Okay. So I was going through my stories and I found this so I decided to pick it up and revise it. Here is the slightly different Save Me. Enjoy


She looked into my eyes, her chocolate orbs were horror filled

She looked into my eyes; her chocolate orbs were horror filled. Blood was running down her chin out of her mouth, my Bella was slowly dying. She weakly took hold of my shirt collar.

"Sa-save…Me," she pleaded. I wanted to cry there was nothing I could do, no matter how many medical degrees's I had.

"Bella, there isn't anything I can do" I said as I stroked her face.

"Do--" she coughed "--Do it" She weakly commanded. It dawned on me; she wanted me to change her.

"B-Bella I can't do that to you" I shook me head in horror.

"Save me or I die" she started to cry. "Pl-please Edward"

"Bella—" She went into a coughing spasm, as more blood went into her lungs.

"Don't let me d-d-die", she whispered. "I love you." Those words were all I needed I sunk my teeth into her neck, and wrists. She smiled. "See you in three days" She croaked. Then Bella slipped into unconsciousness.

"I love you, my Bella" I started dry sobbing as I picked her up and took her home. Not to Charlie's, but her new home, with me. I smiled weakly, our home. Alice and Carlisle met me at the door. Alice carried her to the bathroom and washed the blood off of Bella. She changed her into a pair of my sweat pants and a shirt. I laid Bella on my couch. There was nothing left to do but wait.