Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers or anything that is related to them. The only thing that I own is the plot line for this story.

This is my first attempt at writing a fic base on the movie. I hope that anyone who reads this will enjoy it.

This was something he just couldn't stand.

Walking outside the school building, he just watch as the events that seems to be going on for a month past over him again. Ever since he got that car, Sam was always with Mikaele now. He never seen his friend anymore. Not even at lunch! They were always talking, hanging off each other, kissing. Of course, whenever he tried to talk to Sam, it seems to be at the worst time. The two of them look embarrass from something they were talking about. He never knew what.

"This is just a bummer," mumble Miles as he just adjusted his bag stripe as he walked down the school steps only to find himself falling down them, "Ouch…"

"Watch where you are going dork,"

Now that was a familiar voice he knew pretty well this month. Trent and his buddies were smirking above him. Again, this was becoming a daily event, ever since Mikaele dumped his sorry ass for Sam. At least that was one good thing to see the jock get dissed like that. Too bad he had to be at the receiving end of his frustration.

Why not go towards Sam? It seems that Trent and his bubbies were actually scared of his bright yellow Camaro for some reason. One day while they gaining up on Sam, who was waiting for Mikaele to go to go somwhere, it came to life…at least in their words. It started to play some heavy metal music and rev towards the jocks. It was enough to scare Trent and his buddies away from Sam and find someone else.

Lucky him…

At least Miles thought himself lucky as Trent just trip him. It was Friday after all and he just walked off his with friends to their rich daddies' cars and SUVs. What did he have to go home in?

His own Junker.

While it wasn't as fancy or new looking at Sam (He still didn't know how on Earth the yellow junker turned from its former poor state to the jewel of the student parking lot in one weekend), but it was enough to get him home and around the town. There was no way he was going to get a ride in Sam's car. It was Satan's Camaro after all.

Entering inside his old Nissan 280ZX. The blue and white paint was peeling off, the inside of it was falling apart. But as long as the engine ran, Miles was quite happy. Starting up, he drove out of the high school parking lot and started towards the pet store. He had to get crickets for A-Rod. The toad just wouldn't died…Now he had to go and continue to get food for him until that faithful day.

Tranquility was a quiet town Miles decide as he just rode along the back streets to the pet store. Nothing really major happen here, even thought it was outside Las Vega. Sure there was crime and accidents, but nothing major. Not like they show on the news. He was quite happy in his small little world were nothing actually happen to him. Even if he felt a bit lonely without his best friend lately.

What happen to Bros before Hos?

While Miles thought that over, he took noticed of a pair of flashing lights in his muck up review mirror. His eyes just show off his shock, "Man! The cops!" he moaned out as he grip tight to the stiring wheel.

What had he done wrong? He thought it was him since the black and white car was gaining pretty fast on to him. He already cut off the van that was behind him pretty close. What did he do wrong? Was his licence plate off or was he going over the speed limit? The later didn't seem that lucky, but in this old thing, the speedometer could be busted.

Driving down on to one of the less busy streets, he looked around at as he found himself under a freepass. Pulling over to the side, Miles bang his head against the wheel, "This just sucks hard, really really hard…" he moaned out as he wonder how his mom is going to react to this? He was going to be grounded until he was thrity!!

That was before he heard this loud whirling sound behind him. He didn't have enough time to react as something like a steelbeam crash down on his roof. Letting out the most girlish scream ever heard, Miles just held even tighter to the wheel. He didn't dare look up as the roof of his brand new old car was tear off from the actually vechiel.

"Iamgoingtodied! Iamgoingtodied! Iamgoingtodied! Iamgoingtodied!" Miles chanted as his hands were starting to turn white from holding the wheel so tightly. He didn't know what cause it, it was just first thing to have enter inside his mind. It would be the most likely thing to happen after all.

The ground around him rumble like an earthquake as he sat there in his car. His pants were already wet from the fright of the event and now more then ever he wished that A-Rod would have just rolled over and croak already!!!

Finally, the shaking stop. But that didn't mean the danger was over yet. Miles could hear the sound of humming above him. That was when he finally made his move to look up at what was causing him to have his heart feel like it was beating out of his cheat. There was only one thought that came to mind at the sight of it.

By God, that is one big robot!

There in front of him was this sixteen feet tall robot, one mean…demented…monster like black robot. It had all these jagged metal parts and long metal claws coming from his…wheel cover hands. But the face! It was like Freddy or something with the metal teeth and those glowing red glass eyes.

That when his brain finally made contact with his body. Miles let go of the wheel and jumped out of what remain of his car.

The giant robot didn't like it as much as it let out a shierk while throwing what remain of the roof away and then pushed the rest of the car like it was nothing.

Running like a mad man, Miles was surprise by the speed he was putting out. He never really ran this fast in gym class before. Then again, he never tried before in gym class. His life was not in danger in that class. It was right now.

Each foot step that the robot chasing him took just made the ground shake. It was hard for the human to continue running and trying to find a safe place to hide. Where was the police? They were right behind him when this robot show up…why would they just leave him all alone to take care of this?! He couldn't take care of this?! He could barely take care of a school bully!? Why should a giant metal monster be any different? They were suppose to protect and serve!? PROTECT AND SERVE?!

Entering a constructive site under the freeway pass, Miles dive into it as he hided himself behind a cement mixer.

"Got to find help…" he mumbled as he dugged out his cellphone and started to dial the first number that came into his mind, Sam's number. While he doubt that his friend would be able to do anything, at least he could tell where his parents were his corpes was for pick-up.


"Come on Sam, please pick up…"




"Stop making out with your girlfriend and pick up the stupid phone!" hissed out Miles.

"The number you have dial is unavailable at the moment, plea-" came the voice of that annoying phone woman on the other side.

"NONONONONONO!" hissed out Miles as he held tight to his phone and just saw the 'No signal' glaring right at him. Of all the times it could do this…It pick now!

The ground started to shake again. Whimpering, Miles didn't have the strength to get up again. He could, it was just fear had him lock down on his spot on the ground. Breathing at a rapid pace, his heartbeats could be match up with the airflow.

There once again was the metal monster standing over him. Why didn't it kill him already. Was he just in it for the chase? Maybe this was like some prank camera show? Ah hell, they never had the money for this type of thing!!! He was going to die a virgin!!! He didn't ever had a girlfriend!!!

Slowly banking away, Miles just started to see his life flashing before his eyes as the machine was looking down at him, like he was just studying for a moment. He never got to tell his mom that he love her or why he had those magazines under his bed. He never got to stand up to Trent or see A-Rod kick the bucket at long last. Where was the police?!


What was the machine talking about now? Who was Ladiesman 217? Miles just sat there in his urine soak pants as he tried to grabbed a hold of the cement floor under him as the robot's face met with his own.

"ARE YOU WITWICKY'S ACQUAINTANCE?" the metal monster roared again into Miles' face. The hot air that was coming from it was turning the pale skin on his face a bright red, which didn't matter since it was pretty red from all the running.

Staring ahead, Miles just was shock at the question. How did this machine know about Sam? Seeing the long pieces of metal that could be take for hands, the young man just figure it would be ok to answer the question. Then maybe it would leave him alone and he could then call Sam to warn him.

"S-S-Sam? Ye-e-eah. He's me bud," spoke out Miles as he could feel his throat being really dry as he chock out his answers. Where was the police car? That when he finally saw the writing on the monster's arm as it started to back up a bit now that he got his answer.


"It was the bloody car…" thought Miles as his body couldn't take anymore as his whole world turned black.