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I was thinking about this a little while ago, and decided to shoot for it. It's a collection of different meetings between people in the Detention Centre during visiting hours. I hope they I like them (I rarely ever like my own work. I compare my own to other peoples' to make me hope to be as GOOD as other authors whom I review daily. Yeah, a bit depressing, but hey! It makes me write!

I have NOT abandoned my other fanfic, "A different Kind of Game", but this has been in my thoughts for some time now, so…. Here it goes!

Edited: I have decided to say this now, before it's confused anymore: THIS WILL NOT BE A ROMANCE-BASED FANFIC! I find it a bit creepy to make a romance fanfic involving Manfred and… to be honest, anyone else. I'm sorry; he looks like a Dracula stand-in for Castlevania, in serious need of a cough drop for crying out loud. Some MAY revolve around romance, but not all will be based upon that… although looking at my examples, I can see how some people would be confused. Anyways, Enjoy… again!


He walked towards the chair the guard was pointing him to…. He wasn't an idiot, how dare someone such as HIM be treated as a mere child. He knew where he was supposed to go. It wasn't his first time here! While he was mumbling to himself about lack of respect, he heard something on the other side of the large window. He could instantly tell that someone entered from the other room.

"Hmm… Why the hell would SHE feel the need to see me? I don't have time for someone such as her! It all seems about as pathetic as about 98 of the people in this cold, dark prison. Come to think of it, SHE should be here with me... sigh I guess I better start talking then" was all thought up in a matter of seconds before he shifted in front of the speaker attached to the window.

"Greetings! What an incredifullized amazinitive surprise! What brings you here?" he said in his usual jovial tone.

"... Hi" was all she said. She couldn't be happy, she couldn't act like she always had… he had learned to face reality after all the time she spent in here. No one cared for her while she was in here, and no one did for him, she was sure of it. She heard him in his cheerful tone, but even she could tell he was anything but. While here, she was treated like garbage, and he never once did anything about it… hell, he even joined in the treatment. She didn't know herself why she was here. But she couldn't ignore one simple thing…. She knew she had to do this… for herself… for her future… she had to see him again.

"I…. just wanted to talk… if that's alright?"

"…" he already started to show fury, so he made sure she knew of it. "Quite frankly, madam, I couldn't care less whether you lived or died. In the many years you worked with me, I'll admit, you did your job quite well…. Quite… well… indeed." He smirked devilishly while tracing his finger on the bulletproof glass in front of him. He didn't care about her, or anyone. Only himself. He was all that mattered in his world... but then… why did he suddenly feel regret, just the slightest when he saw a single tear drop from her cheek?

"… I know… which is why it really hurts me to say this… boss" She looked up at him, and started to actually see him show a slight bit of concern. To most people they would still see him look normal, but working for him for as long as she did, she could see the small signs.

"I… have no one else and… wanted to know if there's anything you think I should do before-" She almost continued, but when she looked up at him again, he couldn't hide his concern. It was clearly there as he looked back into her eyes, showing such pure innocence. All the things he made her do, willing and… forced…. Showed back in his mind. He enjoyed it then, but seeing her, and the effects of all of them, made him feel regret, which was something he didn't feel much in his profession, as he even started to shed tears, which in his line of work, was absolutely pathetic, and would be a complete reputation breaker would anyone hear it in public.

"I wish I could help more than I know I can. Unfortunately, my social status has been rather… tarnished… and all my contacts are free of the chains that binded them to me. All I can say is that I wish you the best in the future, wherever it may lead you. And…" he had so much trouble saying the last few words, and these last two would be the hardest. "… I'm sorry"

"…" he could swear he heard some unusual noise. Was it crying? He hoped it wasn't, he wasn't the best at comforting anyone, let alone HER... wait… that's not sadness… is she… laughing?

"… Tee-hee! You know, you're, like, reeeeeeal sweet when you try hard enough!" She suddenly gave her cute puppy-dog look and she seemed like she was on top of the world! He couldn't understand it… until he saw what she was holding in her right hand… and he knew he was screwed then.

"Thanks for TOOOTALLY letting me borrow your personal recorder, boss! Let's see……. How many people do you think would pay to hear you sound like a little pansy, huh?" She started giggling to herself again, before she tilted her head up and put her finger under her chin. "50…60….maybe even $70,000 to hear the great Redd White blubbering like a little baby? Wow! So this is what you did for a living! I always was interested in it but…. Wow! It's so wonderful to actually feel power over someone! I guess is what you would call..." she made a sadistic grin as he saw the incredible look of regret and worry as she waved the tape recorder in front of his face, before she ended the sentence with one simple word:


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