This is a oneshot I entered in a contest with the guidelines of the genre of romance and it had to involve balloons. I won the contest too:-)

I had spent a short car ride to somewhere waiting to see what Edward had planned for me this time.

"Bella, we're here, but I'm still going to keep you blindfolded. I'll carry you so you don't trip and break your newly healed leg," Edward said next to my ear. I felt myself being lifted and a slight breeze as Edward carried me.

Only a few minutes later, I was laid down upon a soft cotton blanket. I wasn't sure where we were, but I assumed we were outdoors due to the lumps I assumed to be earth under the blanket.

"Edward," I called. "Can I take off this blindfold yet?" There was no reply, but suddenly I was gazing at our meadow that Edward had decorated for the occasion.

Balloons were hung from branches in the trees, lights hung from the trees, lighting the meadow beautifully. I searched for Edward, wanting to share this moment with him, but he couldn't be found. I began to stand up, searching more frantically now, but a firm hand on my shoulder kept me on the ground.

"Now, now, Bella. I'm right here." I smiled at Edward's voice. I couldn't believe that he was mine.

"Edward, this is absolutely beautiful. I love it." Smiling, I turned to look at Edward. He was sitting behind me gazing around our meadow for a few moments before he turned back to me.

"It is beautiful, but it doesn't hold a thing to you," he whispered. Blushing I leaned in to kiss him, showing just how much I appreciated it.

We sat in the meadow for hours and just talked about nothing, enjoying just being together. The dim light in the sky began to fade and I sighed, knowing I would have to be home soon. I didn't want to leave our meadow, it was just so magical.

I stood up and waited for Edward to join me. I stayed still for a few moments before I looked to Edward as to why he was still on the ground. He wasn't looking at me, but rather going through his pockets for something. I turned away and waited, but his soft voice pulled me back.

"Bella," he spoke, "being with you has been the best thing in my existence. I can't believe that a creature like me has been able to be with such a amazing person like you. Everyday, I keep believe that I don't deserve you, but you always tell me I'm wrong. Bella, I love you with all my being. Will you marry me?"

I was too engrossed in his face and words, that I never realized that he had been holding a ring out towards me or kneeling. After taking it all in, I just went blank. Did I want this? I loved Edward, but I had already told him no after the vote? I looked back down at him and had my answer.

"Yes," I barely said.

After I spoke, he jumped up and gathered me in his arms. He finally set me down near a tree and kissed me. It wasn't one of his boundary obeying kissing, this was just free. I put myself into it a little more stepping towards him. As I brought my foot down, there was a loud BANG! I looked down trying to find the source.

Well, didn't a balloon know how to kill the mood.