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Going back to school on Wednesday was, to put it bluntly, a bitch. Astaire had arrived an hour early to collect all of her assignments, and there was nothing quite as depressing as finding out you have a mountain of homework to do before the current school day brings along more paperwork. With half an hour to spare before classes began, Astaire trudged back to her car for much needed sleep. She hadn't been getting enough rest; her dreams always woke her up at odd hours. Her nightmares were just as horridly vivid but confusing as before. Last nights feature depicted her accidentally throwing Pogue off a cliff. Sighing, Astaire closed her eyes and sunk further down into the seat. She idly wondered if it'd be childish to cross her fingers and wish for pleasant thoughts...


Snapping her eyes open, Astaire looked to her left. Standing in the cold, a leather jacket thrown over his uniform blazer, was Pogue. Smiling even though he'd interrupted her sleep, Astaire rolled down the window and playfully raised an eyebrow.

"Can I help you?"

Pogue rolled his eyes good-naturedly before responding.

"I just thought you'd want some coffee before class. But if you want to sit here instead..."

"No! I'm up," she smiled. "Move so I can get out please."

Backing up a few steps, Pogue watched as his girlfriend climbed out of the car. His eyes scanned her figure, at first in typical teenage-male perusal and then in concern. She was gorgeous, she always would be, but she looked tired. It wasn't obvious or anything; her hair was done in a sleek ponytail and her clothes were ironed and perfect. But when he looked in her eyes, he could see the exhaustion. The glow that her face usually held was dimmer, and when she rolled her shoulders it seemed like more than just a thoughtless motion. It seemed like she hadn't slept through the night in a while.

"So where are we getting coffee?" Astaire asked, adjusting her backpack.

Pogue smiled, trying not to worry about her. "Who said anything 'bout going anywhere? It's right here." He held out the medium-sized coffee container and chuckled when she practically snatched it from him.

"You tricked me. You made it sound like we had to go somewhere to get it. I could have stayed warm and cozy in my car." She huffed in mock anger. "As a matter of fact, I think I'll get back into my warm, toasty Audi while you stand out here in the cold."

"Oh no you don't." Swiftly, Pogue grabbed her keys out of her hand. Grinning, he held them above his head.

"Ugh. Stupid tall person," Astaire complained in jest as she reached for her keys. Pogue moved his arm back until she had to lean into him. As soon as she was close enough, he pulled her against him with a muscular arm. There was no space between them as Astaire looked up at him and he looked down at her.

"Morning," he said, his deep voice making the two syllables sound effortlessly sexy. Astaire suppressed a good shiver before responding.

"Good morning."

Without any more words, Pogue pressed his lips on hers. His hand came up to cup her face as mouth passionately began its ministrations. Pogue smiled as he felt Astaire sigh in satisfaction. It had been awhile since they were alone together, and he could tell she had missed their kisses as much as he had.

Astaire's nerves were on fire. Everywhere that Pogue touched felt jolted with electricity. She wasn't one for PDA, but she definitely didn't want him to stop. Somewhat haphazardly, she reached behind her and sat her cup on the hood of her car. Now that her hand was free, she clutched Pogue's jacket to keep him close. Astaire had craved this contact, the feeling of being completely inseparable. His presence overwhelmed her and she welcomed it. Her fingers ran through his hair as their kiss became hungrier.

Pogue slipped his tongue into Astaire's mouth as he pressed her against the car. Some tiny part of him was aware that they were still in the school parking lot, but he didn't care. The kiss felt so good, the heat from making out enough to fight the fall chill. His hands found her thin waist and massaged gently, eliciting quiet moans from Astaire. Pogue pulled his mouth away from hers and his nose nudged down her scarf so he could kiss her neck.

"Pogue," Astaire breathed.


"We need to..." she trailed off for a second as he mouth distracted her, "stop. School is going to start soon."

"Let's skip."

Astaire smiled and pulled his face to hers, placing a kiss on his lips before pulling away.

"I think not. I already have enough to make up."

Pogue grinned.

"Alright. We go to class. But don't think we're done here."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Four minutes until the bell, Reid moseyed into History. All nonchalance and cool, he dropped into his seat and pulled off his beanie.

"What's up?" he said calmly to the group.

"Nice of you to join us," Astaire replied dryly. She now sat with everyone else after much kind asking (from her) and intimidating glaring (from Pogue) towards the seat's previous occupant. Pogue's arm was casually thrown around her shoulders as she mock-glared at Reid. "Shame on you. You're cutting it close."

"Gosh, I'm sorry." Reid said sarcastically. "It would've sucked if I had missed class."

Everyone rolled their eyes at his comment.

" So what are we going to do today after school?" Sarah asked. "It's Wednesday after all. Hump day."

"Well Wenham, I think the title indicates the activity," Reid drawled with a smirk.

Sarah blushed but stuck her tongue out at him.

"Let's just hang at someone's house," Tyler suggested. "I'm a little sick of Nicky's."

"What a shame. I was going to ask 'Staire to save me a dance."

The Sons and their girlfriends snapped their heads to the aisle towards the speaker.

"Dice?!" Astaire exclaimed. Wide eyed, she looked him over. Same curly hair, piercing eyes, great physique, and enigmatic smile as she remembered. The only difference was the elite Spencer uniform that fit casually on his frame. What was going on?

"Astaire. Long time no see," he said sarcastically, ignoring the Sons.

"Yeah, considering I only left L.A. a week ago."

"It's even more ironic when you consider I saw you on Sunday."

Astaire raised her eyebrows in confusion.

"Only if you became a stalker."

"Or if I saved your life."


Dice smirked, shrugging.

"Whoops. There's the minute bell. I better find an empty seat, it being my first day and all."

He walked off, one hand in his pocket. He turned once and winked at the group before settling into a seat.

"Shit..." Reid mumbled.

Astaire swiveled around to glare at Pogue before she looked at the rest of the Sons. "Does somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on?"

Caleb sighed before he turned to Pogue.

"You didn't tell her?"

"Why the hell was I the one who was supposed to tell her?"

"She's your girlfriend!" Reid spat. "You couldn't fill her in before you felt her up?"

"HEY!" Astaire cried, leaning forward in indignation.

"I second that 'hey'!" Sarah interjected.

"With the three of you hanging around we didn't get any time alone!"

"Guys..." Tyler started.

"Time alone? Bullshit. I saw the two of you going at it this morning."


"Yeah, for the first time in days cause you guys couldn't stop hovering..."

"Excuse us if we were trying to make sure she didn't die."

"Stop," Caleb commanded. With little grumbling, Reid and Pogue quieted and Astaire sunk back in her chair, satisfied that Reid had stopped.

"Thank you, Mr. Danvers," the teacher remarked dryly. "I was wondering when I'd get to start class."

Caleb nodded, albeit a little stiffly. "Sorry."

As the teacher turned to the chalkboard, Astaire leaned over towards Pogue.

"You're going to explain after class."

He sighed, running his hand over his face.

"I know."

After class, Astaire grabbed Pogue's arm and practically dragged him out of the classroom. She pretended to ignore the perturbed looks she was receiving from her peers. Stopping in front of a broom closet, she opened the door and pushed him in. Letting her eyes flash green she turned on the light and closed the door.


"A broom closet? Are you kidding me?"


"I didn't even know Spencer had broom closets..."

"Pogue!" He looked at her. "Please. Just tell me."

"Fine," Pogue sighed. "On Sunday when you were..." he swallowed, "hurt, Dice healed you."

"What? Where did he come from?"

"The woods behind Caleb's house. He just walked up like he knew what happened."

Astaire sighed and leaned against the shelf.

"Well that's weird."

"Yeah no kidding. If you weren't hurt I would've said something, but..."

"I get it. You were worried that I wouldn't make it, and unusual entrance or not, Dice was my only hope."

"The guys and I tried to heal you, but we couldn't. I don't know why, 'cause Dice said you were still alive. Barely, but y'know, you had a pulse. I just...don't get it. I tried..."

"Pogue," Astaire whispered comfortingly. "It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself for what happened. Please. It was that thing's fault and no one else's."

Pogue looked down before meeting her eyes.

"Yeah...you've got a point. Thanks for not blaming me."

"I know you tried to save me, and that's enough."

"Good. 'Cause you know I love you."

"Yes, I know you love me. I love you too."

"You better."

He leaned down and kissed her softly and slowly. It was sweet, and although it lacked the raw passion of that morning's kiss, it was just as meaningful. Pogue pulled back after a few moments and pulled her into a hug. " I'm glad you're back, Air."

She smiled, holding him tighter.

"Me too." Savoring the moment a little longer, she removed herself from his embrace. "C'mon you big sap," she joked, pecking him on the lips. "We've got class to attend. We're already late for second period."

Pogue pulled out his phone and checked the time.

"Yeah, twenty minutes late. And we don't have an excuse. So what's the point in going at all?"

"My education. The gateway to my career of choice. You might be able to get along through your bad-boy biker looks, but some of us have to earn a living."

Pogue smiled as he pushed the door open.

"Fine. We'll go to class." He looked her over as she walked out ahead of him. Her hair was slightly tousled and she was brushing nonexistent dust off of her person, starting at her shoulders, moving down to her chest, her skirt, and finally her shoes. She looked sexy as hell. And man, did he want to pull her back in that broom closet and...

Pogue scratched his head and diverted his eyes. God, what was with the raging hormones? Clearing his throat in a way he hoped sounded calm, he spoke. "I'm just glad the Provost isn't scouting the halls. It would've been real hard to give a good reason for walking out of a broom closet."

Astaire chuckled as she straightened and looked him square in the eye. "Oh like you care. You're just covering because you're thinking dirty thoughts about us in the broom closet."

Stunned that she almost read his mind, Pogue couldn't do anything but stand there stunned as she smirked and walked down the hall the class.

"So how'd it go with telling Astaire?" Tyler whispered. He was leaning in Pogue's direction during second period while simultaneously taking notes. He really wanted to know what happened between his friends, but AP Spanish was no joke. The days of "me llamo" had unfortunately long passed.

Pogue shrugged easily, keeping his eyes on the board. "Fine. No drama."

"Where'd you go to talk? The hallway is kind of...public."

Pogue used his free hand to scratch his head in subtle embarrassment.

"Uh, we talked in a broom closet."

Tyler stopped writing and shot Pogue a look. He noticed with a grin that Pogue was suddenly way too interested in conjugating verbs.

"A broom closet?"

"Yes Baby Boy, a broom closet."

"And you...talked?"

"Yeah," Pogue practically shot the words out as soon as Tyler finished his sentence. "We just talked."

Tyler was silent for a while as he copied his notes. The seconds ticked by...

"But you definitely thought about doing---"

"Yeah. Just copy your notes man."




"They wouldn't."

"They did."

Sarah sat staring at Astaire, completely aghast. Suddenly, AP Economics was not important.

"So, let me get this straight," Sarah said. "You get shot, have a near death experience, only to be saved by your friend Dice from L.A. Who, by the way, has supernatural ability of his own. Which, by the way, totally unexpected."

Astaire smiled a little. "Like I told the boys, my L.A. school was a school for the supernaturally gifted," she whispered to Sarah, "and so everyone had their own talent, per say. I knew Dice was a healer, so I'm more shocked about him being here in the first place. And pissed that the guys didn't tell me he was in town! They held me hostage in my house for days and they couldn't have found a few precious seconds to fill me in?"

Sarah nodded. "Honestly. The boys can be really stingy with info when they want to be. But maybe Dice came because he's desperately in love with you," she giggled before finishing with sickly sweet inflection. "A love which distance cannot hinder."

"Thanks, you romance novelist, you," Astaire shot back playfully, "But that's not it. We're just friends."

"Just friends, huh?" Sarah supplied slyly. "Well, Caleb told me you and Pogue were 'just friends' before I got the basic truth from you and wrenched the whole story out of him."

"Yeah, I was wondering if he told you. It definitely makes things easier now that Pogue and mine's dirty laundry is aired. But really, Dice and I are just friends. He had a girlfriend in L.A. when I left…thanks to me, by the way."

"So you played matchmaker?" Sarah questioned, taking a second to copy some lecture notes. "That's, uh, surprising considering…"

"The mess with Pogue? I agree. I was a little taken aback that I was so relationship-hardy even in an indirect way. But of course, people tend to take your dating advice if they don't know your relationships crash and burn."

Sarah raised her eyebrows. "So Dice knows nothing about you and Pogue? I mean, that was some pretty epic dirty laundry."

Astaire shook her head in disagreement. "Dice knows Pogue and I went out, but he doesn't know what a disaster the break-up was."

Sarah nodded. "I can see why you wouldn't tell him at first. That's not exactly the topic that goes with the 'hello, my name is' conversation. But I you guys got close eventually. Did he not ask, or did you just not tell?"

"The time was never right to tell," Astaire shrugged, "and he never really asked. Though I suppose with him being here he'll find out at some point."

"Yeah, that 'point' being lunch. He's bound to sit at the table with all of us."

Astaire groaned in realization. "Hello, lunch period. Thy name is Awkward."

"Because the boys don't seem to like him? I mean, did you see the Superman heat-rays the guys were sending in his direction?"

"Like they wanted to collectively burn a hole in his skull? How could I not? I could've toasted bread from the power of Pogue's stare alone."

Sarah sighed. "Lunch will never be calm, will it?"

"Sarah, when are things ever calm when the Sons are involved?"

With lightly amused smiles, the girls shook their heads and returned their attention to the lesson. Lunch next period was definitely going to be interesting.