Nightmares At Hogwarts

Summary: Late one night while studying for a test, Harry and Ron eat a little too much chocolate. Takes place during 5th year.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling… yeah that's me! (note sarcasm)
Author's Note: So just a few days ago… while I was still mourning the end of the Harry Potter series I came across an old notebook of mine from years ago, containing half written stories and ideas for Harry Potter. For fun, I decided to go through it and see what I had. To my surprise, I actually liked them. On a lark I decided to revise some of them and place them online. This is one of these stories… written oh so many years ago. I hope you enjoy! Please review after and tell me what you think! Just for the sake of argument we'll place this during the trio's 5th year.

Chapter 1: Late Night Studying

"Well, now that we know what a Flotatious Potion is used for, we can move on to the ingredients and where to…."

"Hermione, we've been over this a dozen times," sighed Harry. "Its late, we're exhausted, and my brains filled to capacity. Lets just call it a night. You're going to do great; I know it. Ron and I, we'll…. well, we'll just do."

The three friends were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, books piled all around them. Only one person however seemed to be at all interested in what the books contained.

"Harry Potter! The fact that you don't try to do better is the reason you don't!" scolded Hermione. "And don't go bringing Ron into this when he has made no objections to studying all night long. Unlike you, he would like to do well! Isn't that right Ron?"

"Sure Hermione, whatever you say," mumbled Ron.

"See?" said Hermione with a triumphant look on her face. Harry on the other hand wasn't quite finished.

"Hermione, Ron's been saying that for the past 2 hours whenever you direct a question his way. Can't you tell that he's sleeping?!"

"He is not!" cried Hermione indigently.

"Of course he is! Right Ron?"

"Sure Hermione, whatever you say" Ron mumbled once again.

Harry stifled his laughter as Hermione's face grew red with wrath.

"Well! Being you two obviously don't care about tomorrow's test I'll just leave you alone!" She slammed the books closed and began piling them up. "Just don't come crying to me, begging for help when you fail!"

"Sure Hermione, whatever you say."

"Argh!" Hermione screamed and took off up the stairs to the girls' dormitory leaving behind Harry who was laughing hysterically on the ground.

When Harry finally stopped laughing he got up, packed up his own few things, and went over to wake up Ron.

"Ron?" Harry called, shaking his sleeping friend "Ron get up!"

"Sure Hermione, whatever you say," mumbled Ron.

"Ron! Stop fooling around and get up!" ordered Harry.

"Sure Hermione, whatever you say."

"Wake up now!" Harry ordered yet again, pushing Ron. The chair tipped over, leaving Ron sprawled out on the floor, still fast asleep.

"Oh bloody hell!" Harry swore. Then, using his best impersonation of Mrs. Weasley he could muster;


Ron sat bolt upright. "Coming mum! I'll be down in just one minute!" He blinked, his eyes focusing on Harry who stood above him laughing.

"Blimey Harry! What the hell are you trying to do? Frighten me to death!?" He yelled

"From the way you were sleeping I thought you might have already died" replied Harry, not at all fazed by his friend's out burst. "I swear Ron, the school could get attacked by a pack of hippogriffs and you'd be none the wiser."

Ron's cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red as he got up off the floor.

"Hermione left by the way," Harry added. "She stormed up to her room ranting about how we don't take our classes seriously."

Ron shrugged. "She'll be over it by tomorrow once we take our exam."

He rummaged in his bag, searching for something. Finally, he pulled out a box and set it on the table between him and Harry.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, stifling a yawn.

"You honestly don't think I'm going back to sleep on an empty stomach do you?"

"Ron! It's one in the morning! We'll be eating again in a matter of six hours! You can't wait?!"

Ron shook his head, stuffing a handful of chocolates into his mouth. He pushed the box across the table toward Harry who, despite his rant, took a few. They were actually pretty addicting.

"You know what they say, Harry. Food is a man's best friend!"

"The saying is diamonds are a girl's best friend you git!" Harry said, rolling his eyes.

"Precisely! Women have diamonds, men have food!" He shoved another handful of chocolate in his mouth to emphasize his point.

Harry sighed. He grabbed another piece of chocolate and popped it in his mouth.

"What about me?" He asked after a while. "I thought I was your best friend."

"You are," Ron replied through a mouthful of chocolate. "You're my living best friend. Food in my non-living best friend."

"Oh," said Harry, raising an eyebrow. "And just how many 'non-living' friends do you have?"

"Just food… and Chudley."


Ron nodded. "He was the stuff bear I had when I was five."

Harry stared at his best friend for a minute before bursting out laughing."

"Oh shut it!" Ron said glaring at him. "I was five!"

"So what? I didn't have a stuff bear when I was five," replied Harry.

"That's it! No more chocolates for Harry!" Ron said, pushing the box out of Harry's reach.

"No way! Give 'em back!" Harry lunged for the box across the table. He latched onto Ron's hand, spilling some of the chocolates in the process.

"Get off!"

"Give me them!"

"Let go first!"

Harry finally wrestled the box out of Ron's grasp, pulling back triumphant.

"Ha!" He said with a grin as he ate some more chocolates.

Ron did not reply. Instead lunging himself across the table at the box thus causing the struggle to begin all over again.

After a while the chocolate was gone and the boys had stopped laughing at one another. Exhausted, they cleaned up the mess they had caused and dragged themselves up the stairs and into their beds. Their stomachs were already beginning to ache from all the sugar.

"Night Harry," Ron mumbled as his head hit the pillow.

"Night Ron," Harry replied. "Say goodnight to Chudley for me."