This is for those who have not read "Jedi Harris" or "Terran Jedi"

In 1997 on Halloween, Ethan Rayne cast a spell turning all people who bought costumes from his store into their costumes. For a few hours, Xander Harris in the "Jedi Harris" time-line, was Obi-wan Kenobi.

In 1998, Cordelia Chase made a rash wish unwittingly to a Vengeance Demon, Anyanka. The wish was for Buffy Summers to have never come to Sunnydale. What followed was Xander Harris instead wore the costume of Darth Vader. Matching his anger and hateful mood as the year before, the Master escaped his prison during the events of the Harvest and slew his best friend, Jesse.

After the Halloween incident, he retained the abilities of a Sith (Darth Mortalis). Willow Rosenburg discovered this truth and was killed (everyone assumes) by Xander. Soon after he is recruited by Mayor Wilkins. Xander discovers Wilkins' plans for ascension and kills him. He becomes Deputy Mayor and eventually Mayor of Sunnydale. Xander uses his skills and position to defeat the Master (nailing his skeleton to a tree in front of the high school as a warning). He also exterminates most of the demons in Sunnydale. When the government starts looking into setting up the Initiative, he offers his knowledge of advanced technology and ends up working with Professor Welsh at the facility. Eventually, he becomes head of the facility.

In the original time-line, Colonel Harry Maybourne comes to the Initiative to investigate and opposes Harris, he is imprisoned. Harry anticipated the possibility and sent word to Jack O'Neil of SG-1. SG-1 came to Sunnydale in search of Maybourne. They became involved instead with Rupert Giles and the White Hats who fought against Harris with the knowledge that he was a Sith. The Riley, Graham, and Forrest rescue Maybourne and join Giles' group.

A combined SG-1 and White Hat attack successfully slew Xander and destroyed most of the Initiative. Meanwhile, Cordelia revealed all she knew of the previous time-line and Giles managed to summon the Vengeance Demon, Anyanka, to force her to reverse the wish. He succeeded in destroying her amulet which reversed the wish, restoring history as they knew it with Xander being a Jedi instead of a Sith.

This tale explores one possibility with slight changes on what could have happened if Xander, the Sith had not been defeated but lived on to continue his plans.

2. Surprise

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters that are from BTVS/SG1/SW
Story made possible with permission from the Dark Scribbler, author of Jedi Harris and Terran Jedi. Thank you for letting me play in your alternate universe or is it sub-verse. This is my first attempt to write and I am working from inspiration from all the excellent authors here.


Secret Service agents rush toward the main underground doorway. Last guardians to the Presidential bunker beneath the White House. U.S. Army, Marines, and Air Force troops are also present and guard fall back positions along the hall. Desks and tables become makeshift barricades. Firearms ranging from M60 machine guns, M16 rifles with grenade launchers, to small caliber pistols bracket the target zone. As with all battles, the waiting is the worst part.

"All remaining stations report in." He states in a calmness that hides his true feelings.

"Station Alpha clear. Station Bravo clear." Come the numerous replies.

"How did this happen boss? It can't be real, maybe it's a drill?" cries a trooper.

"It's no drill Sergeant." Says U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Armstrong. "But I wish it was. This attack took everyone by surprise. We can't even get the President out. We have to hold for reinforcements and pray someone comes."

"Contact at Station Alpha! Bravo reporting we're under fire!" comes from the headsets and then static.

"Shit! All transmissions are being jammed! All communication systems are down."

"Prepare to repel intruders! Don't let them through!" shouts General Armstrong. Hoping in his heart that this is not a reenactment of either Little Big Horn or a movie scene that has slowly become a realistic nightmare.

"Remember to shield your eyes from flash bangs!"

The doorway flares to light as a cutting beam tears through the door. Cries of disbelief echo from the everyone as the beam slices through inches of reinforced steel, as the door is cut apart, and explodes inward, smoke blanks the area. Shadows move through the opening.

The General gives the order to fire and the entrance way is bracketed by firepower that would stop any normal foe. Unfortunately, the shadows move through the smoke effortlessly as sparks show the accuracy of their fire. The front line shadowy figures stagger from the deadly fire but do not fall.

Curses and cries of dismay echo from the defenders as one shadow is followed by another. The responding fire is unlike anything the troops have ever seen before at least unless you count the movies. Red bolts of plasma and the sound that most of the troops recognize from a movie blaze forth from the shadows. As the intruders move beyond the smoke, the form of imperial stormtroopers advances forward. Unlike the movie, these troops blaster fire is accurate. The forward line of defenders is ruthlessly gunned down.

Shocked and awed by the image, the defenders gunfire slows.

"Guns aren't working! We can't stop them!"

Surprised but always the professional, the General shouts, "Use grenades!" A trooper fires an M203 into the doorway. But as the explosive shell flies forward it changes trajectory and returns to the sender unexpectedly! Several Secret Service Agents along with the trooper are caught in the blast.

"Retreat to fall back positions!" orders a shaken sergeant.

Like professionals they are, the troops and agents slowly fall back. Unfortunately, their foe is not so accommodating as another form joins and quickly moves through the smoke covered entrance. The figure in black contrasting with the white of his troops leaps forward. Landing gracefully behind the agents and troops. The knowledge of impending doom falls upon hearts of every defender. As if time slows for a moment, the poor victims stare in disbelief as the figure produces a red blazing sword…a light sabers, a weapon that everyone recognizes from a beloved movie, the weapon of a Sith. The blade moves with inhuman grace and speed and in a blink of an eye two agents and two soldiers lose their head.

The beleaguered troops that initially survived the stormtroopers blaster fire are frozen in fear. Their professionalism at war with the reality of what they are witnessing. A Sith has come into their midst and begun to decimate everyone within reach.

A battle that felt like hours is over in minutes, a defensive station that was meant to hold for a time falls before foes that is from a story of fiction.

General Armstrong finds himself alone as everyone in his command is quickly cut down. He tries to bring his pistol to bear on the swiftly moving Sith and pain fills his mind as his pistol and fingers separate along with his hand as the red blade quickly appears in his face.

"Greetings General." The dark figure calmly says.

"Damn you, Harris, you won't get away with this. You won't win." Retorts General Armstrong.

"I prefer the name Darth Mortalis, General. And I already have." Replies the onetime Xander Harris of Sunnydale, California.

Pain and darkness is the last thing General Armstrong feels as his life ends.

3. Council in hiding

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters that are from BTVS/SG1/SW
Story made possible with permission from the Dark Scribbler, author of Jedi Harris and Terran Jedi. Thank you for letting me play in your alternate universe or is it sub-verse. This is my first attempt to write and I am working from inspiration from all the excellent authors here. I suggest everyone read Jedi Harris first.

SGC Conference Room, Colorado

President Sean Johnson sat with a grim expression at the head of conference table. His last contact with the White House staff a few moments ago ended abruptly. All communication with the Washington D.C. area seems to have all been lost. Alongside was U.S. Air Force General George Hammond, the commander of the SGC, Colonel Harry Maybourne, NID liaison, Watcher's Council Director, Quentin Travers, and Major Davis, Pentagon liaison.

"Harry, what do we know so far?" as he turned to Colonel Maybourne.

"Well, Mr. President, it appears that the warning we received from the British Watcher's Council a few weeks ago paid off. Something was definitely going on with Harris and Kinsey. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Harris. Two years ago, Senator Robert Kinsey insisted on accompanying me to investigate the NID operation in Sunnydale and he overrode all my objections. Kinsey and Harris must have reached some sort of accord back then. He's been Harris' biggest backer for all his projects. Thank you for at least taking my suspicions seriously. I almost found myself contacting O'Neil for help."

"I'll see them hang for this. Kinsey will be the new Benedict Arnold for this century. I don't believe the double we put in my place will convince them for long. We have to do something. What's the status of our forces?" asked the President.

"It seems that we have lost touch with any forces that had Harris' troops with them. All the weaponry we received from him has also malfunctioned and stopped working." He tossed a blaster on the table in disgust. "Our techs are trying to find out why, perhaps, I really hate to say it, but Major Carter could probably find out why, if SG-1 was not off planet right now."

"You're telling me that in less than 24 hours, the most powerful nation on Earth, is powerless? Our older weaponry is already incapable of stopping his armored troops and the weapons he gave us have all stopped working. His troops that he convinced us to put in various commands around the globe are now against us? Didn't we just win a battle off planet hours ago?"

"It appears so, Mr. President." Answered the Watcher's Council Representative Quentin Travers. "I'm sorry our warning was not sooner. We lost contact with our representative in Sunnydale a few years ago too. I'm just glad you at least agreed to our recommendation about leaving a double at the White House. Winston Churchill did something similar during the war. It's unfortunate that your double will unlikely survive as well."

"We finally start making headway against the Goa'uld and this happens? General Hammond what do you recommend?"

General Hammond of Stargate Command responds, "Mr. President, fortunately, our policy of keeping Harris' troops out of the SGC has kept us from being infiltrated like other commands. We've always viewed them as no better than NID troops. No offense intended Colonel Maybourne."

"None taken, General." Replies Maybourne.

"Mr. President, I recommend we relocate you to the Alpha site at the very least. I don't know how long this facility will remain safe from them. We've locked down the mountain just before they made their move but we don't know how long we can hold them off." Hammond replies. "Somehow they are jamming all communications. Ground landlines and wireless are down. Our techs believe it's some sort of interdictor field. We were able to send info through the GDOs to at least inform our off world teams to head to the Alpha site. We're lucky to still have the ability to dial out."

"This is a preliminary report from Rupert Giles a few years ago on one Mr. Alexander LaVelle Harris, born to Anthony and Jessica Harris in Sunnydale, California. Less than average grades in school, until Halloween in 1997, when things change to the point that he became, unbelievably, mayor of Sunnydale too. We started to think that Rupert had started taking the California drug lifestyle and gone native. Many parts of his report were just too hard to believe but after seeing what's happened recently…they no longer seem so far-fetched." Travers states.

"The idea that someone like Harris would have the memories of being Darth Vader from a magic spell just sounds too fantastic. It's like something from a bad TV show. It does explain why Harris' inventions seemed so familiar. If we ever catch that Ethan Rayne I'm personally pulling the lever to execute the bastard." President Johnson exclaims.

Major Davis replies, "I find myself still unable to believe that aliens, vampires, and demons exist and now you tell me that Jedi and Sith exist too? I remember Harris' plan to put his special troops in many of the major cities to handle these hostile sub terrestrials (HSTs). It sounded like a great idea at the time. Any word on from your people, Mr. Travers?"

"No, we have not heard from Mr. Wyndam-Pryce in Cleveland for some time either." Travers calmly states. Thinking to himself that no new Slayer has been called too if Slayer Summers' had died too. Allowing the Americans to join in the war against demon-kind was something he had always worried about. Damn yanks always late for another war. At the time though the forces that Harris provided seemed more than capable and a godsend to our endless war, his pacification of the demon community on the hellmouth in Sunnydale was impressive. Bloody Harris and bloody Yanks. This is worse than that Yank attempt to resurrect Project Lazarus that Harris reported preventing.

Major Davis was thinking the constant secrecy between agencies prevented obvious warnings that were ignored. The NID had a report of an attempted breach a few years ago just about the same time that Mr. Giles last reported to the Council. The Council's own secrecy kept them from letting us know until now about this report. Whatever Mr. Giles was attempting to do failed as no trace of him could ever be found. Harris stopped the reported breach when he reported a bunch of anarchist kids attempted to attack the facility. Damn it all, he used our own inter-service rivalry against us.

Maybourne's thoughts echoed Davis's as well. "Damn the man, when he first appeared and brought these high tech toys for us we thought it only strange that he would model them off a movie. A geeky, Star Wars fan boy, who was also a brilliant engineer. His use of cloning technology to create these troops of his was, I thought too, a general's dream. No more worrying about recruitment drives, no more letters to consul poor widows, no more worrying about public opinion on casualties, the perfect soldiers for the future army, all a setup by that damnable Harris. Now with this Watchers' report about the Halloween incident, how much did he use.." wiggles his fingers.."on us. Damn that Harris and Kinsey. I can see him appealing easily to Kinsey's lust for power. I just wonder who will be riding whom. I'll never hear the end of this from O'Neil."

"Let's summarize quickly." The President says. "Less than 24 hours ago, soon after our off world teams reported a victory against the Goa'uld Apophis' forces, communication with every command that Harris' troopers were present stopped. Harris' transmitted something about an Order 66 that suddenly had all the clones attack our own troops. At the same time, the advanced weapons we received from him also stopped working. Washington D.C. and a number of major military centers have all lost communication. Do we have a rough estimate of how many clones Harris has?"

Major Davis reports, "In the last few years, we estimate combat strength to be at least 120,000 clones around the world. We dispersed them under various commands and for local HST control. We never realized that he would find a way to subvert them all to his control. Combine that with their functioning advanced weaponry and we have a bad situation just getting worse. It's fortunate that we never authorized any of them for gate travel."

Sirens suddenly blared throughout the compound. Secret Service agents rush into the room, "Mr. President, we have to leave now, reports from the upper levels state that forces have breached Cheyenne Mountain's main doors. We have to leave now."

General Hammond stands, "Mr. President, we're dialing out to the Alpha site now, please evacuate with those we were able to gather now too. This facility will not be captured while I am in command. If necessary, I'll set the self-destruct myself."

4. Aftermath

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters that are from BTVS/SG1/SW
Story made possible with permission from the Dark Scribbler, author of Jedi Harris and Terran Jedi. Thank you for letting me play in your alternate universe or is it sub-verse. This is my first attempt to write and I am working from inspiration from all the excellent authors here. I suggest everyone read Jedi Harris first.

White House Situation Room

"Darth Maugrim, report." Demands Xander Harris. A hologram appears, generated by an R4 astrodroid.
"My lord, the SGC facility is now secure. The R5 droid disarmed the self destruct set by Hammond and his cronies. The stink of fear in the Force tells me that the President was here too and escaped using the Stargate. Computers have been destroyed. We'll have new systems in place in a few days." Replied a hooded figure who once was a musician known for few words, Daniel Osbourne. "Prisoners?"

"Dispose of them as you see fit my apprentice, an object lesson for others who dare oppose us."

"What kind of monster are you?" exclaims Ken Morgan, actor and double for United States President Sean Johnson. "Have you no morals? Show mercy to those poor people just doing their jobs!"

"The President was very clever in having a double in place here, but know that you live only because you still may be of some use to us." His arm rises and a hand appears to grasp. Ken Morgan feels his throat constrict painfully. Moments of pain then it disappears as Xander turns away. "You live only if you do exactly what I tell you to do."

Ken Morgan slumps into his chair in a room surrounded by death and chaos. His staff and guards lying dead all around. Expecting to die, he feels only fear and anxiety to find himself still alive. Two guards to his left and right who appear shockingly like storm troopers from Star Wars. The man is sick he tells himself, sick but with an ability to do amazing things. He remembers how Harris led his troops through the gauntlet that no human could have possibly survived. Using a weapon that was out of this world, a lightsaber. Had George Lucas lived to see this, he would sue for copyright infringement, then probably die as the Sith killed him slowly. On the other hand, Harris probably had something to do with that too.

As a double for the President, he was given access to some classified materials that enabled him to masquerade better. He'd heard of the amazing weapons and troops that Harris had provided the government. The guy was a real nut case, but a nut case now with an army, power, and droids!

The little R4 unit obediently followed its master as he strode away. "Sergeant, make sure he is cleaned up and ready for his…retirement speech." A trooper snaps to attention and nods in acknowledgment.

Harris was furious. He seethed at being deceived. President Johnson, coward that he is, had slipped through his fingers. Somehow warned and planted this imposter. The Force tells me it was those thrice damned Watchers. Coming out of their hole long enough to tamper with his plans.

"R4, make a note to remind me to bomb the Watcher's headquarters building soon."

Long has this been planned and to finally see it in action was a dream come true. Two years since the day Rupert Giles and his band of pathetic rebels attempted to assault the Initiative base. Walsh's behavior modification chips worked very well in swaying Osbourne to the dark side. It's unfortunate that Giles was not present and had mysteriously disappeared. Interrogation of the rebel survivors mentioned him trying to raise a vengeance demon. As if his magic could stop me, Xander Harris, bringer of order to the Sunnydale hellmouth, slayer of the Master, and known only to a few, Sith Lord Darth Mortalis.

I guess I should make contact with Kinsey. Senator Robert Kinsey surprisingly was force sensitive, not enough to be a Jedi or Sith but enough to tempted by the power. It did not take much to convince the fool that he would become a powerful leader. Deluded idiot, teach him enough to make him feel strong, and then convince him to commit treason. I know enough to not take the throne as true power is behind the throne.

"R4, please send a message to Lord Kinsey, " trying hard not to smirk, "that the White House is secure and that we have captured the President. Few losses and all enemy troops neutralized."

He was rather pleased with the droid units. Building them had been very difficult with the primitive technology on this planet but the effort had been worth it. They were not only able to provide a powerful interdictor field, blocking all wireless and land line communication, but also enable a secure holographic communication that was unaffected by the field. Innocuous looking droids that have proven invaluable. I will have to see about creating more.

General Order 66 was once again successful. As soon as word reached him of the victory against Apophis' forces and more importantly, SG1's departure, the plan went into action. It was unfortunate that none of my troops were able to be assigned to the SGC but Darth Maugrim has dealt with that inconvenience. The Russian's Stargate will also soon be in our hands. The deactivation of the weapons, I'm sure was a wonderful shock. After the incident with Giles and his White Hats, I made sure every piece of technology was built with recognition devices incorporated into all designs. Order 66 activated a hidden chip. Wonderful for gun control, no weapon will now fire without the user having certain protein markers in their blood. Excellent idea from the Goa'uld, I will have to remember to thank them.

Pacification of any resistance is of the utmost priority. The HST units in New York, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, all report minor uprisings that have been dealt with, harshly. More importantly, the clones with Federal units have reported complete annihilation of the various agency leadership. Directors, judges, generals, and their staff have all been eliminated. Just as Palpatine once used Order 66 to exterminate the Jedi, I have used it to become master of this nation. Soon, Kinsey will announce that a terrorist attack has killed many of the government forces and that martial law will have to be implemented. With the loss of so many leaders, the poor Senator will assume the Presidential office as the double will announce his retirement and relinquish the position to Senator Kinsey, one of the few surviving congressmen.

Doubtlessly the real President and SG1 will hide at the Alpha site, their hidden rebel base, a chuckle escapes from his mouth. It will be a long time before they will be able to do anything here on Earth. By then I should be able to build a fleet that will make the Goa'uld tremble.

The R4 unit beeps with excitement. Ahh, Kinsey has a message for me already? "Play the message R4."

A hologram appears with Kinsey posing as usual in a suit. "Harris, congratulations on your success at the White House, hopefully the collateral damage was kept to a minimum. I will be living there soon you know. Good job on capturing President Johnson, I hope he will cooperate for the good of the nation. Please leave alive the list of supporters I gave you, screw the rest. Until then, signing off. Stupid arrogant kid. Bothering me when I'm busy preparing for my acceptance speech. God I hope he gets his ass shot off."

As the hologram disappears, Xander can't help but laugh as his program to delay the recording shutoff plays Kinsey's comments. What a fool, I look forward to the eventual assassination attempts.

"TK421, bring my ship." He orders into a com-link. " So much to do, to bring order to this planet."

5. P3X-1279

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters that are from BTVS/SG1/SW
Story made possible with permission from the Dark Scribbler, author of Jedi Harris and Terran Jedi. Thank you for letting me play in your alternate universe or is it sub-verse. This is my first attempt to write and I am working from inspiration from all the excellent authors here. I suggest everyone read Jedi Harris first.

To all the reviewers: Thank you for your support and inspiration. It keeps motivating me to keep doing better and longer chapters. Love it when the writing just won't stop until its done. Thank you to those who pointed out obvious errors on my part. I've edited the prior chapters accordingly. Thank you for the constructive criticisms. On with the show.

(P3X-1279) Battle at Chartago (flashback before Surprise)

"Hanno and his people are now in position, O'Neil." Teal'c states.

"That kid's come along way since blaming you for his Dad's death." Replies, Colonel Jack O'Neil, leader of SG-1.

"Indeed. He is much like his father, a very brave man."

The Tokra report that one of Apophis' Ha'taks was scheduled to do a little raiding here on P3X-1279 proved to be true after all. We finally get a chance to try out the new toys and ray guns that Area 52 dribbles out to us. While I prefer the Zats, these blaster rifles are pretty impressive. They have 100-500 plasma shots depending on settings. Even has a nifty stun mode. Major Harpers' SG-5, Major Young's SG-8, and Hanno's people have setup a nice surprise for Apophis. Twelve men and women including SG-1 and ten volunteers of Hanno's people should be enough to fight off a raiding party. Colonel Barnes' SG-6 Medical team was on standby.

The new composite armor we were wearing was lightweight and seemed resistant to bullets and anything but a direct shot from blasters and staff weapons. Carter tried explaining the composite and molecular compounds and blah blah aspects; I just want to know how it holds up in combat. Our green camo armor covered our torso, chest, arms and legs, so unlike the clones troopers that I'd heard the NID were using around the country. Damn things remind me too much of Imperial troops, from Teal'c's favorite movie. NID idiots have no imagination, probably Maybourne's idea to cash in geek recruitment.

The plan was an ambush of Apophis' raiding party before they enter the village. We'll use the buildings for cover. Depending on the amount of resistance, we can press them or not. SG-1 and SG-5 will strike first and draw fire, while SG-8 waits until the enemy is committed against SG-5's position. SG-8 will then come out of cover and pin the enemy in a crossfire. Hanno's people will provide cleanup of any stragglers and try to keep anyone from escaping.

If the Jaffa warriors fight true to form they will just form lines and blast their staff weapons until melee range. The only thing Apophis' encourages in teamwork is worship.

No plan survives contact with the enemy. Let's hope Murphy is on vacation.

Ro'tak, Apophis' First Prime led his 100 Jaffa warriors toward the village. His mission was simple; enslave the populace and bring them back to the ship as punishment for helping the Tauri. Empty the village of all life. Maybe in a few centuries some will be allowed to return to repopulate. Full Jaffa armor was called for to show the glory of Apophis.

"When we get close to the village, Jaffa, kree! Form ranks of ten Jaffa in a marching column!" orders Ro'tak. Population was estimated to be about 20 families with about 100 soon to be slaves to our god Apophis.

The warriors march closer to the village. Formations are changed. The warriors begin to chant, "Apophis!" To the simple villagers, it is a vision of nightmare. An armored column of snake helmeted warriors. Some froze in fear, others ran to hide, a few moved into pre-assigned positions.

Ro'tak was pleased. He could hear the cries of fear from the startled villagers. It was right that they learn to fear the right hand of their god. Pride filled him as he led his troops.

Coming within a few yards of the village, the formation stopped, he stepped forward, boldly announcing, "We have come in the name of the god Apophis. Come forth and kneel before us." The sound easily amplified with the helmet speakers booming throughout the village.

"Apophis is a false god!" a figure in strange armor stands and proclaims from a roof top.

"Who dares!" Ro'tak exclaims. "Teal'c! It is the shol'vah! For harboring you these villagers will die! Surrender, shol'vah, so you may face judgment before our god. Form battle line!" The warriors in back swiftly march to form a long line of troops facing the village. A hundred staff weapons power up to fire as the warriors shift to an attack posture. "Honor to the one who captures the shol'vah. For Apophis!"

"Ah shut up already, your god blah this and god blah that, attack already." A familiar human stands next to Teal'c.

So the infamous Tauri, SG-1 are here too. Greater the glory then if we can capture them all too.

Daniel Jackson smirks, "Is it a good idea to make them angry, Jack? We are a bit outnumbered here."

"With our superior weaponry and armor, we should easily make up for their numbers." Major Samantha Carter proudly states. "SG-5, ready to fire, sir."

"Well get on with it already." Orders Jack.

From another roof top, four more Tauri rise up and begin to shoot red plasma bolts at the warriors. As the first four targets suddenly fall, Ro'tak gives the order to fire. A large number of staff weapons fire toward SG-1 and SG-5's position.

Normally, the staff weapons while inaccurate were still deadly, especially in mass volley. As the musket age formed lines to concentrate their firepower, so to do the Jaffa warriors to compensate for their staff weapon's inaccuracy. This time bolts that would normally slay were deflecting off the Tauri armor. Bolts that deflected still tore holes through the walls of the buildings around them.

The returning fire of red plasma bolts in contrast were systematically killing each Jaffa warrior struck. Four, then eight, and when SG-1 contributed their fire, more Jaffa died.

As a testament to the warrior spirit and training of the Jaffa, as their fellows kept falling around them, no Jaffa thought to flee. It may also be the limited sight of the serpent helm preventing them from seeing the fallen beside them. But when SG-8 rose up from cover and began blasting from another angle, the Jaffa warriors started to finally notice the losses.

As the space between the two became crisscrossed with red and blue lightning bolts, Ro'tak started to feel concern as left and right his warriors were falling but the Tauri were not falling so easily. Their strange armor was proving superior to the Jaffa armor. "Fall back!" he finally orders.

To late though, as from behind them, Hanno and his volunteers join the fray with zatn'kitels. Ro'tak's final command is a message asking for reinforcements as Tauri are in the village.

"Cease fire!" O'Neil orders. "How bad is it Carter? Carter?"

Major Carter has witnessed many firefights before but never one so one-sided. She looks down and sees several black marks across her arms and shoulders. "Reports from the other SG teams say only minor wounds. Colonel Barnes is sending a medic to check them out. Sir, I would say the weapons and armor worked as we hoped."

"Daniel? You alright?" Jack asks Daniel as he notices some blood on his neck.

"I'm okay Jack, just some fragments hitting me, it's fine."

Teal'c was in his glory. He joined O'Neil believing him to hold the key to saving his people from the Goa'uld and until now, much was on faith. Today, his faith has been justified. With men and women like SG-1 and the weapons used here today, the Goa'uld reign will soon come to an end. A rare smile was on Teal'c's lips.

"Harper, SG-5, go down there and aid those people with any stragglers or wounded. Need a medic here too for Doctor Jackson."

"Jack! It's just a scratch."

"Want Janet to treat it when we get back instead with her large needles?"

"Ok, bring the medic." Daniel agrees reluctantly. "She'll probably still stick me anyways." He grumbles.

Carter suddenly exclaims, "Colonel, we have inbound report, the leader down there must have called for reinforcements! We have death gliders inbound and the Ha'tak is heading this way. What should we do?"

"Damn cheaters. Let's start evacuating the people that want to come with us. With this loss, I don't think Apophis will just allow these people to simply go back and hide in their tunnels. All SG teams begin evac to the gate, SG-6, Colonel Barnes, your group is closer to the gate, secure it. Send a report on how we did here today to Hammond."

In about half an hour, a mixture of natives and SG teams are gathered around the Stargate. Colonel Barnes is looking worried and approaches Colonel O'Neil.

"What's the delay, Colonel." Asks Jack.

"Jack, I'm getting a message on the GDO. I sent the report on our success and was told to hold tight. Message on the GDO now says, "All SG teams, do not return to Earth, orders now to go to alpha site." Coordinates follow with symbols to use. "What's going on Jack? I thought that was classified. Why can't we return to Earth?"

"Calm down, Rich. It could be a problem with the shield." He answers calmly, though doubtful of that excuse too.

"Daniel, can you dial these coordinates out?"

"Sure, Jack." He presses the sequence of symbols and finishes with the center red button. The Stargate slowly locks into position as each chevron is chosen. And never ceasing to amaze him, the wormhole forms. "Sending GDO code now."

"SG-1 you may enter." Came the reply from the GDO, good thing these upgraded GDO's now had video and audio capabilities.

"We have refugees of about 20 families joining us, Apophis didn't take kindly to losing so many Jaffa." Daniel replies.

"Permission granted."

Jack was not happy about the sudden change in return. The alpha site had no cable and he was looking forward to catching the hockey game at home.

"I bet Maybourne's behind this." Jack exclaims.

The refugees and SG Teams quickly evacuate through the Star Gate. Jack is the last to leave, he catches a glimpse of the Ha'tak hovering above the village. "Ha'tak my ass! That's one of Apophis' motherships! Don't know whether to be pissed at the Tokra or happy at how mad old Alpo will be." As he steps through, an explosion at the village signals its end.

6. Angel of Cleveland

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Angel of Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio

It was another night in the city. The Cleveland hellmouth has always been less active than the Sunnydale hellmouth, the last few months have seen fewer and fewer vampire and demonic activity than usual. A shadow shifts in the darkness overlooking the streets. The Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers' thoughts shift to the soldiers patrolling the areas she use to roam. They used weapons that were out of the movie that Dawn use to love watching all the time, "Star Awards" or something. While they've made her job easier, there was something about them that worried her. Slayer dreams were like a bad scifi movie. Wesley thinks I've been watching too much tv again. He can't understand them either.

What a boring night, Buffy thinks. Poor Wesley, getting fired from the Council after they tried that stupid Cruciamentum on her, she was so proud of him. Wesley's kept me alive for three years now, not the Council. He tried that Council attitude on her earlier but eventually threw away the manual instead. She loved the look on that Travis idiot when she fired the Council too. Boy was he pissed. Let them sit around and watch masterpiece theater without her. Wesley is going to try his hand at becoming a rogue demon hunter to better help her.

When Dad was killed by vamps, she almost died inside too. Wesley stood by her and became a surrogate father to her and Dawn. Mom almost killed him when she found out he was a Watcher and was helping me slay vampires. Wesley stood up to her and kept me from being sent to the loony bin again. I love my Watcher, not love in that touchy gross way but in hug type way…ewww, old guy alert.

Buffy moves to another part of the roof top, she closes her eyes and stretches out with her senses. Listening, stretching out with her feelings, and using her slayer senses to try to detect any demonic activity. Wesley is always harping on her about how a slayer should behave. Suddenly, her eyes open and she darts off the roof top, jumping down several stories to the ground. As she touches down, she immediately moves into a tuck and roll to channel the impact with the pavement, her hands slap the pavement, cracking it. "Oops." Cleveland department of transportation will not be happy with me again. She runs swiftly into the shadows.

Mary Ann Cech, a nurse at the Cleveland General was walking to her car after a long shift and brief stop at a local grocery store. She pauses at a TV store, a special news report on all channels appears. Ohio's Senator Kinsey appears to give a speech in the White House press room. She'd heard only rumors about strange attacks and riots happening in other cities. While he is Ohio's Senator, she'd never voted for him.

"My fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart that I accept this duty that President Johnson has asked of me. His troubled health and the deaths of the vice-president and many of my friends in congress have brought this nation to this historic and critical point. The terrorist attacks by unknown forces will not succeed. We are Americans. We will not surrender. This Republic for the people by the people will go on. My first task is to create a new cabinet position, Homeland Security. I have asked Mr. Alexander Harris to be its first leader." The camera shifts to a handsome young man in a dark blue suit and red tie who smiles and graciously nods to the camera. "We find ourselves at war with evil forces, dark forces, hell bent on bring down this great nation. It is only by the grace of God that I stand here today and with my fellow surviving congressmen and judges."

So he was the one, she thinks. For many years, the medical community has been plagued by the constant shortage of organ transplants. Mr. Harris and his company, Imperial Incorporated, have found a way to provide an increase in the availability of organ donations. Many people that were waiting months or even years for organs are alive now because of Imperial, Inc.

"The tree of liberty must sometimes be fed with the blood of patriots. Many patriots have died this day. I call upon a National Time of Prayer for this Friday at 9 a.m. I ask all of you to observe a 10 minute moment of silence as we remember the victims of this vicious attack. I am confident that Mr. Harris will find those responsible. For now though, it is with a heavy heart that I have asked the governors of every state to impose a curfew and temporary martial law. Lawlessness will not be tolerated in this country. We are a nation of laws and soon those who have done this horrific act will pay dearly. Greed and corruption are responsible for this. The constant polarization of our government will now end. There will be a new breath of freedom that will sweep this nation. A special election will be formed in the next few months to fill the positions lost." He bows his head in sorrow. "It is with a heavy heart that I too must mention that as a target of these conspirators, my family was killed too. My wife and three young children were killed in an attempt to kill me as well. My fellow Americans, I share your pain and sorrow." A tear rolls from the Senator's (President's) eye, "We will have vengeance for these actions."

Mary Ann rolls her eyes at the television, the good senator had her there for a moment, until he said that. In her heart she knows that vengeance is not the answer, while she feels horrible too for the good senator's loss, she knows that it is God who will avenge wrongs. She tunes the rest of his speech out and turns to continue toward her car.

The hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as a voice from the shadows speaks, "Well, well, a very nice morsel boys, our first catch of the night." A man with a horrible deformed face appears from the darkness. His yellow eyes and…fangs, smile viciously at her. Two more figures slip by and surround her.

"Oh God save me," Mary Ann cries as she clutches the crucifix around her neck.

Suddenly one of the men stops and explodes into dust; a short blonde girl with a wooden stake appears from the dust cloud. "You called for an angel?" She quips.

"Slayer!" the apparent leader snarls. He moves swiftly to strike.

A clawed hand slashes forward, but the girl catches the hand by the wrist. Turning quickly, she spins around and pins the arm to the man's back. Her feet continue around to strike the other man.

The leader counters with a move that spins him around and brings him behind the young girl, his head at her neck. Unable to just stand by and do nothing, Mary Ann darts forward holding her cross in her hand. She thrusts it into the man's face.

With a snarl and roar, the vampire hurls backwards, pushing the blonde girl forward. "Back vampire! Leave the girl alone."

That's what I like about Cleveland, the people aren't all blind to the evils of the hellmouth, Buffy thinks. She lets her momentum carry her forward her stake already thrusting toward the stunned vampire that greeted her feet earlier.

As the dust clears, Buffy turns to a rare sight. She can't help but laugh. The vampire is cowering before the young nurse who boldly presents her cross. Wow, talk about faith being powerful.

Buffy throws her stake at the cowering vampire. As more dust bunnies fill the air she turns to the young woman, "You know about vampires too?"

"When you work at a hospital and ER unit, we can't help but know what's really happening around this city. So are you part of those special troops too?"

"No, I've been doing this long before they decided to horn in on my act." Buffy replies. "You alright getting home?"

"Yeah, my car is just over there. I was distracted by the TV report. Thank you for your help. Can I get you anything, a ride home maybe?"

"Thanks but I've got to get back to my night job." Buffy says as she turns and disappears into the shadows of an alley.

"God bless," Mary Ann whispers to her mysterious rescuer. Now that is someone who really means what they say. Her actions speak louder than the empty promises of politicians who promise the sun but only for themselves and leave the rest in darkness. She enters her car and drives away, saying a silent prayer of thanks and prayer for her rescuer.

7. Oz

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SGC. Colorado

The cleanup of the any resistance in the NORAD and SGC center was efficient and less bloody then expected. After breaching the main doors, the cowards ran for the Stargate. Their self-destruct system was barely stopped by the R5 droid. Nothing could have prepared the guards for a huge werewolf, wielding a lightsaber. Their shots didn't even have to be parried. Too bad it had been only a rearguard action.

Darth Maugrim strode through the halls of the SGC as prisoners were herded away, his troops marching them to cells and patrolling the facility.

Hate and rage filled the quiet youth. Daniel Osbourne, or Oz, as he was once called by his friends, fumed at the escape. His beast hungered for battle and felt it denied. While the Dark Side of the Force allowed him to master the beast, its hunger still needed to be fed. He hated calling Harris, "Master," but knew he must, for now. One day as is the way of the Sith, I will be the one gloating over his corpse. One day I will find a way to bypass the chip Harris put in me, on that day Harris will find out what a Werewolf Sith can really do.

Two years ago, he, Angel, Riley Finn, Forest Gates, Graham Miller, and Ethan Rayne, attempted to sneak into the Initiative and stop Harris, unfortunately, Harris knew already they were coming; he trapped us and slew Ethan. His guilt and anger were played masterfully by Harris to aid in his fall to the Dark Side.

To this day, he still does not know what happened to the rest of his team. A part of him hopes they still live and that Giles, Jenny, Jonathan, Andrew, Warren, and that strange girl, Cordelia, escaped too. While he now knows about the global threat of the Goa'uld and Harris' plan to "save the world," he longs to avenge the loss of his friends, especially Willow.

He makes his way to the former SGC control room. "Commander, your status?" he asks one of the troopers with yellow shoulder pads and helmet.

"My Lord, the new computer systems are just being installed now. We've made several improvements to the gate security. Rather than a primitive shield, we have put in an energy shield. Nine troopers will guard the gate constantly. They will be armed with the new light repeating blaster rifles. We're working on mounting an experimental ion cannon, in case a Goa'uld with a personal shield appears. The NID had backups of all the gate addresses the SGC systems contained. We should be back in full operation in 24 hours."

With a nod of acknowledgment, Maugrim leaves the control center.

Enough with these thoughts, my job is to get this facility back in operation. Gate travel must be resumed. The Russian Stargate that came from Antarctica was destroyed successfully by the gate personnel. It is fortunate that the commander in charge of capturing the facility died as well.

8. Lost Rebels

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To all my reviewers: Thank you and hope you keep enjoying this. May I do honor to Scribbler's vision and like all of you, beg that Scribbler keeps writing even on his honeymoon…lol

Lost Rebels

Hidden location

Jenny Calendar or Janna of the Kalderash gypsy clan rolls to the side sorrow filling her as she places her hand on the empty side of her bed.

"Rupert." She whispers.

For two years she has mourned. In her dreams, Rupert always appears to be calling out to her. It's ironic that it was due to a vengeance spell that placed her with Rupert to watch over Angelus, and it was a Vengeance Demon, Anyanka that made her Rupert disappear. Now the new American President cries out for vengeance too. Harris' plan seemed to be coming together; so far there was nothing anyone could do about it.

At the very least she managed to get the kids out, Jonathan Levinson, Andrew Wells, Warren Mears and Cordelia Chase. All that was left of what Andrew fondly calls, "the Rebel Alliance." How we managed to keep from killing him a long time ago was a miracle.

Warren has started building robots, what began as a sexbot, became a unit that could easily pass for people. When it comes to robotics, Warren is our resident engineer.

Jonathan was originally a mediocre mage, but now he would make Rupert so proud. His skills at illusion have become extraordinary.

Andrew had become our gourmet chef, making the most delicious meals. Although if he ever tries to make Klingon Blood Sausage again, I promised to remove his sausage.

Cordelia Chase, the poor girl blames herself for everything that has happened. She has kept us together, focused on the goal of someday defeating Harris. Before her parent's indictment for tax evasion, she managed to squirrel away her own money to help finance our accommodations for the last few years. Ironically, they once called her Queen C in Sunnydale High. Wells quietly calls her your "highness." Poor boy really needs to get laid.

It's become so hard to even get out of bed. Rupert, where are you? Tonight is the anniversary of your disappearance; I refuse to believe you're dead. Andrew has promised a meal to remember. They begged me to join them. Guess I'd better drag myself out of bed.

That night at a candle light dinner, the unusual band gather around a long table. They enjoy the meal prepared and served by Andrew Wells.

"Andrew that was simply delicious. Your best creation yet. Thank you." Jenny states.

"Hear, hear, a toast to our chef," Warren proclaims. Everyone toasts as Andrew blushes proudly.

Cordelia stands up, as all talk ceases, "Gentlemen, ladies, let us now toast those that cannot be with us tonight. In case you wonder at the empty seat with a place mat, empty plate and utensil at the table. It is to symbolize those who are missing in action. We hold their place at this honored table. It is our duty to never give up and never forget what they fight for."

Everyone stands and solemnly offer their toast.

Tearfully Jenny hugs Cordelia. "Thank you, that was beautiful."

After she returns to her seat, Cordy's calls the meeting to order. "Andrew, how are the food and supply inventories?"

He stands, "All stocks are near 98 capacity, ah, your highness."

Cordy smiles, "Thank you, Andrew." She looks toward Warren, "How is the robot factory coming along?"

"We will be able to have at least a hundred combat units ready at the end of this month. Final programming and loyalty circuitry are hardwired into all units. No chance of a terminator-skynet issue here. I've also managed to reverse engineer the blasters. They don't have the lockout circuits that Harris incorporated after we stole ours." Warren responds. Katrina Silber, his girlfriend, smiles happily next to him.

"Cordy, how are you able to keep funding all this?" Jenny asks.

"Just getting to that Mrs. Calendar, Jonathan, how have your computer skills been at answering Mrs. Calendar's question?"

"Well, in the past two years, I've managed to organize many of the world's top hackers from Jonathan James to Steve Wozniak to join our 'Rebel Alliance.' They understand the stakes and have been secretly funneling money to our cause. We don't need to worry about expenses."

Jenny is surprised, she'd forgotten that Jonathan was no slouch when it came to computers; he was almost as good as Willow Rosenburg had been. How did I forget that?

"Mrs. Calendar, we have all continued to fight. We know how you feel. There's not a day that goes by that I do not regret my stupid wish, a wish responsible for creating this nightmare world. First Scooby rule in slaying: 'don't die.' We are still alive. We need you Mrs. Calendar. We're going to need your help to find and contact Buffy Summers. We're going to need the Slayer."

Jenny Calendar stands up her eyes watering. "I'm sorry for ignoring everything. I'm sorry for not being there for any of you. That changes tonight. You've all shown me that we did not lose the war but only a battle. Yes, Cordy." She smiles at Cordy. "I'll do it; I'll find the Slayer and do my part. Thank you all for doing what you have done. Rupert would be so proud of all of you. My turn to make him proud of me too."

9. Lessons

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Parts in this chapter are direct quotes from Jedi Harris…scary just imaging where my muse is taking this story.


White House office

"Harris! Why didn't you stop that man sooner? I could have been killed." Asks a pale faced President Robert Kinsey.

"I'm sorry Mr. President, but we had to make sure he made the first move. There was nothing to fear, you were not harmed, where you?" Xander calmly replies.

"That's not the point…stopping the bullet a few inches before it hit me, is not protecting me! He almost killed me! It's bad enough that I don't have Secret Service protection, since you killed them all! Your so called special troops, just stood there."

"Relax Mr. President, we had the situation under control, the Force did save you," Xander smiles in reply, "besides the mind probes of your would-be assassin has given us an excellent scapegoat on for what the papers have started calling 'Bloody Friday'. There is a little known terror group, led by Osma Bin Laden. His forces are based in Afghanistan; the region would make a perfect testing ground for new weapons."

"The international scene has been chaotic enough, with the foreign press calling me a dictator. It would make a very bold statement to countries like Iraq and Iran. I like it. Be careful though, the honeymoon period is almost over before the press begins to criticize us here too. Make it so, Harris." Orders President Kinsey.

"On the production side, the building of the Acclamator-class transport ships will begin in a few weeks. Their hyperdrive, weaponry, and troop capacity will enable us deploy heavy units to worlds the Goa'uld rule. It's too bad we can't enlarge the Stargate, its limited size prevents us from sending armored units through."

"Any success in finding the location of the Alpha site?" Kinsey asks.

"Nothing yet. The SGC was very thorough in erasing that information from their systems. There was an interesting incident at the gate recently. A Goa'uld by the name of Hathor attempted to infiltrate the SGC. My apprentice, Darth Maugrim, surprised her when he used the ion canon to eliminate her personal shield and then ate her." He chuckles. "We have videos of the look on her face when Maugrim changed into his beastly form and attack her. It took hours to clean the gate room though. I have scolded him personally for making such a mess. Would you like to see a copy?"

President Kinsey had becomes if possible even more pale as the fate of Hathor was told, "Ah, its okay, no thanks. Pass on my congratulations on a job well done."

Xander laughs inside. Weak fool. This is so much fun. It was child's play for Welsh to plant a chip in that "assassin" and program him to attack. What better way to show Kinsey's dependence on me then to save his life.

It will be amusing though to see what the primitive Afghan people will do versus our AT-ST and AT-AT units. Apparently it should be very similar to what they will be facing on the numerous worlds that Dr. Daniel Jackson reported meeting. His reports about the Goa'uld enslaving people from Earth and taking them to other worlds as slaves is most enlightening.

Cleveland, Ohio

Buffy Summers had trouble sleeping again. The dreams kept becoming more intense. She thought about taking sleeping pills but was afraid her Slayer metabolism would have her accidentally overdosing.

"Buffy, are you alright?" Dawn asks quietly as she peers though the door.

"I'm fine Dawnie. Go back to bed. It was just a bad dream."

"You sure? Mr. Gordo isn't helping? I could come and sleep with you if you want." A worried Dawn asks.

"Thanks Dawnie, but really I'll be fine."

Buffy turns on her lamp light and begins to write in the dream journal that Wesley gave her.

What did it all mean?

London, UK

Quentin Travers stares out at the burning remains of the Watcher's HQ. Curse that man! That building has stood for over a hundred years, and now it's destroyed by Harris in an instant. Fortunately, no one was inside when he bombed it. The coven's teleportation spell brought me back from the SGC only to this. We lost priceless pieces of art, books, and artifacts; we didn't expect him to retaliate so quickly.

Passing the info to the Americans had been a gamble; fortunately, they still know nothing about the Slayer. Any information had been carefully pruned from the report given to President Johnson.

Wesley must be severely disciplined though for allowing her Slayer to behave toward me in such a manner. Her actions clearly demonstrate why the Cruciamentum is necessary. Firing the Council? Completely unheard of, the arrogance of that …that brat, she must be taught a lesson too.

It's so tempting to label her a rogue Slayer and dispatch a Special Operations Team to deal with her. Easier to work with a Council trained Slayer then this absurd excuse for a Slayer. I'll present the case to the Council and see how they decide to deal with this arrogant child.

A dimension away

A green lightsaber clashes with a blue blade, the two power units scream in protest as they fight to overcome the other. The two hooded combatants dance in and out of distance. Both hooded warriors appear evenly matched. They battle back and forth from Saber Forms Shii-cho to Soresu to Ataru to even Juyo (Vaapad) styles, quickly flowing from one to another.

The blue bladed combatant pushes forward with their palm. The green bladed opponent also brings a palm up. Strain appears on the brows of both warriors. Like an elastic band breaking the two figures are propelled apart. The green combatant crashes into the wall and falls to their knees, the blue one flips over and uses the wall as a spring board to rapidly bounce back.

Amazingly, the blue blade once again is barely countered by the green. A leg sweep trips the blue figure toward the ground. The green bladed figure leaps back, giving time for his opponent to recover.

"That was a mistake, old man." You should never give your opponent the time to recover. A Jedi can afford to be honorable in trials or when sparring, but against a Sith, such actions could quickly be used against you. Press any advantage you can take. A Sith will use everything they can to win.

"Just giving you a chance to catch your breath, you old bugger." Rupert Giles replies.

"I'll never understand your colorful cultural phrases." Obi-wan states. "You've done well, Giles. In this timeless place of the Force, you've learned much very quickly."

"Thank you, Master Obi-wan." Giles deactivates his green lightsaber, and bows.

From the shadows a short figure approaches, "Control you have learned, young one, soon, ready will you be." Master Yoda states.

"Master Yoda, why do you keep calling me 'young one?' asks Giles. "I'm not exactly a spring chicken, where I come from."

"When nine hundred years old you are, 'young ones' is what everyone will be."

"I still don't understand why the intensive training, Master? Aren't I dead? What good will it do now?" Giles exclaims.

"Much yet to learn you have, young one. Skill you have, but of the Force, lacking your faith is."

As if it were yesterday, Giles remembers that fateful confrontation with the Vengeance Demon, Anyanka.

Rupert Giles stood in one corner of the shattered caravan, holding the amulet in one hand and a blaster in the other. Jenny's face filled his mind, filled the very core of his being. They might have done it, for all he knew. But he couldn't take any chances. There was too much at stake. Getting the demon here had been bad enough – she had been mad with anger but he'd matched her, just. Jenny. How he loved her. And how he was about to lose her. Something rumbled far away and he wondered what the final butcher's bill was, who was dead by now. Everything hung in the balance.

"You fool!" shouted the vengeance demon. "What makes you think that her world is any better?"

"It... has... to be!" The blaster came down but before he could pull the trigger, it flew out of his hand. The amulet flew back toward the demoness' hand.

"You pathetic fool! You wanted to anger me. You wanted to destroy my amulet. I will destroy you instead! I, Anyanka call upon the power of the wish to banish you, to make you 'one with the Force.'" A horrible laughter is the final sound Giles' hears before the world goes dark.

I awoke to this astral realm. At first, I thought I had gone to heaven, that feeling was quickly disabused upon meeting the Jedi Council. This was more like the heaven for Andrew, Jonathan, and Warren.

They tested me and found that I had Force sensitivity, the potential for either great good or evil. I was almost not going to be trained until a young man came forward and beseeches the council to reconsider. That young man was Anakin Skywalker.

He knew what had happened on my world and was still seeking to atone for the sins of his past; he felt responsible for the Sith version of Xander too.

"I still don't understand, Master Yoda." Giles shakes my head in incomprehension.

"Soon, ready will you be." Yoda insists.

Anakin appears next to Yoda, "For only a fully trained Jedi Knight can face a Sith and his apprentice. Remember what happened to my son and I?"

"Sorry, never had the chance to see the third part of the series." Giles comments, "Was too busy in Watcher's training." Anakin raises an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Alright, so I was too busy at the time chasing women." Giles admits. "You're one to talk Skywalker."

Laughter comes from Obi-wan, who has been silently observing our banter. "If Giles' wit is as sharp as his ability to use the Force, he'll make a formidable Jedi Knight."

"So how goes the training?" Qui-gon Jinn appears and inquires.

"Just as stubborn as I was, Master." Obi-wan replies.

"Giles, you must be mind full of the Living Force. The Unifying Force still has a destiny in mind for you Rupert." Qui-gon chides.

"Whatever you say, I'm still confused by all this." Giles shrugs in acceptance.

"Accepting understanding that is not, is wisdom's first step." Yoda sagely states.

"I still hate when he talks like that, makes my head hurt." Anakin says. Yoda's gimmer stick strikes Anakin's shin.

"Ow! What was that for?" Anakin cries out.

"Wisdom, a lesson you still learned have not!" Yoda reproaches Anakin.

10. Unwelcome Visitor

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Parts in this chapter are direct quotes from Jedi Harris…thank you Dark Scribbler.

Unwelcome Visitor

Office Homeland Security

"Mr. Harris, a lawyer from the ACLU is here to see you, Mr. Roger DeSilver, please come in." Xander's pleasant secretary, Clare, politely says.

A tall man in a light brown suit and black tie enters. He extends his hand out and shakes Xander's hand. "What can I do for you Mr. DeSilver?"

The lawyer seems surprised, "I'm sorry, they told me how young you were, but I thought they were kidding. Mr. Harris, I represent a group of disgruntled citizen's who have been adversely impacted by this imposition of martial law. There is also a compliant of alleged abuses that law enforcement has committed. We hope that an accommodation can be reached without having to go through the lengthy process of court."

"You don't need to worry, Mr. DeSilver, " Xander focuses his will, "there is no case and nothing to worry about."

"There is no case and nothing to worry about." Echos the weak-minded lawyer.

As soon as the attorney departs, "Clare, please cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day."

"Including the one from Wolfram and Hart, sir?" Clare asks.

"Yes, please reschedule them for next week. Thank you."

He turns to work on his workstation. This primitive system is very annoying. It is fortunate that the primary systems that I use are encoded with a script few know on Earth, Galactic Basic. It was fun reprogramming the keyboard to use the same system too. I've yet to see a hacker succeed in connecting their primitive system to my Imperial network.

Xander finally finds what he seeks on the system. Prints it out and laughs as he reads the output, this list will prove an amusing diversion. He grabs his long coat and heads out of his office.

"Clare, I'm going to the White House to speak with the President this evening. Please close up and go home early." Xander says with a smile.

"Thank you sir." As she shyly smiles back. She whispers to a co-worker nearby, "Isn't he the nicest young man, I don't care how he got this job, but he's the best boss I've ever had. Wonder if he likes older women."

As Xander drives through the Washington D.C. streets, his thoughts wander. So this must be what Palpatine went through when he masqueraded as the Chancellor when he longed to really be Darth Sideous.

It's been amusing to rebuild the command and control infrastructure I so carefully destroyed. The pathetic attempts to infiltrate my troops have been laughable. A clone trooper's armor is form fitted to the standard clone body structure, my commanders inform me they have caught no less than 50 attempts by spies to masquerade as a trooper. A simple review of the troops easily reveals anyone who is too short or too tall in the ranks. I wonder if the fools will ever figure out how they are caught so quickly. Of course once caught they never get a chance to learn.

President Kinsey seems more concerned about his approval rating than results. Kinsey serves a very useful purpose; let him go to the endless meetings and committees. I'd rather be at the factory overseeing the construction of the warships. Clone production has progressed so well, that the military's need for recruits will now be superseded by my clones.

The forces in Afghanistan have reported success against the tribal forces of Bin Laden. The performance of the AT-ST's has been superb; problems still remain for the AT-AT's. Their slow speed and maneuverability have caused problems in dealing with quick hit and run attacks by horsemen unless supported by AT-ST units. I guess the hover 2–M Repulsor Tanks will be the best way to go after all.

The terrorist leader Osama has been reportedly killed in the opening phase of operations; he did not believe the AT-AT's were real until it stepped on him.

As he ponders these thoughts on the way to the White House, he turns down an empty alleyway that connects two main roads. Xander glimpses a red dot glancing off his dashboard almost unseen as the sunsets in the west. Immediately, Xander attempts to swerve and accelerates his vehicle. Unfortunately, it is too late as a high caliber round penetrates the rear window, shattering it, continuing on through the car seat, stopping only when it strikes Xander's back. Xander slumps forward on the steering wheel. The vehicle comes to a sudden stop as it crashes into the wall.

From the shadows, a lone female figure cautiously approaches the wreckage, seeing Xander slumped on the steering wheel airbag. She opens the driver side door with her pistol ready to administer the final death blow. "The Order of Teraka pay their last respect, Mr. Harris."

Xander's eyes suddenly snap open startling the assassin, "It's always good to know ones enemies."

The assassin fires her weapon and gapes in shock. The bullet is suspended in mid air inches from Harris' head. With a gesture her pistol flies from her grasp and into Xander's. He tosses it into the backseat.

A sorcerer! The assassin thinks as she responds with her backup weapon, a short bladed weapon with a square hand guard, a ninjato. Xander slowly steps out of his car, long coat flowing behind him.

"How did you survive that shot? It was perfect." Xander merely shakes his coat and the remains of a bullet fall from his back to the ground. "Ah, body armor."

"Let's see if the quality of Terakan assassins lives up to their hype."

"We are relentless." She replies as she thrusts her blade at Xander's midsection.

Xander sidesteps the attack to the right. His hand catches the assassin's wrist. "You'll have to do better than that, my dear." Xander throws her forward releasing her wrist until her blade smashes through the car side window. "Good thing it's a rental."

He's playing with me! No one does that to me. I'm going to wear his ears as a souvenir. Let's see him ignore this, "Incendre" and blue flames appear around her sword. I'll cut that smile off his face yet. She brings her flaming blade down in a cut aiming to cut his right shoulder to his left hip.

This time a crimson blade of light intercepts her sword. "Now this is much better," Xander exclaims, his eyes turning yellow and dark rings appear to form under his eyes.

He counters with his own slash and she barely is able to parry the blow. A lightsaber! "Who are you, what are you?" She tries a complex pattern of feints that lead to a low strike to his legs.

Xander simply brings his blade down to parry as if anticipating the blow. "What, it's not obvious by now? I thought you Terakan's were smart. I'm becoming very disappointed in your vaunted reputation."

Xander locks blades with her, "So who is trying to kill me now?"

Enraged at being mocked, she unleashes a flurry of cuts and thrusts. Sparks fly each time her flaming blade is met by the lightsaber. "We do not reveal our contracts! We won't stop coming after you, the Order has never failed."

"But you already have, your thoughts betray you, I now know who hired you and your usefulness is at an end." He replies with a flurry of cuts of his own that ends with a short cry of pain that leaves the assassin missing a head and arm.

Xander retrieves a ring and the assassin's blade. "Incendre" and the flames fade, leaving a plain looking blade. "Impressive that this can hold up against a lightsaber. To the victor go the spoils." He looks at the ring, if they keep coming; I wonder how many of these I can collect? Entertaining as that would be, it would be a distraction.

Xander pulls out a zatn'kitel, "One shot stuns, two kills, and three disintegrates, handy feature." He proceeds to do just that to the assassin's corpse.

I have a Supreme Court Judge Michael Dansey to visit. Pulling out a com-link, "This is Harris. I need a transport and cleanup crew at these coordinates."

Judge Michael Dansey's Residence

A clone trooper with red shoulder pads and helmet approaches and salutes Xander. "Captain Appo, are your four platoons in position?"

"Yes, milord. Give the word and we can raid the premises." Responds the Clone Captain.

Xander stares at the mansion. "Captain, your orders are to secure the perimeter and let nothing in or out until further orders. Oh, and have my suit dry cleaned and patched."

"Yes, milord." The Captain salutes, and walks away carrying the hanger with Xander's suit.

That's what I love about clones, absolute obedience. Xander dressed now in a black jump suit walks toward the residence. Time to meet this Judge Dansey.

Judge Dansey sat comfortably in his office deep in mediation, the study's cathedral ceiling makes the room seem larger. It seems the Order of Teraka not only failed but led Mr. Harris to my door. I will have to request a refund. Could this man be the apprentice I have been searching for? From here I can sense his power. What do I know about this man? He's an obsessed science fiction fan who is also a brilliant engineer and businessman. He somehow has become the Director of Homeland Security despite his youthful age. I have heard rumors about what he did as Mayor in Sunnydale. He also has the ear of the President. I look forward to meeting him.

The door to his study opens and a figure in black enters. "Avon calling. Judge Dansey, I presume. We have much to discuss your Honor." He glances up at the cathedral ceiling. "Nice room."

I can see that this kid is also a smart ass. "Mr. Harris, yes, I agree we do. Would you like to take a seat and discuss this like gentlemen?"

"Normally, I'd just like to carve out your innards, since I do not appreciate people who hire assassins to kill me, but something about you is different." Xander replies.

"I could say the same thing about you, boy. You have much anger, very much anger. Sit down boy!" Dansey commands.

For a moment, Xander feels the compulsion to sit and almost does so. "I don't feel like it right now, my car crashed and sitting down is not comfortable for me right now." Xander's eyes narrow as he focuses more closely on the judge.

Impressive, the boy shows much strength. Dansey stands, a black figure in robes, and walks around the desk. "Perhaps you require a lesson in manners, boy. You have potential, Mr. Harris. Potential. Stronger than the last person I found. Anger is the key. I'm impressed. I'm sure you've used it to achieve the position you are in. I have plans of my own, and I am strong in the power."

Can it be a Force sensitive who knows nothing of the Force? Xander can't help but to start to laugh.

Dansey frowns, "I fail to see the humor. You have potential, I can teach you how to use that power, to become even more powerful then you can possibly imagine."

Harris starts to laugh even harder.

Dansey is beginning to become infuriated at this boy's disrespect. Perhaps a demonstration is in order. Dansey gestures with his arm and a sword decoration hurtles off the wall toward Xander.

Xander easily catches the sword in his hand. "Why thank you, your honor, but you keep it, I have my own." He uses the Force to throw the sword at Dansey.

Surprised by the boy's strength and dexterity, Dansey dodges to the side as the blade passes and embeds into the wall.

"I see you have some talent after all. I should never have trusted such incompetents as the Order. I can now see that for you to call me Master, you must first be taught manners." Dansey pulls the sword off the wall. He quickly lunges at Xander.

Xander easily blocks the blow using the sword of the dead assassin. "This is a souvenir I picked up from your friend earlier." Xander counters with his own cut to the head and slashes to the left.

Dansey easily parries and counters with a parry and kick to the stomach. Xander folds over and falls back. He looks up at Dansey and his eyes are again yellowish and dark rings appear.

"It is you Dansey who are mistaken, about a great many things." Xander leaps up and somersaults over Dansey. Landing behind him, he lashes out with a series of attacks that Dansey barely parries.

Is this boy the one? The Chosen one. Dansey is starting to worry. Never has he felt such anger and power in one so young. There is something about this boy that calls to him, something to fear. "Harris, don't fight me, join me, I can teach you more about the power. You can become powerful in our Order. You have enough power that you could be the prophesied Chosen one."

At hearing the words, Xander feels a rage consume him. "Do Not Ever Call Me That!!!" The Dark Side gives Xander strength as his blows stun the beleaguered judge. His defenses barely parrying and holding against the relentless blows of the young man. Sparks fly as the swords clash until finally Dansey's blade shatters and he finds himself staring wide eyed at the point of Xander's blade. A savage look of fury etched upon his face as he looks down at Dansey. For the first time in years, Dansey knows true fear.

Realization hits him at last, it is not he who is the Master, but this boy, the Chosen One. Immediately, he bows and kneels. "Please forgive me, it is I who was mistaken. Please accept me as your humble servant, forgive me for my folly. My life is yours to take….Master." The older man trembles in fear and outrage as he submits to this young man, decades his junior.

After a moment of uncertainty, Xander moves the blade aside. "Never again will you call me Chosen One. That is a description I despise. Call me instead, Darth Mortalis."

Michael Dansey has never paid much attention to pop culture, but even he understood the significance of that name. He calls the power….the Force!? How? Confusion clouded his thoughts as he discovered that everything he ever believed in was wrong. The thought must have been on his face, as Xander smiled down at him. "Did you think I was just some poor deluded science fiction fan? Perhaps this will make things more clear."

Xander puts his sword away and draws a small metal device. He pushes a button on it and a crimson blade appears. With this weapon I proclaim my status as a Dark Lord of the Sith. Let this be an unforgettable reminder for tonight's folly, he thrusts the lightsaber into Judge Dansey's left arm.

His cry of pain echos in the room. "That, was for putting a hole in my favorite suit. Now you will tell me all about this…power that you thought the Force was. Everything."

Grimacing in pain, "Yes, Master."