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"Damn it!" hissed out Miles.

Holding his broken arm, Miles was just hanging on back the screams of pain that he wanted to cry out. It was just killing him. There was no way he could keep his arm like this. He just had to get some thing to work with. It wasn't like his current host were going to fixed it for him.

What did it want with him anyway? It wouldn't let him leave the stupid hanger and it was walking all around it, looking out for something. What it could be was something Miles didn't want to find out. All he cared about was getting home and his arm.

Right now, he just wished that he actually paid attention at those first aid courses from the whole year he was in Boy Scouts. It would have been really useful right now. But nooooo, he had his mind glazed over the whole thing and block it out. Well, screw to be him right now.

He didn't know how much time passed. It could have been days and he wouldn't have noticed. He was too focus on the pain in his arm and the situation he found himself in.

Walking around, Miles just had to think. What could he use to help out with his arm? He already wrapped his shirt sleeve tightly around it, but it was still numbly painful. It was like when he broke it years ago, but at least it was fixed quickly and he got to have painkillers. Giant robot, he doubt would have something like that. Maybe it did, but it would involved him becoming a pancake under it's foot.

"Ah….lets see…" said Miles to himself looking around.

There was nothing he could use?! Maybe he could just eat it off. It would just solved two of his problems. One would be his arm the other would be how would he survived without food or water. But the thought of eating himself send a shiver up his spine.

Pacing back and forth, Miles wanted nothing but to go home now. He missed his mom right now. There was nothing more he wanted right now but to hug her and having her tell him that she loves him and to be safe. He wanted his bed, his room, and his mom's meatloaf! He would even take the sound of A-Rod croaking right now.

What was his mom doing right now? Was she calling the police now? Was she worried about him? What if that robot police came over…he could have killed her or something? His heart speed up faster at the thought. No! They couldn't have killed his mother. How could he know if they did it or not? This was just hurting him on the inside.

Taking a seat on what he deemed as the only safe looking barrel in the hanger, he just had to think of some way to get out of here. But how? He had to take care of his arm. Looking across from his seat, it just dawn on him.

"Agur, I am so stupid…" moaned out Miles as he looked toward the old tarps, "I can have a sling."

Walking over toward the large mess of them, he was lucky enough to find to see a small hole within it. Thanking a deep breath, Miles just slowly ripped along. Thank God for cheap fabrics. But it was taking forever. An inch took an hour and he felt ever second of the pain within his arm.

Finally, he created one end and started to tear away toward the last bit. That was when what he tore fell away toward something metal under it. At the sight of it, Miles felt his blood turned cold as he just felt the sweat start to pour down his face. But something just driven to find out more while something inside his mind was telling him that he knew what it really was.

"What…" whisper Miles as he just pushed up the tarp up more to see jagged metal.

It was hard for him to see what the form of his was. Was it some scrap metal or some strange vehicle? It was something that he was quite afraid that maybe…it was something related to that machine holding him hostage.

That was when he saw the hand. It was there on the ground, claw-like fingers just upright and pointing toward him. Miles let out gasp as he stumbled away. That was when he let out another cry of pain. He was so shock from the silver hand, he forgotten his hand was still on what he deem was the chest.

"Damn it!" he cried out as hot tears ran down his face while fresh blood was streaming down his hand. His broken arm was in worst pain from the action. This was just killing him. This was nothing he felt before. He wanted to get home…he wanted his mommy…

Sitting down on the ground, he held his hand tightly between his other arm and his side. His shirt was slowly soaking in the blood and the pain was slowly becoming less intense. Miles just thought himself lucky that the cut wasn't really that deep. It would stop sooner or later. Just have to focus on tying the knot in the sling. It was slow, so very slow but he would get this done. Even if it was almost killing him, well maybe not really…

He was almost done the task when the ground started to shake. All it did was fumbling with the fabric. Letting out a breath of air, he just finished up and hanged it around his neck. Now…what to do to get out of here…

It has been almost a joor since he chased the human back into the building and he was bored out of his circuits. He was not a baby sitter, and never would be. Barricade just had his parts let out a hissed as he settle back, pacing his path around the building in case the brat tried to do that again.

Where was Starscream? He should have ran into the Autobots by now. He needed to know how long it would be until those Bots came and he got rid of the human. Maybe they could kill him…it had been a long time since he snuffed the life out of anything. But soon, he shall be able destroy that annoying yellow minibot.

His alarm started to react to another Decepticon signature. Starscream. Looking up to the sky, the familiar form of a F-18 fighter jet was coming in. By human eyes, it seen normal enough. But it change no less a breem later as the jet changed his formed and landed right there in front of the smaller Decepticon. By the way the second in commander walked toward the hunter, Barricade could see the arrogance within each step. Oh, how he hated him.

"How nice of you to join me and the pest," respond Barricade.

"I take it that it hadn't causes you any problems," said Starscream as he tried to remain casual with his fellow Con.

"He tried to get away once already, but I 'show' him it wasn't such a good idea to leave yet."

'Yes…I can tell from the hole in the ground," said Starscream, his red optics just glaring toward Barricade, "You better not seriously harm the human. He is no good to us dead."

"I know that, it the only way to ge-"

"Enough! We have to get out of here now. The Autobots will be meeting us soon to exchange the human for the Allspark fragment in about a joor and half at another location," said Starscream glaring down toward the Decepticon minibot.

A hiss escaped Barricade's systems as he glared up toward Starscream. How easy it would be for him just to rip out the slagging glitch's voice box and just stomp on it until it was nothing but chips and wires. The things he did for the cause, for Lord Megatron.

Once they ran into the Autobots, he was going to have to work on trying to get the Allspark for his own needs. Who was Starscream fooling? He knew the seeker better then that. There was no way Starscream would waste so much energy to bring Megatron back.

It was after the battle in that city, the one that they lose the Allspark in. He was still licking his wounds from his fight. Without Energon and only the slop that the fleshies call fuel, it would take a good while before he was in working order. It was in this spot, far from any humans and the Autobots he started on to plot his revenge.

The Autobots had to pay. The humans had to pay. This whole mud ball had to pay. He still couldn't understand how the great and powerful Megatron could fall for the likes of the fleshies. How could the likes of the best of the Decepticon army fall to these pests? Bonecrusher…Devastator…Blackout…Brawl…Frenzy…Megatron…they were all gone. Starscream was no where to be seen and he thought for sure that the coward left the planet with his tail between his wings.

But, that didn't seem to be the case. No sooner then he thought that he was going be a goner, than that turncoat jet appeared. With some much needed Energon, it seems that Starscream had a plan to get back at the Autobots and to get out on top. For that, he needed the hunter's help. Who else could get close enough to spy on them and their little fleshie friends?

That was when he found out about the piece of the Allspark. It was when he was tailing after the fleshie that Autobot Bumblebee was looking after…yes Witwicky. They were talking about some sort of experiment to bring back Jazz. That was when he found about where they had put Megatron and the remains of all the others that died in the battle. Even their own was in that underwater graveyard. They didn't want to risk the body in case something went wrong in the experiments. Stupid in someway.

Over the Earth month, everything they had done had lead up to this moment. Grunting as he started to walk over toward the hanger, Barricade just had to wonder if Starscream knew what he had done in the time they were apart, doing things for the plan. If he knew…then their kind was lost.

Opening the top of the hanger where the human was being kept, Barricade just looked down at the small creature. It took him forever to figure out someone that was close enough for the Autobots. Any fleshie would have done, but they need someone with a bit more of a connection. His first choice was the mate and sparkling of the human that killed Blackout. They seem easy enough. But the male and that trigger happy Autobot Ironhide was always around them. Even he tried something, the Autobots would have been on his tail much sooner then he would have likes.

The same with the two younglings Bumblebee carried around him. Try and take their creators and the Autobots would have been there much too fast. That was when he saw this youngling human. He seem to be close enough to Witwicky to count for something. So there was the lanky, dirty, bloody human, shaking with fear. His scanners could pick up the increase of heart beats and breathing as the human tried to walk back…what was around his arm?

"What did you do, human?" hissed out Barricade as he saw the piece of fabric around the human's neck and arm.

"N-N-N-Nothing!!" studded out the human.

"You saw nothing…" hissed out Barricade as he reached out to grabbed a hold of the human in his claw hands, his voice sounding more like an order then a question.

The human just did nothing as Barricade picked him up quickly and just dropped him a few feet off the ground outside the hanger. Why did Frenzy have to be destroyed? He could have been doing this.

Transforming into his police mode, he could see that the human was still terrified of him. A smile came across his face. It was something he just love, the look of fear on his fear. But now wasn't the time to dwell on such things.

"Get in," he hissed out as he open his back door

Not wasting any time, the human crawl into the back seat of the police mustang. Barricade just hope that this was all worth his time.