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Characters: House MD and Heroes

Pairing: House and Cameron

Rating: T for Violence, Potty Mouth, and vague sexual references made by House

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At Her Fingertips


(6 months ago)

Allison Cameron

Somewhere in New Jersey

Allison Cameron woke up on a normal, regular Monday morning. Yawning, she headed to the bathroom to tidy up, and then she went to the kitchen to get herself a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee. Working as an Immunologist in the Diagnostics department of Plainston-Princeborough Teaching Hospital, Cameron knew that she had to be in tip-top shape to deal with patients and her exasperating yet brilliant boss, so she needed to drink at least two cups of coffee before heading off to work. The strong and sweet aroma of the brewed coffee made her smile instinctively in satisfaction and anticipation.

Gingerly, she took a sip as she mentally planned her day. Of course, she would have to make coffee at the office first, so in case someone comes in early, like Foreman for example; then, she had to sort Dr. House's mails, who knew if there was an important and urgent case that would need his services (she only hoped that it would be intriguing enough to rope in House); lastly, Cameron had to make sure that the case files were properly coded and filed for future use. As she took her second sip, she heard a knock on the door. Realizing that it might be her next-door-neighbor, she padded across the hall to open the door.

"Oh hello Allison." Martha Lewis, her elderly neighbor greeted. When she first moved in, Martha was the one who welcomed her and helped her settle in. "I know it's early, but I do want you to have some of these cookies that I just made." Martha smiled and handed out a cardboard box heaped with sweet-smelling chocolate chip cookies that looked freshly baked. "My grandson had to bring some to school, and I got carried away."

Cameron smiled "Thanks Martha, they smell delicious. I'll be bringing them to work where they'll get their rightful ending." Knowing that Chase, Foreman, and Wilson would raid it even before the box was on the table, the young doctor nodded to herself in satisfaction. Besides, Martha makes great cookies. Cameron made a move to reply as she took the box when suddenly she saw herself in a different room. "What the-?" Looking around, Cameron saw blood, a red trail from where she stood. "Where am I?"

Nervously, she walked, following the trail of blood. No good, she thought, I better get help. However, Cameron knew that whoever it was needed medical attention, and it would be stupid to wait for paramedics when she was, in fact, a fully trained doctor. Swallowing the bile that threatened to bubble up her throat, Cameron walked towards the door where the blood was leading. Soon, she reached the opening and saw...

Martha. Martha with her head sliced open. Cameron felt herself retch and she staggered backwards against the wall, her chest heaving with heavy panting and her eyes filling with unshed tears. "I do hope you like the cookies dear. You remind me so much of my daughter."

It was Martha, and she was talking - to her.

To Cameron's surprise, the corpse slowly pushed itself into a sitting position before standing up fully. The head twisted around, and soon, Martha Lewis was smiling. "You look so much like her dear. The same sad eyes..."

"Oh god." muttered Cameron as Martha walked towards her.

Then everything went blank.

(6 months later)

Hiro and Ando

Somewhere in New York

Back in New York, Hiro Nakamura was busy making ramen in the kitchen for lunch. The shy Japanese was helping out as much as he could since his powers were still erratic, and even if it were only for cooking meals, he would gladly pitch in. Beside him, his friend Ando was muttering in Japanese on how he was demoted from being a 'hero sidekick' to low-life kitchen help. "I want to be a hero." He muttered sadly.

Ando glanced at him "You are a hero, Hiro."

"No, I want to be a real one! Cool and brave. My powers are..." he struggled to find the right words in English "are lame-o."

"That's not what I think."

Both turned around to find Suresh leaning against the doorframe, looking at them. The doctor shook his head "It would be unfair for your abilities if you belittle them. You can teleport anywhere Hiro. The past, the present, and the future - they are but a blink away for you. If that's not cool, I don't know what is."

Hiro muttered something in Japanese that Suresh could not understand, so he turned to Ando for the translation. The other man shrugged. "Hiro says it is no good if he can't control where he would go. He wants to be like his future self today."

Suresh smiled, as he understood the dilemma. "Don't worry Hiro, I am sure that you would learn to use it properly. All it takes is concentration and practice. In fact, why don't you try stopping time now?" Suresh walked over and turned on the kitchen sink tap. "Here, why don't you try focusing on the water and see if you can make the flow stop. It doesn't matter if you stop everything else, let's start with the basics first."

Happy that someone believed in his abilities, Hiro looked at the running water. "Concentrate-o." He muttered as he scrunched his face, focusing on stopping time. Soon, sweat was starting to appear on his brow and his eyes watered from the effort.

Suddenly, everything stood still. Hiro slowly stood up to take a good look at his surroundings. Yes, the water was frozen in place all right. Ando and Suresh were both stock still, assuming positions that were obviously not fabricated. Both were standing like statues. "Yatta!" He shouted in jubilation as he realized that he succeeded. Hiro quickly took the plate of Ramen that Ando was trying to eat and walked across the room with it. They obviously needed proof, and Hiro had to made sure it was a big one.

"Hiro. Hiro Nakamura."

Quickly, Hiro spun around "Aaargh! Kami-sama!" He could not believe his eyes at what was in front of him: his future self. For the first time, Hiro got a good look at the other Hiro. Surprisingly, his future self looked more calm and confident; more fit and strong. In fact the samurai he carried behind him added to his powerful stance, it was as if his future self was a ninja of sorts, like in the Japanese manga he frequently reads. For a second, Hiro felt jealous, but he realized that HE was that person -- only in the near future. The thought made him feel giddy and excited with the prospect of seeing what he would soon be.

"Relax Hiro," his future self said soothingly. However, his face showed his agitation and his voice was ringing with urgency. "I cannot stay for long, so listen well and listen good..." Future Hiro allowed himself to smile as he saw Hiro nod quickly. "You must tell everyone exactly what I will tell you." The future Hiro quickly sidestepped the motionless forms of Suresh and Ando. "You have to find Allison." he said as he grabbed Hiro by his shoulders "Find Allison Cameron, or everyone dies."

"Nani?!" Hiro cried out, but it was too late, the future Hiro disappeared.

"Well?" Suresh asked, "Did you do it?"

Hiro was soon babbling in a stream of Japanese words that were so fast, even Ando couldn't comprehend.

Whatever it was that Hiro was saying was stopped as they heard Claire shout from the other room "Suresh! Something's happening to Peter!"

Peter was surprised about this dream. He always dreamt that he was flying or falling, but not today. This time around he was in a large building; judging from the looks of it, Peter was in a hospital. He could see the nurses, the doctors; they were walking around him, unseeing and uncaring. Obviously they were of no great importance to his dream as the figures were all blurred, as if he was looking through a glass splattered by a violent rainstorm. Cautiously, Peter walked on. It was always best to go with the dream and see where it takes you. Carefully he treaded the hospital, making sure not to bump onto anyone, looking around for anything that would explain why he was there.

Finally, Peter reached a hallway that was full of shadows and swirling images. At the end of it was a woman, standing with her back towards him, bathed in the glow of the sunlight. She was tall, slim, and had long, dark hair. Her shoulders were slightly drooped, as if she carried the weight of the world on her slim shoulders. Peter, the guy who understood the value of being there for everyone knew that she was like him, trying to blend into the background to go unnoticed.

Slowly, the woman turned around, and Peter saw that she was extremely pretty and looking just how a doctor should be for him. She was fair, with a flawless and delicate complexion; she had high cheekbones, a narrow, well-shaped nose, and generous lips. However, it was her eyes that caught Peter's attention and fascination. They were sad, scared, comforting, and soothing all at the same time. Peter wondered how someone was able to look like that, as if she knew something about you and she was sad about it, yet eager to help.

For the life of him, Peter could not place where he saw this woman, if he ever saw her before. She seemed to know him, even if he didn't and that was weird. He wasn't the one who had premonition powers; it was Isaac, and it was only when the man was in a trance and painting that Isaac can see the future. However, he was drawn to the woman, so he took a tentative step forward, then another. Something was making him do so, yet he couldn't understand what it was. A few steps later, Peter reached her. She smiled at him, in a soft and gentle way that he had no choice but to smile back. There was something decidedly comforting about her presence, and Peter who had been under a great deal of stress lately was relieved to feel this calm envelop him.

Suddenly, blood was pouring down her face and Peter stepped back in mortification as she slumped on the floor face down. Then Peter saw that the floor was full of the people he knew; people who had the same ability as him: Nathan, Claire, Hiro, Isaac, Matt, and so many more.

Peter woke up screaming.


Peter finally turned and saw Claire sitting beside him. The blonde ex-cheerleader had a worried expression on her youthful face. Beside Claire, Suresh was looking at him expectantly and Peter wondered why.

"I'm okay." he assured them, "don't worry about me, please."

"I think you were having a premonition." Suresh said.

Peter nodded, "It was about this woman, she was...bleeding..." suddenly he looked up at Hiro "What did you say?"

Hiro fidgeted uncomfortably. It was still unnerving that Peter can somehow copy the abilities of other gifted people like him, and in this case, it was of a tough cop who can read minds. Of course, Peter couldn't blame them for being amazed, his powers still leave him both awed and scared at the same time. At the confused looks on the others' faces, Peter decided to explain what he heard the guy say in his mind. "Hiro met his future self. He was given a message."

Everyone looked at Hiro. "He said: 'You must tell... everyone exactly what I... will tell you. You... have to find... Allison... Find Allison Cameron, or, or everyone dies.'

"Hey guys!" Ando called out from the kitchen, "You've got to see this: Isaac sent a picture of his recent painting. It's a premonition on whom Sylar will kill next!"

Quickly, Peter stood up and bolted to the door and headed off to Ando who was looking at Suresh's computer. "Oh god...that's, that's her."

On the screen was a close up of an oil painting of a woman wearing a white lab coat lying in a pool of blood. The top part of her head was open and her eyes were open and vacant.

"There!" shouted Hiro, and everyone looked at where he was pointing. It was on an ID, on it was the name Cameron, Allison.

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