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Never before have I ever heard of something like this, a vampire in love with a human. I would have thought it not possible except the proof is walking right in front of me. How intriguing I thought as I studied them together.

I admire Edward for his self-control. To be able to hold a human like he was now for a prolonged time period is extraordinary, especially when she's your singer. Maybe his aversion to human blood has given him some sort of advantage that the rest of us don't have, it would be useful to be able to stay in check around mortals. But for me, the price is too high. To start drinking the blood of animals in trade for self-control is one that I personally think is unfair. Though some of us may not think so I thought as I glanced at Edward with the human, Bella in his arms.

I analyzed her. She looked simple enough. Sure, she is probably more beautiful than the average human being on her normal days – she isn't looking so good right now but she is probably going to be killed so she has a reasonable excuse – but still so miniscule in comparison to most vampires. What is it about her that drew someone like Edward to her? Even in the vampire community Edward is better looking than most, he could have chosen any single female vampire and she would have loved to be his. Even Heidi was considering him as a mate, and that isn't very common.

I looked her over again. There was something about her… that made her look …messy, unkept, in disarrayed somehow, something beyond fear. She was too skinny I realized. And she had dark bags under her eyes. Her clothes looked a little too big too, like they used to fit her but that seems to just be part of it. My eyes scanned over Edward again. He looks likes her I thought. He looks so…incomplete.

Felix sighed impatiently beside me as Bella tripped over the cold, damp floor yet again.

I was disheartened I could not seem to figure out the attraction between those two. I sighed inwardly and studied the walls of which I have walked through millions of times. The stones that made it up were centuries old having been here almost as long as I have. I would have like to feel the cool touch of it beneath my fingertips but I have long since given up hope of it.

I gave up on being distracted by the wall. Bella's deep breathing was currently reminding of the unsolved mystery and the walls would never prove to be as interesting. I turned my eyes back on the two in time to see Edward tracing her lips with his thumb and kiss the top of her head. How can he have a physical relationship with her? I wondered. How can he resist the urge to drink her when he kisses her, do they have…I shook the thought out of my head. I do not need to know that.

Is it possible that they are in love? Does Edward really love her or is she just an infatuation? He kisses her head once again and pulls her closer.

No, I thought at last. He truly loves her, I realized. I can see it when he looks at her and touches her. He would not torture himself like this day after day for an infatuation now would. He is in love and she loves him back. Then answer is so simple yet complex. Why does he love her? How can she accept him?

Maybe, if I ever fall in love I'll understand…or maybe not.

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