This oneshot is in Jasper's POV and I had to use the line, "But I don't like cookies."

Alice had gone of somewhere with Edward for the day, so I was given 'Bella baby-sitting duty.' I don't mind Bella, it's just that her blood is so sweet, I just don't want to get too close and risk an accident. She had been helping my control, but I still was by far the weakest of the family.

"Jasper?" Bella's timid voice sounded. "Uh, Edward said that he wanted us to bond while he's away and that he trusts you not to do anything." As she spoke, she drifted to couch opposite my chair.

"Okay." If Edward trusted me not to do anything, then I knew that I would be fine. "So what do you want to do then, Bella?" What could I do with a human? I couldn't do any of the game and my family plays since she's too fragile.

"I don't really mind anything, Jasper. You can choose whatever you want to do." I always appreciated that she was caring and considerate, but I wish that sometimes she would make her own decisions instead of following everyone.

"Hm… Well, you're going to have to eat soon, so why don't we try cooking something in the kitchen. I'm sure Esme has plenty of supplies and if not, we can go to the store." Cooking I could handle, I think.

"Okay." She led the way into the kitchen and began to pick through the cupboards. She found a few bags of ingredients that I had no clue what they were called and some flour. She gathered everything into her arms and headed to the island. Just as she set everything down and turned away, she tripped herself. I was able to catch her elbow and spin her enough to keep her feet planted.

"Thanks," she mumbled, blushing profusely. I held my breath against the sudden pooling of blood in her cheeks until the red tinge faded.

She found a bowl and started to mix ingredients. I hadn't the slightest idea of what to do, so I hovered behind her ready to catch her if she fell or dropped something. She seemed steadier now that she had begun cooking and quite soon she began to plop globs of dough onto a metal sheet.

A mere thirty minutes later Bella had placed her hands in oven mitts and brought out the metal sheet. The soft globs of dough had transformed to circular golden-brown shapes. Cookies?

"Bella, I don't really think Edward would like you to live off cookies for a day."

"Well, Edward's not here right now so he can't exactly tell me what not to eat," she replied smugly. She gingerly picked up a cooking and brought it to her mouth. Before she could take a bite she looked at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry for being rude. Would you like a cookie Jasper?" she asked holding out the plate she had put the cookies on.

"I would, but I don't like cookies."