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He gazed down at his whimpering servant from his tall stance in disgust. He had told him very interesting news, indeed he had. Potter had disappeared. The Wizarding World had yet to discover, but, from what his servant had told him, Potter's little friends were greatly distressed. They thought he had taken them. Ha, Voldemort thought evilly, If I had the brat, he would be stone dead by now.

He wished he did have the brat. It would save him much trouble to deal with later on. He could sense the brat was alive through their connection, yet barely, and he could not tell where he resided or if he was well. He hoped the annoying boy was somewhere dreadful and felt exactly like his surroundings.

"Go tell the rest of my servants it is time to initiate the raid," Voldemort ordered the small man coldly. When the man mumbled something and whimpered a little more piteously, Voldemort shouted, "Now!" The man scurried out franticly, obviously fearful.

Voldemort sank into his large, cold throne, thoughtful. Where was Harry Potter?


Harry woke up in a cold sweat. He'd had a dream about Voldemort again, although less terrifying than most he'd had. If it had been really bad, Harry would be screaming and throwing up by now. But, then again, it was Voldemort so he was always terrifying.

The dorm room was dark, it was still night, and four other boys still peacefully slumbered around Harry. According to Phillip's clock, which was a side-table away as Harry had yet to acquire one, it was five o'clock. Harry sighed quietly and turned his head away from the clock to gaze at the blurry ceiling of his four-poster bed. He rested his hands on his stomach.

For the first time since Harry had been here, he was homesick. His dream had told him what was happening in his universe, through his connection with Voldemort. His friends had no idea where he was. The thought made him very sad. Would he ever get home?

No, Harry thought, he shouldn't question things like that, because he would go home. He just needed Casper's help. With what, he didn't know, but apparently that was why he was here. He needed help, and his counterpart had to fulfill that role.

Harry knew he wouldn't get anymore sleep. He was too worked up. But he closed his eyes and tried to block all thoughts from his mind anyways. It was times like these that he wished he had tried a little harder at Snape's Occlumency lessons the previous year.


Casper stared up at the ceiling of her four-poster bed. It was five in the morning, but she had woken up and just couldn't stop thinking about Harry.

From the few days she had known him, she was already more comfortable around him than she had been since Ron and Hermione were around. She almost felt more comfortable around him than Ron and Hermione. At least, it felt like she had a special connection with him. She could get used to having him around, and she hoped it was a while until he would be sent back to his own world.

It was selfish, she knew. But Harry understood everything. He understood what she went through at the Dursleys, if to a little lesser extent. He understood her pain over Ron and Hermione. He just…

It seemed rather surreal, having this wonderful boy appear claiming to be her in another place, having an instant connection with him… Casper was already infatuated with him and it had only been two days. What would it turn into over the next few weeks?

And, although Casper was absolutely thrilled to have him here, she couldn't help but feel sorry for him. He had his own life in his own world. He belongs there. He belongs there along with his Ron and Hermione and his Dumbledore and his friends and family.

Casper had to accept that, because she could sense Harry wasn't entirely happy here. He wanted to go back. She had to help him in order for him to go back, and she intended to use all her power to do just that.


Harry and Casper sat at breakfast a few days later next to each other. Phillip and Patricia sat across from them. They had become Casper's new friends when Ron and Hermione died. Once Harry had gotten over Phillip's cocky attitude and Patricia's calculating gaze, he actually started to like them. Phillip was funny and reminded him of Ron plus confidence and minus eating habits and chess skills. Patricia was completely normal to talk to, and was quite kind, but when she looked at Harry he felt like he was being x-rayed.

As such, it was this morning that Patricia voiced anything remotely odd. "Your aura is puzzling, Harry."

Harry looked up at her, surprised, but it was Casper that spoke up. "What d'you mean?"

"Well, everyone has their own unique aura. They have their own shine, their own glow, their own color, their own sense… but you… you confuse me," Patricia tried to explain. She cocked her blonde head to the side, staring from Casper to Harry.

It was at this point that Phillip joined in. "Why, Patty? What's wrong with him?" Patricia's gaze never wavered as a slight blush hinted her pale cheeks at Phillip's nickname, but Patricia hesitated in answering his questions. She observed Harry and Casper for a few more seconds, causing the duo to glance at each other in confusion, and then back onto Patricia. Harry wasn't sure what to think of Patricia's calculations.

Patricia's voice was cautious and slow as she spoke, "It seems to me, Harry, that you and Casper are very similar in auras." Harry glanced at Casper again to see her reaction, while he himself had his heart racing a little. Casper was sitting stone still and staring at Patricia with an absolutely blank face. Patricia continued, "You have the same shine. You have the same glow. You have the same color. You have the same sense. The only thing different is the difference in size. Yours is larger, Harry, while yours is smaller, Casper. This is normally due to the size of the person involved or the age. Auras grow as people grow. Auras grow as people age. People's power grows within them as they get older, so their auras reflect that." She let her words sink into the three students listening.

Harry's pulse was racing as he stared at Patricia, who was still staring at him with those slanted, blue eyes. She would find out his secret. She would know Casper and him were the same, if she had not already discovered it. He needed to leave.

Harry broke his gaze, stood up suddenly, slung his bag on his shoulder, and muttered, "I'll see you in a bit," to the three Gryffindors. He needed to think.

He had only made it a few steps into the nearest hallway from the Great Hall when Casper caught up to him. "Harr-"

"She knows, Casper," Harry nearly whined. He turned around to face her fully. "She knows we're the same person."

"Hush, Harry," Casper shushed him with a quick press of her fingers to his lips. His mouth tingled. She released her fingers. "Only she and Phillip need to know. No one else, so don't go screaming it!"

Harry, shrugging off her scolding, defended, "Okay, okay, fine… what did you say to them after I left?"

Casper half-heartedly glared at him. "Well, after you stomped-out I said, 'Sorry about that guys, we'll talk later.' Then I came chasing after you."

Harry had the decency to look abashed. When Casper didn't budge, he put his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, but I just had to get out of there," Harry apologized.

Casper sighed, not able to stay angry at Harry any longer. "Fine, but now what are we going to do about Phillip and Patricia?"

"Well, we need to tell them of course, or they could go blabbing to who-knows telling them our auras are all messed up."

"Okay, first of all, Patricia and Phillip wouldn't do that, and second, we need a place that's secret enough to tell them."

Harry grinned. "I know just the place."

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