An Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic

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Summary: What if there's more to the Avatarverse than just the Avatar and spirits? And what if there's a lot more going on than just the war between the nations? Like Gods, Demons, and certain protectors of the avatar? Rated m for language, violence, and adult themes. No lemons.

Pairings: Zuko/Katara, Aang/Toph, Sokka/Suki

Author note: this is my first fanfic so please be nice and lets just pretend that everybody's like 2 years older... sound good? Good! On with the story!

The Guardians


Long ago, when the world was still very young, there was a great war. Power hungry spirits and angry demons slew all those who dared to stand in their path. It was a fight of Good against Evil. Good was outnumbered, and Evil killed their victims mercilessly. Demons had crawled out of the deepest pits of hell and sought out week spirits, which they corrupted and manipulated to fight on their side. The demons turned these spirits into monsters who thirst for power and blood. The spirits who remained pure and good fought against these tainted spirits and malicious demons only to be slaughtered.

The Gods looked down upon the earth from the heavens and frowned. The grass was stained red and the blood flowed from the hills and mountains like crimson rivers. Seeing that Good was being overpowered the Gods decided to intervene. They called four humans out of hiding and gave them gifts that even the demons were envious of. The firebender was given the gift of the white flame and the power to harness the incredible strength of the sun. he was also given a set of broadswords that were blessed by the Gods themselves. The waterbender was given the gift of commanding the rain and summoning storm clouds whenever needed, the gift to heal, and a single sword that was built so sturdy it would never break. The airbender was given the gift of powerful winds and tornadoes, and a bow and arrow that would never miss it's target. The earthbender was given the gift to create earthquakes and two hammers that would make the ground rumble upon strike.

Each bender was also given a dragon, one that understood them and they understood as well. They were given wings, great bending abilities, and a hidden resolve. A hidden resolve- a determination not easily broken, a spirit not to be rivaled with, a will to keep going. A hope, a hope that no being previously possessed. They were given a heart, a soul, a purpose. A purpose that drove them from the inside, that made them fight twice as hard, twice as long. They were called the Guardians, meant to save the world. But most of all, meant to the save the one who was destined to save the world. The Guardians protected and helps the Avatar. The gods called a fifth human to them. The Gods gave him the ability to bend all four elements, and they gave him protectors. His gift was the Guardians.

He was the avatar.

The Guardians and the first Avatar fought for days on end, which turned to months then years. After many long, rigorous battles, hardships, heartbreaks, deaths, bloodshed, and battle wounds they succeeded. Through the death of the demons and the darkened spirits they were able to save the world, protect the land. The Gods returned to the heavens, sworn not to intervene again unless absolutely necessary. The spirits who remained good through out the war decided to go to their own world, one that was parallel to the physical world but not one in the same. They called it the Spirit World. The Avatar and the Guardians watched over the people, who came out of hiding when they heard that the evil was defeated and gone. When the Avatar and the Guardians died, they were reincarnated into new people, one Guardian from each nation, the Avatar from the next nation in the Avatar cycle. No human was ever able to bend as powerfully as the Guardians, not even the Avatar. It was their gift, the Guardians were the true masters of their elements. Once a Guardian was truly awakened and realized their full potential, they were unbelievably powerful.

How do I know this ancient history? These forgotten legends? Simple. I lived then, I live now. I watch from the Spirit World waiting to make my return. I am the spirit called Coh. I am the face stealer. I am the last story teller from the near beginning. I am the last survivor of the great battle, but I am not the last corrupted, tainted, darkened spirit. My kind lives on, with demons whispering in our ears. We are the Evil. We are still here. We will rise and fight. The Avatar and the Guardians better be ready. It is they that we must first slay.

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