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"Eh, Raito! What's in your bag? Apples?!" asked the shinigami as he eyed the bag suspiciously as it hung at Raito's side.

"No, Ryuk. It's not for you," the law college student simply replied. "It's for L."

Suddenly, Ryuk's eyes widened in surprise. "What? For L? What is it? Poison?"

"Something like that," Raito said as an inevitable smirk crept its way up onto his face as he stopped to look up at his Death God. "Want to see?"

Raito opened his book bag wide enough for Ryuk to stare inside. By the time Raito closed the bag after a few seconds, Ryuk was left speechless.

"What's the matter, Ryuk?" he taunted.

The shinigami took one look at his Death Note owner and said, "You are so evil, Raito." With that, Ryuk took off in the sky, his wings fluttering into a rhythm of pattern until he was out of sight.

"Why? I just want to toy with him a little bit," said Raito into the open atmosphere. "I'm not that evil to him… Right? Besides, what better place to hit him than his sweet spot?"

Raito smirked at the sky, then he walked down the path to L's apartment, humming softly to himself.

Meanwhile, L was down at the ice cream shop adjacent to his apartment. His eyes darted to the different colors and flavors in the tubs beyond the invisible glass wall. "Hmmm…"

After examining each ice cream flavor in the white tub, L finally spoke. "Give me one scoop of each, please."

"All 40 flavors?!" asked the cashier, bewildered.

"Yes. All of them. I want all of your strawberry lollipops too."

After what seems like an eternity to L when it was only five minutes for the cashier to package up the ice cream, L paid the cashier, took the two giant bags and head for the door.

"Wow, you're going to clean us out in no time!" the cashier said with a smile.

"That's why I'm your number one customer," said L as he walked out the door with a satisfied smile on his face now that he has gotten his dinner.

L ambled to his apartment room at a slow pace as he held both bags with one hand before fingering for the key in his pocket. He put the key up to knob before the door creaked open. 'Someone's in my room,' he thought.

L opened the door and Raito stood right in front of him. L's eyes darted quickly around the room; immediately, he knew everything was moved around. L looked back at Raito.

"Oh hey, L. I let myself in. Hope you don't mind," Raito greeted as he set down his empty book bag. On the table were its contents. "By the way, I changed a few things around…"

Raito saw the horror and fear in L's eyes as his own smile widened. L dropped the bags and ran to the fridge. He yanked it open and saw that all the food in there has been replaced. L gasped loudly and ran back. The table was covered with it. The couch was surrounded by it and so were the floor. Everywhere in his apartment room was covered by it to L's horror and Raito was taking more out from his backpack.

"I'm doing this for your own good, L," as Raito placed the products onto the table with a dark gleam in his eye.

L collapsed to his knees and hugged himself before screaming, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Raito smirked as he took a bite of the apple in his hand. 'I'm going to enjoy this so much!' Raito thought evilly.

L's nightmare has finally come true… for Raito has replaced every last bit of sugar in L's apartment with something healthy.

To Be Continued…

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