August 2007

Disclaimer: Power Rangers and their affiliates belong to Saban and are used without permission and no money is being made off of this.

Author's Note: I've never written a Power Rangers fic, I haven't watched the show in about twelve years, and I have no clue where this bunny came from - I just dreamt it up one day; literally.

Summary: Tommy/Kimberly Fic, AU (obviously) and assumed that their meeting in the "Power Rangers Turbo" movie never happened…

Taking Over Me

By JadeMax


It's been four years since Kimberly sent Tommy the infamous "Dear John" break up letter.

Stunned, heartbroken and disillusioned, Tommy struggles to re-center a life thrown off balance by the sudden void created by Kimberly's absence. He attempts several relationships, including one with the new Pink Power Ranger Kat - all of which ultimately fail. Alone and embittered by her desertion, he's unable to move forward as the letter has left him with no chance for closure. In a desperate move, he attempts to write her a letter of his own, only to have it returned - unopened and unread - considered to be nothing more than Kimberly's fan mail.

Determined to put her memory behind him, Tommy walks away from the Power Rangers to enter the professional motorcycle racing circuit - a no-brainer with his Zord driving experience. Focused on getting his life on track, he quickly excels at the sport, rising through the ranks in his rookie year to stardom.

Fame brings with it new challenges and opportunities for the twenty one year old star. It also brings with it excuses - excuses to stay busy, excuses to focus elsewhere - and he succeeds in banishing Kimberly from his waking thoughts. At least for a time.

Yet, as he heads into his third season on the circuit, a bomb hits. Kimberly's name suddenly appears everywhere in Angel Grove as her appointment to the Olympic gymnastic team is made public. Amid the hype is the news that Kimberly is returning to Angel Grove with the Olympic gymnastics team to open the first race of the season.

Tommy, determined to banish her from his heart and mind to move on, makes plans to have it out with her once and for all and reclaim his life...