There But For the Grace of God-Politics-Within the Serpent's Grasp (Part 1)...End of Season one

Daniel's gone. I should say again. I swear that young man is going to give Jack grey hairs before all this is over. Me, I plan on stocking up on lots of hair dye. I may not be as worried as Jack is, but unlike him, I have time to sit and worry while Jack gets to go back with SG-1, 2 and two members of SG-4. I have to admit, I do feel better that General Hammond sent the rest on. Not that Jack, Sam and Teal'c wouldn't be enough. It puts more eyes out looking for our wayward archeologist.

It didn't calm me to know that they went back with a Geiger counter and radiation badges. Janet is just looking out for our people, but there are times I wish she was less open about telling me about her precautions. No, that's not true. I would want to know. I wouldn't want to know that it was a possibility and nothing was done. I do want Daniel back, and I also want Jack and the others to come back home too without looking as if they should glow in the dark.

Sweet relief, Daniel was found. I wasn't in the gateroom when he was brought back, but news travels fast in the mountain. Sure it's virtually all top secret, but its all -contained- top secret gossip. When it's about one Dr. Daniel Jackson, its news nearly everyone wants to hear. I swear, if that young man finally did leave the SGC, the mountain would seem quiet as a tomb.

Sure Jack has his 'fan club', both follow-into-hell kind, and the others who would lock the door behind him. Not that I might wish -them- to experience 'joys' of spontaneous combustion. Okay, maybe I might wish it. Just a little bit. Anyway, Sam has her admirers, both secret and tragically overt. Our resident Jaffa's are a passing curiosity. Yet when it comes to the one person of whom nearly everyone likes, its Doctor Daniel, I have no idea if he has a middle name, Jackson. Make a note to self, Self, ask Daniel what his middle name is, if any. It's nice to make light of things now that 'Danny-boy', as Jack likes to call him, is back.

I have to wonder who Jack thought he was fooling with the vigil schedule he set up over Daniel. Certainly not me, possibly Sam or Teal'c. No one called him on it. Yet it really had to occur to one of them that with the painkillers Janet gave Daniel, he'd unlikely wake up until morning. Right when Jack and I would be there to hopefully get a clearer picture of what happened to him out there.

Which turned out to be a more confusing picture. First Daniel asked the strangest questions. I think Janet mentioned the one he threw at Jack. Asking if he was still a colonel. If Catherine was around, or if Sam had joined the Air Force. He gave me the oddest look. One that I promised myself that later I was going to find out what he meant by it. Then was not the time. Daniel was back, going to get better, and hopefully all would be well from there.

Boy was I wrong on that account.

If it was up to Jack, Daniel would have stayed under Janet's care until after the big muckymucks from the Pentagon were gone. Not that Daniel would hide from anyone. A man brave enough to stake his career on about unaccepted theories in his field, wasn't going to back down from a confrontation with anyone calling themselves a politician. I think what surprised me more is that Jack was asked to speak to one.

Don't get me wrong. I love Jack. I think he could charm the feathers off a passing bird. However, no military officer I know that's ever served with him would call Jack, politic. Though Jack was in special ops. That would be a good reason to have him attend. If it was suppose to be a political assassination. I know afterwards one politician who seemed deserving of one. Which I might have thought was unfair of me to even think, until Jack talked to me. Talked at me I suppose, and he needed to. I could swear sometimes steam was blowing out his ears as he paced like a caged tiger in front of me. Yep, he needed some rant time.

Jack had allot to say about Samuels afterwards. Apparently Lt. Colonel Samuels didn't like it that he was cut out of the Stargate program and so decided to cut it out. All out of spite. I didn't meet with him, he was gone by the time I became involved here, and wasn't remarkable enough for Jack to mention before now. However, if I thought Jack had less than favorable things to say about Samuels, he was positively gabby about one Senator Robert Kinsey. It really was a case where Jack paced, I listened. The rant filled in more than some question-answer sessions we'd had over the years of knowing each other.

His rant left me fuming. Not only at the decision to close the Stargate, but how it was happening. I wasn't there, but from what I'm heard from Jack, and what Drey'auc said Teal'c said, it sounded like Kinsey had made up his mind and the meeting was merely a formality. Something he had to do in order to look good to his party. What supporters he could boast about this to.

It's not like I would have voted for his party anyway. In fact, they've just guaranteed a life time of voting for someone, anyone else, but the party that chose to have Kinsey a member.

What frosted me the most was they wouldn't even let Drey'auc's family go! She, Rya'c and Teal'c were effectively stuck on Earth. Admittedly, I was not in any rush to see her, Rya'c or Teal'c go, but I didn't want her a prisoner here. My friends who had given up everything to come here and make a new life. With the hope of freeing their own people. Listen to me, I sound so dramatic. Such an activist all of a sudden. That's me, 'Sara the alien activist'. So much has changed since Jack came back into my life.

To think, I used to picture the Earth as a very big place. Plenty of room. Yet after the visit to Harlan's world, I now feel almost claustrophobic with the thought that no-one will leave it again. Of course if Daniel is right, there won't be anyone alive to care. Okay, now -that- was a melodramatic sentence to write.

I should have known Jack wasn't going to leave this to chance. I didn't need to know what the man was up to, only knew he was up to something. Nor was I going to ask, which I think he appreciated. He couldn't say, and it wouldn't be smart to say more than what he suggested. He had a 'cunning plan' that has me hoping it goes better than Blackadder's. Which is unfair of me to say, it's not like Jack's plans are any crazier than those on that TV show...then again, maybe they are. Honestly though, this was simple enough, and we either had a collaborator, or someone else just knew Jack very well.

It was kinda suspicious that General Hammond didn't have the gate guarded or something. It was almost too easy the way they got away. Like leaving the keys in the car, and walking away. Still, I know he's not going to say a thing if he did.

I suppose the only consolation is that Drey'auc stayed behind, and not by real choice either. Not total choice. I don't know if Jaffa wives give their husbands an earful, but if they do, I know she's going to have a talking to with Teal'c for not letting her come. Jack was right that I should be the one to explain it. If both of them had been lounging around the gateroom, it would take more than a blind eye from General Hammond to keep others from guessing they'd make a go for it.

So here we were a distraction...again. Okay, admittedly, we were more bait for the NID guys than a distraction back at Jack's cabin, but it's about the same. Going through the motions of getting the Jaffa family settled in, by house hunting of all things. Though I probably shouldn't have used those words with Drey'auc. She can be as literal as Teal'c. ..and I'm not sure it's not on purpose. Anyway, their eyes were on us, and not a certain quartet hoping they were wrong, but not betting the planet on that hope.

Now we wait. Not knowing if Daniel was right, or if they're all right. If Daniel was wrong, it's not like they can come home again. If he's right, I wonder if there is going to be a home for them to come back to.

Odd what one thinks about at the end. The Stargate brought Jack back to me, and now it could be taking him away.

At least somewhere out there, he's still around. He's a survivor. With Daniel, Teal'c and Sam to watch out for him, he'll be all right. Failing that, we'll live on in a sense, with Harlan. Not the most comforting thought, but about the best I can do waiting for the end.

Drey'auc's Kel no'reem

My thoughts are more disturbed than other times tonight. I consider what had gone on these last days, and only have to wonder if these have been our last days. I was disquieted with Dr. Jackson's disappearance like my husband has been. Neither of us spoke further of why the gods had placed the sign of Korosh-ni. It was alarming to find it there in the first place. It deepened our concern for Dr. Jackson as the sign gives no reason why, it just commands one to return and go no farther upon the spot it was found. A fact Sara also was alarmed by. Perhaps in the future, I should not share so openly with her. Teal'c has mastered the art of saying as little as possible. It is an art I find lacking, yet useful at times like that.

Upon talking later, his observations further made it very hard to obtain the right state of Kel no'reem that night. Finding Dr. Jackson went far to the right frame of mind. It helped offset the comparison of the place Teal'c found the symbol of Korosh-ni to this stronghold that I found disturbing. The similarities were easy to make as Teal'c shared. The place was underground, with tunnels like the Tau'ri's fortress. They collected objects as Dr. Jackson studies. It would survive, just as this place would, should the gods come to destroy its world. Which is what Daniel Jackson may have been trying to warn us about.

Their fate could easily be ours. It might well be our fate if Daniel Jackson's visions are true. The fact of his being attacked with a staff weapon would be evidence in favor to that end. Yet, the Tau'ri are less than ready to accept that as enough evidence. One would think, after all the things they have seen in this year that such claims as Daniel Jackson has made could no less be fantastic as what else they have seen. However, they doubt, and that is alarming as my husband's observations. The gods may well be on their way here to do what they had done at the place of Daniel Jackson's 'vanishing act' as Sara might say. Still, Teal'c is calm, so I will be calm, if only for our son and to be in tune for Kel no'reem that night.

I found it more difficult tonight. It appears the Tau'ri are not immune to having those of them capable of folly that rivals the gods. This Sen-a-tor Kinsey is foolish to disregard my husband's warnings. If not one of his own people, the respected Daniel Jackson, to say nothing of the great warrior, Jack O'Neill. Sara tells me its politics, of which I am well aware of the dangers of such. Teal'c's mother died of politics, of Arkad feeling he had to demonstrate he has power, when he has none. This Kinsey sounds as if he wants to bury the Chappa'ai to prove he can. Not because one should.

Now my husband and his companions are off to try to stop the disaster of Daniel Jackson's vision. Sara and I are to distract those who side with Kinsey, hunting for a home as if we intend to stay. It was briefly amusing to let Sara think I believed she was literal about house hunting. Teal'c has showed me it was sometimes better to appear to deliberately misunderstand. Humor can be its own weapon a warrior could wield. One O'Neill is well versed in using to great effect.

So we wait. In the manner of Jaffa women of ages since the first of their men went off to battle. We hope they come home, that they are successful. Today instead of going out to fight for the gods, my Teal'c goes out to fight against them. And I am amazed that with O'Neill, Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson, it has sparked a small flicker of hope on the candle within my heart. That they may actually succeed and save this world as they have my family.