Note to Readers: Ok. A friend and I had this story up but then I took it down because I wanted to make some minor adjustments to all chapters. Now I am working this on my own so please bare with me on this I would like to thank my beta reader Jessi (krillball6) for all her hard work. I don not own any of the original characters. I only own Eva and some minor characters. Any flames will be used to make popcorn.

Chapter 1 – The Accident

Our story begins in New York City in the year 2004 when a former French national came to start her new life.

It was early one summer day when Eva Beart was on her way to work when something tragic happened. She was slammed into by an SUV. She swerved off of the road and into a derange ditch near Central Park. Then out of the shadows came a cloaked man to see what or who had invaded his home.

What he found was a trashed black Jeep grand Cherokee.

Vincent walked over to the Jeep and looked in. He saw a startling sight, Eva was covered in blood and her head was pillowed by the air bag. She wasn't moving and she was not breathing. Vincent - knowing all that his father had taught him about medicine - knew he had to get her help so he went around to her side of the car and tried to open it but only exceeded in ripping it off the hinges.

He tossed the door aside and reached in and put his arms under her neck and legs then he gently pulled her out. He knew that he had to hurry or she was going to loose her life. He could not let that happen to another innocent soul…just like it happened to Catharine. For it had only been yesterday that he lost Catharine. He couldn't save her but he thought that if he saved this girl, he would be doing something to honor the memory of the one he loved most dearly.

He turned from the carnage and ran to the nearest hospital that happened to the St. Vincent's hospital. Gently he laid her down. He backed out into the shadows and watched as almost immediately she was taken into the hospital. Then he turned and went back to the underground hoping beyond all hope that she would survive.

End of Chapter 1