… Because I am sick of Mahaado x Atemu stories ending with Atemu marrying some random girl cough Mary-Sue and Mahaado being foisted off on the nearest male, be it Ryou or Malik or Ra forbid, Seto. Or worse of all, ANOTHER Mary-Sue! Rant-fic. Hopefully it will develop some semblance of a plot. If not, I'll at least be slightly less frustrated after writing it.

Title: Dust

Author: Shadow/Phantomness
Pairing: Mahaado x Atemu

Warnings: AU, implied shonen-ai

Mahaado is silent after Prince Atemu's wedding. Everyone expects him to be off somewhere, drinking and merrymaking like the rest of the court, perhaps he's found some nice young lady, and wouldn't it be so cute? But Mahaado is quiet, and he stands in his workroom, feeling the points of the Sennen Ring dig into his chest and hating.

His hate for the girl is only matched by his loyalty to his Prince, and it is lucky for the nameless beauty that loyalty wins out or else she would be nothing but dust. It's dark and twisted and so wrong, and he hears the Item whisper in his mind before he shakes his head. He will not take that path, though it looks so simple…

Mahaado is nothing if not loyal, but he will not be loyal to one who no longer loves him, and love scorned changes to hate – everyone knows that. He burns incense in the dead of night as he picks up his daggers, and the next morning, Priest Mahaado is gone and there is nothing left but a soulless, hollow-eyed spirit wrapped in dark armor.

The Dark Magician doesn't have to feel, and he can still protect Prince Atemu, and though Atemu might mourn the loss of his friend, he's too busy drowning in his new wife's eyes, so it matters little.

But at least Mahaado is happy.

End Fic

Completed 3/20/07

AU version on how Mahaado became Dark Magician, because I felt like it! Whee!