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Chapter 14-coming together

It had been two weeks since her near death experience with alcohol and her heart. She has now been going to AA meetings with a friend who is a more experienced drinker. Meanwhile Eva hadn't seen Vincent since the heated encounter underground. After the kiss she fled back to her apartment leaving Vincent confused. Meanwhile Vincent hadn't seen Eva for two weeks. Every night he would go to her apartment to talk to her about their encounter. It seemed that Eva was ignoring Vincent. He could feel her apprehension about the encounter. Tonight for sure Vincent was going to resolve this matter on way or another.

Meanwhile it was a Saturday night and Eva was going to sit back and relax after her AA meeting. Her new friend Rain was going to come over but she had other commitments. This was ok to Eva considering that she needed some time alone. Meanwhile the sun was setting and Eva was lying on the couch listening to her I-pod and reading a vogue magazine. She was so wrapped up in her music and magazine and an interesting article on the spring fashions that she didn't notice Vincent on the balcony. Meanwhile Vincent realized that she was in the zone, she wasn't paying attention to anything.

Vincent noticed that the balcony door was unlocked so he quietly snuck in. Eva still in the zone didn't realize Vincent's imposing stare. Eva then got the feeling that someone was watching her. She turned of her I-pod looked over the top of her magazine dropped it and screamed at the door. Vincent growled and proceeded back out to the outside part of the balcony. Eva then realized that it was Vincent. She proceeded to the outside balcony to join Vincent.

"Vincent I am sorry I screamed you just startled me". Eva said in a sincerely apologetic manner.

"Its ok Eva." Vincent began to laugh.

"Eva there is something I have been wanting talk to you about." Vincent said in a firm but gentle tone.

Eva interrupted. "I know that kiss." Eva said bewildered tone.

" I think that it was a moment of weakness for both of us." Eva said. After hearing this statement Vincent shook his head violently.

"Eva I beg to differ." Vincent said in a passionate tone.

" I believe that kiss was a sign or a signal of true love not animal lust." Vincent said.

Eva stood there with shocked expression.

"Vincent I thought you could never love anyone else like you loved Catherine." Eva said sadly.

Vincent replied. "Eva you are right I can not love you like I loved Catherine." Eva looked at him with a bewildered expression but before she could question him on it he continued

"Catherine may have been my first love but that doesn't mean I do not have room for another." Vincent said as he approached Eva.

Eva was rooted to the spot and realized what this meant for both of them.

They were in love. She realized that now. With that she broke down into tears.

"How could I let this happen?" Eva said sadly as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Vincent hugged her and told her to stop crying. "Why the tears my love?" Vincent said warmly.

"I just cannot believe you would love me after everything we've been through." Eva stressed "After everything you've been through." Eva said.

Eva stopped crying. Vincent brought Eva's chin up to look into his eyes. Took his thumbs careful not to scratch her with his claws and wiped the Tears of f her cheeks. They looked into each other's eyes as if someone had Put slow motion on this moment they started to lean and Vincent planted a passionate kiss on Eva's lips. The next thing Eva felt was Vincent's tongue on her lips seeking entrance to her mouth. Eva gladly accepted the invitation. She opened her mouth and felt Vincent's tongue

Plunge into her mouth. The first thing Vincent realized was how Eva tasted.

Vanilla Cinnamon that taste was an overload on his senses.

When the need for air presented itself Vincent pulled back he noticed Eva had her eyes close as if savoring the moment of pure ecstasy. Eva got a hold of Vincent's had and led him into the apartment.

Vincent was apprehensive about making love to her because of what happened to the last person he made love with. Eva sensed his apprehension but also his need and made the first move. She led him in to her bedroom pushed him down gently on her bed. She straddled him and gently ran her hands down his chest to the waist of his pants. All of a sudden she was on her back and Vincent was straddling her.

Vincent slipped his hand underneath the strap of her tank top and gently slid it down her shoulder. Releasing her arm he then preceded on taking off the other strap. Then he gently the shirt over her head and haphazardly tossed it over the side to reveal breasts. Vincent choked a growl of animal lust in the back of his throat. Eva shivered with delight as Vincent cupped one of her breasts with one of his hands and lovingly kissed the tip of her breasts and then lovingly kissed them. Eva moaned with delight and ran her hands through his hair.

Then Vincent does the same thing with her other breast. He then realizes that he's over dressed. He quickly sheds his top and pants and reveals all himself in his naked glory. Eva's wandered down much in the same way as her hands had done previously but now there were no clothes to block her view of everything that was Vincent. He had a body of a man that surprisingly had very little hair. Except for on his arms. She then realized how well gifted he was. Eva blushed at the sight. Vincent then said, "What about that bottom half?" "You are far to dressed milady." Eva laughed at this remark and said seductively "Why don't you do something about that." "Maybe I will." Vincent replied.

He then got off the bed and pulled Eva up off the bed as well to remove her white satin shorts. What was underneath shocked Vincent a pair of laced panties. Vincent slowly removed them leaving a very naked Eva. Eva blushed furiously this was the first time she has ever been embarrassed about her figure. Vincent then scooped her up and gently put her back on the bed. Vincent then gently spread her legs to reveal her beautiful flower. He then got the sudden urge to devour its nectar. Eva then moaned so loudly that she thought the whole floor could hear her. Vincent lowered himself to the point where he could feel her entrance. He then entered her with one swift movement. She was so ready for him and so tight it almost killed him.

They both sat there are savored the feel of the other. They then began the age old dance of love in its purest form. Vincent began slowly to move inside of her but then as things moved on he built up a rhythm. Eva wrapped her legs around him tighter that caused him to go deeper inside of her. He then moved at a faster pace that caused Eva to moan even louder. She felt her climax coming. Her spine tingled and the blood was rushing to her head. The feeling was too much to bear. She then screamed in delight followed by

Vincent's they both collapsed in each other's arms.

End of Chapter 14