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Chapter 4: White Day Part 1

A month had passed since that awkward date with half of the F4 members and Tsukushi. Even though both Tsukushi and Rui had school and she continued to work at the dango shop with Yuki, they both found time for each other.

During that time, Tsukushi and Rui happily spent countless hours together either in the comfort of the Hanazawa mansion or out searching for another unique and unknown restaurant or clothing store. So far they had found a few stores that fulfilled their searches: such as the sweetly homemade Italian gelato shop hidden behind a large shrine or the cheap and fashionable clothing store that pleased her wallet. And with Wicked being Tsukushi's first play, Rui took her to more musical plays as well.

In addition to their time together, Tsukushi's feelings grew for Rui with each passing day. Many times she felt that she truly loved him; no matter how cold and silent he usually was, she saw his true essence beneath. Rui not only made her happy, but he also brought out the best of her with his soundless understanding and reassuringly perfect smile.

These developed feelings also made her realize how burningly mesmerizing his touch was—regardless of how little it was. They may not have gotten farther than a small amount of five-second kisses and hugs and tender touches, but that alone blew her mind and created a blush so red that it made a tomato look like a pale crimson.

Although Tsukushi was yet to confess to him how she strongly felt and what the physical contact did to her. However, she was planning on telling him and she knew that Rui had an idea. She may not have let the exact words flow from her mouth, but gentle and sweet words were passed to him. Also, he was a very observant person and was all too familiar of Tsukushi's blood-red blushes after their intimacy.

Actually, she was planning on telling Rui on March 14th a.k.a. White Day.

Yes, life seemed somewhat perfect to the couple. Rui and Tsukushi had each other, they lived in the same household and spent time together—it was all like a hard to reach, happy reverie.

But sometimes, a dream didn't always apply to everyone and needs to be fought hard for so that it may become a permanent reality.

One such example is that Tsukushi's and Rui's happiness was mostly hindered by the splattered tabloids about Tsukasa. Apparently, while they spent their leisure together, the Domyouji heir had spent his free time clubbing and picking up new floozy girlfriends.

The last tabloid had shown a somewhat drunken Tsukasa coming out of a hotel room early in the morning, leaving a sleeping girl in a rented room. His mother found his new discovered hobby quite atrocious to the Domyouji name, but she simply hid it by paying off people to ignore and not report Tsukasa's behavior at the clubs. Shigeru, his fiancé, was only calmed by the fact that they were going to marry in five months.

Another example for this theory happened on the exact, same day Tsukushi chose to confess to Rui: White Day.

In Japan, one month after Valentine's Day, the fourteenth of March is famously known as White Day. Since women and girls of all ages give chocolates to males that they love, like, or simply just know, the men who received these chocolates have to return the favor and give gifts to women.

It all began when Tsukushi had been working until closing time at the dango shop the night before White Day and came home at around one a.m. Due to such a hardworking day at school and a late-night shift at work, she fell into a heavy sleep and woke up belatedly the next morning.

On account of a morning college class, Rui had woken up early on White Day and got ready for school. He smiled to himself as he got out of the shower and picked out his clothes for the day.

Today's a pretty big day, Rui thought to himself as he chose a gray button-up shirt.

And no, it was not a big day because after his morning class, he had a business meeting with his father; but for the reason that he planned a homemade dinner for Tsukushi and had a special gift for her.

When he was done changing, he opened the middle drawer of his second largest armoire. He looked inside and moved a few of his neatly folded pants to take a glimpse at a small Tiffany Blue color jewelry box with a white bow on top. Beyond its blue wooden exterior was a pure sterling silver fifteen inch chain Tiffany necklace with a geometric heart pendant and a round diamond-studded staircase in the middle of the heart. The staircase symbolized the famous emergency staircase at Eitoku where they had met. It had only cost Rui a mere twenty-three thousand yen and he would've spent more on her gift. But he knew that she would never accept the jewelry if he had gotten her the hundred eighty-four thousand yen necklace he had originally thought of getting her.

He sighed at the thought of presenting such a grand necklace to her and went to greet Tsukushi a good morning. He hoped that she was awake and couldn't wait to have her in his arms, only to see that she was still sound asleep.

At the sight of her sleeping form, Rui smiled admiringly and decided to leave a note for her. He quietly walked over to her school bag at the foot of her bed and swiftly took out a post-it note and a lead pencil. He looked around her room and found the desk she had brought from her old apartment in the right-hand corner opposite of her bedside. It was an aged, but sturdy wooden desk that had a light and a few books sitting on it. Rui walked over to it and with his neat penmanship, he wrote:

Dear Tsukushi,

Happy White Day! You're so cute when you're sleeping. Since I have a morning class and then a business meeting with my father after, I'll have to see you later tonight. Meet me in the main dining room at 5pm.

Until then,


When he was done with the note, Rui smiled to himself and set it down on the desk. Similar to when he had swiftly retrieved the supplies, he put them back. As he silently closed the door behind him, he didn't notice Kaori coming into the hall with towels in her arms from the opposite direction.

On the other hand, she had noticed him right away and quickly hid around the corner. Kaori peeked with half of her face and watched him go down the stairs. She hoped the Young Master hadn't been there all night. Due to her curiosity, she set the towels down in her place and entered Tsukushi's room, just as quietly as Rui.

Kaori surveyed the room with a keen eye. At first, she saw nothing really out of place, except Tsukushi sleeping at a slanted position and drooling a little on her pillow. Kaori smirked at the sight of her and turned the leave, but when she did, something caught her eye. Since she stood at the foot of Tsukushi's bed, the desk of Tsukushi was in the corner and she didn't notice what was on it. Kaori turned back around and noticed a piece of notebook paper with writing on it that lay precisely on Tsukushi's desk.

Hmm.. What's this? Kaori thought to herself and slowly walked over to it.

She quietly picked up the note and became aware of the fact that the writing was the Young Master's penmanship. She read it silently and looked from the note to the resting Tsukushi. She scoffed at the idea of both the Young Master and Tsukushi having a date in the dining room, when an idea struck her. A mischievous gleam appeared in her eyes as she took a pencil from her pants pocket and erased the appointed time of their date.

With her skilled hand, Kaori perfectly imitated the Young Master's penmanship and wrote over where the five was with the number seven instead. Kaori smirked at herself for being so deceitful and set the note down back on the desk.

You go ahead and enjoy your date, Ms. Makino, Kaori soundlessly thought and tiptoed out of the bedroom.

About an hour later, Tsukushi's ceramic-colored eyelids fluttered open to find herself in a slanted sleeping position, hugging one of her pillows. She groaned as she contentedly stretched on her soft bed and wiped the dried drool on her face.

"Ahh, that was a good sleep," she said to herself and turned to look at the time.

However, Tsukushi was shocked by the time reflecting back at her— 9:30 am.

"Eh?" Tsukushi was surprised that she had slept in so late. Usually, I'm up by eight-thirty. She sighed and nimbly got out of bed, stretching her limbs as she did so.

She walked into her closet and looked through her clothes, wondering if there were any important events happening today. As she pulled on a pair of leggings and a beige tank top, Tsukushi quickly remembered that she had to buy a new book for her pre-law class. The price of the new book stuck in her head and she shuddered at the thought of spending seven-thousand yen on a book she'd only use once.

I guess I could try to buy a used one at that bookstore a few blocks from my school, she quickly thought as she put on a light blue, casual dress over her top and leggings. Tsukushi decided to stop at the bookstore after her class at noon as she pulled a beige cardigan over her dress.

A smile was placed upon Tsukushi's face and a cute outfit on her small frame, as she came out of the closet and walked over to her schoolbag. Yet, as she picked up her schoolbag, she noticed something on her desk. She threw her brown messenger bag turned schoolbag over her shoulder and walked over to her desk, only to recognize Rui's writing right away. Tsukushi lit up at the sigh of it, and quickly read it while her heart raced.

After reading it, butterflies fluttered into her stomach and an embarrassing blush appeared at the thought of Rui watching her sleep. At first, she hoped that he didn't see her drooling, but then she remembered that it was White Day.

Awww.. he wants to meet up later tonight, Tsukushi happily thought and reminded herself not to be late. I'm so lucky to have Rui, was Tsukushi's last thought before she put the sweet note away and went to catch the eleven-ten bus towards her school.

It's too bad she was mistaken by the time of their dinner-date.

Later on that day, after Tsukushi's two and a half-hour class, she walked the few blocks to the used bookstore. Once again, her mind was so drained after an hour of lecturing and another hour and a half of intense note-taking. As Tsukushi filed out of the classroom with her fellow peers, she tugged at the heavy binder inside her bag. Even though the class had just started a month ago, her binder for it was already half-way full. She just hoped that she didn't have to buy a new one anytime soon.

But despite the challenge, Tsukushi loved her college classes.

The scent of new and old books and a tranquil silence greeted her as she came through the bookstore's entrance. The two-story place wasn't that busy and a few people sat here and there reading a book, while others skimmed through the many aisles, like her. It took her a little while for Tsukushi to find the book she needed, but when she finally found and bought the book, it was only half-past three in the afternoon. She realized that she still had a few hours to kill before her dinner with Rui, so Tsukushi decided to find a place to get a quick bite to eat.

She walked out of the used quiet bookstore and walked a few blocks, searching for a good place to go. Clothing stores and bustling people passed by her before a modern internet-café caught her eye.

The name Techna Mocha Chip was written in bright green colors at the top of the creme colored café walls. It was a medium-sized shop with glass walls that presented the inside of the shop to passers-by and potential customers. Inside, the walls were a pale blue and green and there were chairs and tables for people to both drink and use their laptops on. It didn't look too busy, so Tsukushi helped herself in.

Once inside, Tsukushi got in line and bought a cup of raspberry iced tea and a pastry. With her hands full, Tsukushi found a seat near the door. When she settled into her seat, Tsukushi opened her schoolbag and began some of her homework. No matter how much she enjoyed being with Rui, Tsukushi still valued her time alone, because she felt a calm happiness fill her up as she did her homework and drank her tea. Sometimes being alone wasn't so bad.

Tsukushi was halfway through her homework, when she felt someone's gaze upon her. She didn't have the slightest idea who it could be, but since she was already so focused on her homework, she decided to ignore their gaze.

Ignore it and just finish your homework, she told herself as she wrote the answer to a worksheet's question.

Nevertheless, she couldn't ignore the sound of someone calling her.

"Makino?" A near-by voice called out her name.

At the sound of an all-too familiar voice, Tsukushi suddenly stopped what she was doing. Her hand was in the middle of writing a Japanese character, when she unwilling brought her eyes to meet with the person calling her name.

Tsukasa Domyouji and a pretty girl holding onto his arm, stood before her with two cups of of coffee in his hand. But it wasn't the sight of him with another girl that mortified her, but because he actually looked delighted to see her.

Eh? Was the only thing that popped into Tsukushi's mind.

Currency Conversions: Yen is the currency in Japan. Twenty-three thousand yen is equal to two hundred U.S. dollars. Hundred eighty-four thousand yen is equal to sixteen hundred U.S. dollars. Seven thousand yen is equal to sixty U.S. dollars.

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