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Something Special to Me

Running…nowhere to hide…I searched all over for you…you promised, you promised you'd come to rescue me when I was In danger…but you never came back…never.

The black-haired girl with crimson eyes awoken from her deep slumber. Tifa, yes, Tifa was her name. As she realized the time, she started with her daily routine starting off by showering. After she was through all of that, she opened up her bar tending job at day light.

"Yo Tifa," A large man with dark skin came in with a little girl in his arms.

"Yes Barret?" Tifa looked up from washing a few cups.

"Can you take care of Marlene while Biggs and the others go with me to one of them SOLDIER hideouts?" He held the little girl out to her. "It'll mean a lot to me."

"Yeah, sure," She took Marlene into her arms. "Hey, you guys want some breakfast?"

"Nah, we goin' like now." He soon stomped away leaving her speechless.

"Hmph, he always does that to me. I'm never able to go on any missions with them even though I am a part of AVALANCHE! Curse him and all of his descendants!!!" After saying such, she turned to Marlene.

"Not you okay?"

Tifa sighed heavily and started to work again. She was getting bored just sitting around the bar not doing much. She was about to close when the phone interrupted her thoughts. Cautiously, she picked it up.

Who can be calling at this time? "Hello, this is Seven Heaven's delivery service. I'm sorry to tell you but we're closing now and you'll have to call another time."

"Tifa, it's Barret, Jessie got hit real bad and we don't have time to take her back. Is Marlene asleep?"

For once, Tifa had found a little action. "Yeah, she's asleep. You want me to come get Jessie?"

"Yeah, that's all. We in one of those mako reactors. Ya' have to find a way in through the back."

"Alright, on my way."

She pulled on her leather gloves and stepped out in the open. Crawling through the bushes, she made her way to the back like Barret had instructed. It didn't take too long until she found it since it looked like Barret had blasted a hole through the wall.

"Feh, some way to keep hidden…" She charged to the entranced and hid behind a bunch of crates. Seeing a few soldiers around, she intended to go brute force, but something else was on her mind.

"W-What if he's here…? Hmm, I shouldn't worry about that now…" She charged into the smaller soldiers toppling them as she fought the stronger. Running down the large opening Barret and the others made, she spotted Jessie up ahead. She was lying on her back while Wedge was attempting to tend to her wounds. Biggs was looking around for any soldiers when he spotted Tifa.

"Hey, about time, what took so long?"

"Uh, got held back a little." She walked over to Jessie and pulled an arm over her shoulder. Jessie limped against Tifa and tripped over rocks a few times but managed to follow.

"I'll make sure to bring her back safely so you two don't have to worry."

"Gotcha, we're counting on you."

The two traveled through the way they once came. As they were about to exit the building, a voice called out to them.

"Ah, so that's where those rats went." The two quickly turned their heads to the right. There, stood the master of them all; Shinra himself. He was surrounded with SOLDIER members as though he was some sort of king.

"I would let you bugs escape now!" He laughed his bad guy laugh and ordered the members to attack. This time, there was no getting out, and Tifa had no choice but to fight.

She had Jessie sit on the ground and wait till she was done.

"…There are so many soldiers…damn…" She thought to herself. Out of nowhere, a flash of yellow came zipping in front of Tifa causing her to fall back. She looked up in shock. She knew that face…it was his face…Cloud's.

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