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Chapter three!

He stared at her for a while mumbling the name Tifa. He turned away and thought to himself still mumbling.

He…he really doesn't remember…does he?

"Sorry…" He whispered.

"What…?" She looked up to him.

"I really don't know who you are."

"…Oh" She turned to the sink and finished what she was doing. As she washed, he pulled his sword and strapped it up while heading towards the door.

"W-Wait, you can stay for the night if you'd like! We have enough room. Besides, I'm sure you aren't familiar with this place." He turned his head towards her then continued walking towards the door.

"Please…uh," Tifa began to think of a reason. "Uh, Barret will be sure to hunt you down so it's best if you stayed tonight! You can leave tomorrow morning if you'd like!" He then stopped in his tracks and turned again.

"Barret…Barret is the big one, right?" He asked. She gave a small nod and stared at him. "Sigh, then I guess I have no other choice…" He put his sword against the wall again.

He's…he's afraid of Barret? Wow, and he's so much stronger then him…

Tifa quickly led him to a room before he decided to leave again.

"Umm, if you need me, I'll be in the room across the hall." She left the room without hesitation. Relieved, she walked to her room getting ready for bed. As she walked towards the window, she spotted Cloud sitting on the steps of the bar.

"How'd he get there so fast?" She questioned herself as she watched him. She quickly turned away embarrassed with herself.

"Urgh, I feel like a stalker…" She then went to bed silently.

"Hey Tifa!" Barret called from outside.

"Yes? What do you want now?"

"Spiky here decided to come with us to the Mako reactor over down south!"

"Wanna come?" Jessie asked eagerly. Tifa grinned and accepted the request immediately.

As they went, Jessie and Biggs constantly asked Cloud random questions. She quietly followed the group as they neared the exit, Barret made a quick command to the other three.

"Biggs, you and the other two scout the place. Me and these two will go to the reactor." He pointed to Tifa and Cloud.

"Got it boss!" The three went running around while Barret and the others left Sector 7.

As they entered the Mako reactor, the three were soon spotted by a few soldiers.

"Yo Tifa, you get the ones on the right!" Barret called. "You man go fight them over there…" Without any explanation, Cloud started cutting down the ones around him, not listening to Barret.

"Dang he good!" Barret couldn't help but give Cloud more compliments even though he was supposed to lecture him.

"Uh, Barret, shouldn't you start fighting?" Tifa questioned as she charged a soldier against the wall.

"Oh, yeah" Was his reply as he started shooting around, letting Cloud do more of the work.

As they finished off the last few soldiers, they entered the reactor with Cloud in the lead.

"So, we just gonna waltz right in or what?" Barret asked.

"Hmph, why not?" Cloud questioned with no concern whatsoever.

"Well, you wouldn't want your face posted everywhere in Midgar, now would you?" Tifa inquired as jolly as she could be.

"Hey, we already in them papers, ain't we?" Barret asked her dully.

"Yeah, in fact, we have a full six page essay!" Tifa grinned childishly. That's what happens when you hang out with AVALANCHE, you seem to become a kid again.

Anyway, they quietly entered the reactor, hoping that there weren't any soldiers around. Unfortunately for them, there were obviously soldiers surrounding the whole place.

"Ugh, I'm tired of waiting. Can't we just ambush them now?" Tifa complained to the two.

"Hmm, weren't you the one who didn't want to be seen?" Cloud questioned as he watched to soldiers.

"Well, I changed my mind, let's hurry and destroy the friggin' thing!"

"Suit yourselves," He darted in full speed, cutting them all down with his blade. The two stared in awe. They again followed Cloud deeper into the reactor where they entered a room with three large buttons.

"Yo, Biggs said we gotta push 'em all at the same time!" Barret said.

"Okay, on my count!" Tifa called.

They threw their arms up in the air and waited for Tifa's call.

"NOW!" Their arms dramatically flew downward towards the large button. Barret and Tifa's arms fell at the exact same time, but Cloud's was too slow.

"What the—" Tifa immediately stopped Barret from cursing.

"It's okay, we can try again." She smiled pleasantly and turned back to the buttons. "Okay, one, two, three!!!" She shouted. This time, Cloud went too fast. Barret started to get frustrated and began to bang on the machine.

"Okay, let's start again." This went on for at least twenty minute, yet Cloud still couldn't seem to cooperate with the two.

"THAT'S IT!" Barret screamed, "What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!"

"Barret, calm down! Okay, last chance until I really break the door down." She let out a sigh of frustration. Cloud merely shrugged and got back to his position.

"Now!" She barked. Finally, which felt like a millennium, they all pressed at the same time with ease.

"Why couldn't you do that till now?!" Barret bawled. "It ain't funny!"

"Hn, didn't feel like it." Cloud walked into the door.

"Man, we never understand a dude like him…" Barret followed along.

"Okay, time to disable the reactor!" Tifa bellowed cheerfully. They ran to the core of the reactor and began to beat it to heck.

"There, job's done…now let's get out of here!"

They ran down the path they made earlier and stopped in their tracks.

"Heheheh, you thought you could get away with that, but it's too late now, AVALANCHE will fail!" There stood Shinra, walking up to them like a cool guy who has had too much marijuana.(a/n: just kidding)

"Now, I will be leaving. I have a dinner waiting on me." As he walked away, a machine robot-looking thing came into view.

"I don't think that's a good sign…"

"It's coming!"

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