Does Charlie Know?

Co-written by twighlight0909 and Seras Alson

Disclaimer: The characters in the story and all things leading up to this fan fiction do not belong to me. They are proudly owned by Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 1

(Note: This story has been rewritten and revised.)

"Edward, Please! If you could give me anything in the world, all I want is this!" If only she were more acquainted with the world, she'd understand that as a gentleman, I could never give her what she wished for. "I don't think I could ever change you Bella. I have too much respect for you and your family. My sense of decency would never allow it." Hopefully she will understand the complexity of this situation.

"Edward…please, just listen to me."

Arg! She is pleading with me now. I sigh, momentarily defeated. "Fine, I'll let you have your say."

At this she smiles, her brown eyes lighting up in the way that I love so much. "I don't like being human, being human is overrated. If you would just change me then we can spend eternity together. I would give anything to be what you are, to be with you forever. If I'm human I won't be able to do that. Eventually I'll die"

Her words were passionate, but I wasn't budging. "That is the natural way to die, the way it should be" My words were quiet, but the flicker of sadness that washes over her made it clear that she had heard.

Still she tries. "Edward." I may have chosen a girl with too thick a skull…

"Bella you're trying my last ounce of patience," I hate to say no to her. "You can give me any excuse in the world and I still won't change my mind. No is no Bella, it's not going to happen right now and that's final. Now please, stop bringing this up."

Her face starts to turn a faint shade of red, a colour I would have liked if she were blushing. However as it is, the change in her skin tone was not from blushing but from anger. I can see the tears forming. No, I do still like that colour… I wonder if she turns that colour EVERYWHERE… that would be quite pleasant. I may have to… Mentally I growled at myself. Now was definitely not that time to be thinking about what shade of red she could turn, and where.

"EDWARD CULLEN! Give me one GOOD reason why you won't change me!" The tone of her voice makes me cringe outwardly, however inside, I couldn't help but chuckle. "I mean, you owe… no I… We had a deal!"

"We aren't married Bella."

"Well then I accept…" She blanches and I grin. Sometimes I enjoy when her brain and her mouth aren't connected.

"Well then, shall I tell Alice? I am sure she already has the entire thing planned." I can see her face contorting in her frustration. I feel it is time for a well placed laugh.

Her skin goes darker. "Edward! You are now avoiding the whole thing. This is not funny. I am being serious! Why won't you let me really be with you?!"

My laugh is gone. I greatly dislike when she feels it fitting to make a scene, but I can't always save her from herself. "You want to know why Bella?"

The annoyance reaches her eyes. "Yes Edward I want to know why!"

I reach over and grab the girl that I love. I hold her as close as I dare without hurting her. "I do not what to change you Bella because," I whisper as I carefully stroke her soft hair and kiss her forehead "I love you. I love when I kiss you and your face turns a nice shade of pink. I love watching you in the morning, just as you wake up. I love when you tell me you want a moment to be human, or the fact that you take great pleasure in eating your food. I want to be able to keep watching you sleep and hearing you dream… even though they are mostly about me." I look at her, the annoyance only slightly on her face. We both laugh softly. "Every time I hug you or hold you close I can hear your heart beat, the blood coursing through your veins. I want to be able to touch you, knowing your skin is warm. The way you smell after a shower, and the way you look at me in the sunlight, those are things that I don't think I could live without. Bella if I change you, all of that is going to fade away. Most of the things I admire about you are in fact, your human traits."

"Edward…" This woman is exhausting. I think I may have found another way in which to kill a vampire.

"Bella," My lips are pursed. "Why do you have to be so stubborn?"

"Edward…just listen" She persists.

Arg! No! Does she honestly think that if she continues to talk, her reasoning will dawn on me and my entire thought process would be changed? She is trying to work on 106 years of wisdom here. I wonder if she has forgotten how old I am? "No Bella I'm done listening and Charlie is going to be home soon. You know I am still not on the best of terms with him." The look of utter bewilderment crosses her face. Yes, she definitely forgot the age difference…

"But" I am really starting to hate that word.

"No buts Bella, I'll talk to you later" At which point I reach over and kiss her on the lips. I start to walk to her bedroom door, a smile breaking out on my face.

"Edward" God damn it! I was so close! The smile was gone now. Why can't she just take a good-bye? No she has to be the one with the last word!

"What miss Bella, what is it?"

"Are you coming back tonight?" I want so badly to come back but she has to think about what I said. I need to tell her what I want to say, but how to put it. I need to tell her before Charlie gets home. That didn't give us a lot of time I can already hear him on his way. A fact I wish wasn't true considering that he wasn't just thinking. Oh no, he was singing.

I start to head down the stairs, she follows. I need to think, I need to get this right without hurting her. "Bella…" I try, my words falling on deaf ears.

"No Edward this is important to me. Why do you have to be so stubborn, why don't you just do it?" She thinks I'm stubborn? She thinks I'M stubborn?! Me the one who is trying to drop this for now? Yes definitely too think of a skull.

"Bella you need to understand that I cant, at least not right now. I know how stubborn you can be, and you'll get what you want either way. Can't you just wait till you're out of Charlie's house?" Oh no…speak of the devil and the devil shall appear.

I can't make it out in time. Bella is going to answer me and I can't just leave… I hope to god she speeds things up, please let him be stalled! I need to know where he is... I couldn't even finish my thought because I heard his. Cause this is thriller… thriller night. And no one's going to save you from the beast about to… What the hell is going on in MY house?! I hate irony.

Oh dear lord, how did I get it wrong? I thought he was further away. I just hope he doesn't know I'm here. I can't escape. I need to hide but Bella…she just keeps talking. Stupid woman gene. I grab Bella and we race back to her room.

I heard Charlie's thoughts again. Those shoes are nice.

Oh no my shoes!

Those shoes aren't mine… "ISABELLA SWAN!"

We both heard him coming up the stairs. I am panicking. I can't think at. All I can do is freeze and wait. Wait till Charlie comes through the door. I am not really sure of what he heard. "What in god's name are you doing here Edward Cullen. Or better yet what are you planning to do with my daughter?!" Oh god…did he hear?