminiscent state of mind, Tsukushi turned the corner onto her apartment complex's street, but didn't see the tall person she had accidentally bumped into.


Tsukushi staggered back a few steps and quickly bowed low to the person she bumped into. "Gomen. Gomen"


At the sound of her name said by a familiar voice, Tsukushi looked up and saw Hanazawa Rui standing straight in front of her. But when she saw him in his trademark button-up white shirt, black tie, and black pants, the tears threatened even more to flow out.

He smiled at the sight of her, but when he saw her sad face, it was replaced by a frown.

"Makino? What's wrong?" Rui asked her with pure concern in his voice and a helping hand on her shoulder.

For some apparent reason, Rui's actions made Tsukushi let herself put down her defense of making the tears stop. She couldn't help herself as she fell onto his chiseled chest and broke down in tears.

Even though Rui was taken aback by her tears, he tried to stay calm. "What happened?" he asked her coolly.

Now that she had let herself cry, the tears just wouldn't stop. It was as if a faucet had just turned on and she had no will power to turn it off. She could barely register his question and reply an answer.

Tsukushi's chest heaved up and down with tears. "I-I.. t-talked t... t-to D-Dom.. Domyouji," she answered in a broken voice. Even saying Tsukasa's name gave her slight pain.

"And?" he asked, wanting her to continue. Due to his height of 5'10", Rui looked down at her and let his arms gently rest around her shoulders. "And what did you talk to him about, Makino?" he repeated, giving her a comforting hug.

It took her a few minutes for her to answer, but when she did, tears flowed out more freely. "..I... I-I t-told.. him.. th-that.. m-me and him—we—c-couldn't work out," was her stuttered reply.

Rui's eyes widened at her response. "Why did you do that?" he asked, but even before he said the question, he knew her reason why.

Tsukushi allowed herself to lightly hug him back before answering. This time there were fewer tears to shed and her words weren't so shaky.

"I-it's because," she started and slowly looked up at his handsome face and into his eyes, "I... I chose you instead." Whatever little confidence Tsukushi had at the moment, she put it all into her next words, "I've d-decided that I want to be with you, Hanazawa, and no one else."

To hide her embarrassing blush, she buried her face into his chest once again and hugged him. After hearing her reply, Rui smiled lightly and hugged her back.

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