Summary: Sad and depressed about the prophecy and the death of Sirius, Harry wanders through the castle, stumbling upon a strange door which takes him to a place he never dreamed of. And he finds... herself? AU (literally)

A/N:I was bored today so I started making this story. Inspired by the fiction Equal and Opposite by Amerision. Oh, and this is the prologue, so it's real short! I'll have the next chapter lots longer!

Disclaimer: Who owns it? Not me, for sure.

Harry traveled through the castle aimlessly, not looking where he was headed; he had been doing that a lot lately. With the recent death of Sirius Black and the prophecy hanging over his head, he didn't feel much like celebrating the end of the school year with everyone else. So, to cope with the enormous weight, he did not think about it; both the death of his godfather and the prophecy.


Harry rubbed his head angrily as he looked up from his fallen position at an ancient double door with brass handles. It was… strange. It was not odd that the door was ancient, nor that the door had brass handles. That was very common at Hogwarts. No, what was odd about this particular door was that it had a small engraving on it in tight, loopy script. Harry stood up, his anger forgotten in his curiosity. He leaned over towards the door, squinting at the thin script. It was obviously not English, yet he understood what it said clearly.

I can lead you to another self,

Give it time, till the twelfth.

"… till the twelfth?" Harry muttered, eyebrows furrowed. The twelfth what?

Straightening up, Harry reached to the door handle slowly, tentatively. Surely something would happen if he laid his hand on the old, magical…? He grasped the knob, clutching his eyes shut, waiting for the explosion. Nothing came. Well that was climatic, Harry thought, relaxing. He opened the door, now confident nothing would happen by only opening it. Looking inside, he could see nothing but a bright light. Unsure of what was in this room, he hesitantly placed a foot inside and everything went dark.