Chatting With Hyoutei

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama signed on.

Oshitari-Yuushi signed on.

I-hate-Atobe signed on.

Teddy-Bear-Chou signed on.

Better-than-you signed on.

Defeat-You-AllxxGekokujyou signed on.

Marui-kun is awesome signed on.

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Mukahi-Gakuto-sama: Yuushi! Why didn't you use a name?

Oshitari-Yuushi: I did.

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama: No! I mean why didn't you change your name? You stuck with Oshitari Yuushi?

Marui-kun is awesome: Marui-kun is awesome!!!

Better-than-you: Ore-sama isn't happy that your screen name is "Marui-kun is awesome" Change it, na Kabaji?

UsuMan1: Usu.

I-Hate-Atobe: I hate you Atobe!

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama: We can tell, stupid.

Teddy-Bear-Chou: Shishido-san, I really don't think you should make your name like that... It's really not nice.

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama: Yeah, listen to your seme.

I-Hate-You-Atobe: ...

I-Hate-You-Atobe has changed his name to Gakuto-is-a-retard.

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama: .…

Oshitari-Yuushi: Why am I even here?

Marui-kun is awesome: SUGOI! When I push this button I can block people!

Better-Than-You has been blocked from this chat.

Marui-kun is awesome: What does it do?

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama has been blocked from this chat.

Gakuto-is-a-retard: Finally! Thanks Jiroh!

Marui-kun is awesome: What did I do?

Gakuto-is-a-retard: You blocked Atobe and Gakuto! Yes! Finally!

Teddy-Bear-Chou: Shishido-san... that's not nice.

Oshitari-Yuushi: Who's "Defeat-You-AllxxGekokujyou"?


Marui-kun is awesome: It's Hiyoshi!

Teddy-Bear-Chou: Where is he? Also, Oshitari-san, why don't you unblock the others?

Oshitari-Yuushi: Why do I have to do it?

UsuMan1 has signed out.

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama has been unblocked.

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama: Ok! Why did you block me?! You made me wait for two whole minutes!

Mukahi-Gakuto-sama has been blocked.

Gakuto-is-a-retard: That was me.

Teddy-Bear-Chou: Shishido-san! That's mean! I'm signing out!

Teddy-Bear-Chou has signed out.

Gakuto-is-a-retard: ...Choutaro signed out...

Defeat-You-AllxxGekokujyou: Gekokujyou.

Oshitari-Yuushi:... I'm leaving, this is boring me.

Oshitari-Yuushi has signed out.

Marui-kun is awesome: What's this button do?

Better-than-you was unblocked.

Better-than-you: Ok, who blocked Ore-sama? Was it you, Shishido?

Gakuto-is-a-retard: ...Talk to Jiroh.

Better-than-you: Ore-sama doesn't believe you.

Marui-kun is awesome: Atobe! Atobe! I pushed this button and then you got blocked!!! Sugoi!!!

Gakuto-is-a-retard: See?

Better-than-you: We seem to be missing a lot of people.

Defeat-you-allxxGekokujyou: Everyone signed out...

Defeat-you-allxxGekokujyou has signed out.

Marui-kun is awesome: I'm going to invite someone!

Bubblegum-tensai signed on.

Bubblegum-tensai: Hello, Jiroh, and other people I don't know.

Marui-kun is awesome: MARUI-KUN!!!!

Bubblegum-tensai: Ok... I believe this is Jiroh...

Better-than-you: Leave now! This is a Hyoutei chat!

Bubblegum-tensai:... Where is your team?

Gakuto-is-a-retard: This is stupid. Screw this. I'm leaving.

Gakuto-is-a-retard has signed off.

Marui-kun is awesome: Only Atobe, Marui-kun, and I are here...

Bubblegum-tensai: Yup.

Better-than-you: Ore-sama would love to say that--

Better-than-you has been blocked from this chat.

Marui-kun is awesome: Marui-kun... why did you block him?

Bubblegum-tensai: He annoys me.

Someone out there Atobe was cursing...


If I should continue this, tell me!