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Lana's First Visitor

She thanked the guard briefly for opening the door and sat down quietly, waiting patiently for the expected visitor. She had been here before, during THAT case, and while she never officially killed anyone, her other crimes would not be ignored by the world, that being of course, aiding a fugitive, Damon Gant. Sure he was the Ch…. FORMER Chief of Police (that thought bringing a slight internal smile) but he still killed two people and framed another; those victims being the most recently deceased: Bruce Goodman The former public prosecutor: Neil Marshall, and the framed, her sister: Ema Skye.

Anyone could tell when she was starting to think about the fact that a little over two years ago, she believed that her sister had developed blood on her hands, the blood of former prosecutor Neil Marshall. For that, she felt a deep pain within her, for believing so hard that her own sister had done such a thing, even though she also believed that it was purely an accident, she didn't think she could ever forgive herself for believing for even a second, that her own sister had taken a life.

She placed her right hand on her sternum. She felt like she was about to be sick just thinking about all the things that she had done… and not done… to keep herself emotionally detached from the rest of the world. No one could know of what happened. As far as the world was concerned, it was Joe Darke who killed Neil Marshall. It was falsified evidence, a clueless prosecutor, and a few misplaced "items" that were the cause of Darke's conviction, incarceration, and eventual execution. Ema was simply a witness to the final murder, and that was all. While she wasn't really able to testify, she was still used as the only witness to the heinous crime that was the final crime of Joe Darke… that was all… just an innocent witness.

But Lana hadn't believed that ever… she wanted to believe it… she tried desperately to believe it… but she never did, because she had been manipulated by the true criminal, the true puppet master. Damon Gant had tricked her into believing that her sister killed Neil, and from there, manipulated her, knowingly of course, in every way possible. Anything to keep what she believed to be the "truth" hidden from the eyes of the public. The media, the detectives, and of course, from the person who was about to make her way into the visitors room.

She saw her visitor starting to make her way into the room… until the guard stopped her abruptly. From what Lana could hear, the guard was asking her about why she was here, and what her occupation was, which brought a smile to Lana's face, to see the visitor's eyes gleam whenever she described her job always made Lana smile. She never got tired of hearing her chatting away about how important it is to the world, and then throwing her fists to her sides in anger when someone commented on her age. It was always a refreshing sight.

After a brief verbal exchange, Lana could hear that she FINALLY stated her reason for being there, and showing a picture when the guard wasn't fully convinced. The guard was still a bit skeptical, and it almost looked like she was about to be sent out for what the guard labeled as "Your parents" but Lana decided she better intervene.

"Sam, I already told you!" Lana shouted through the bulletproof glass at the guard, which caused him to spin around quite nervously. "If you want to keep getting paid, I suggest you let her pass!" This caused the guard to stumble a bit, also causing an unusual gasp to come from him before he managed to finally speak up, nervously. "S-sorry M-m-Miss Skye, I just thought that... I mean I had a feeling that… I mean I…" he wasn't able to speak a proper sentence, so he just directed the girl, rather quickly, to the chair she was to sit in, before redirecting his area of focus to his post at the wall. Lana still had a serious frown on her face, but was internally grinning at the sight of the guard stammering and sulking.

Her attention was quickly redirected to the smiling face of the visitor, now seated, who all to quickly scribbled down something on a notepad tongue sticking out, then put her finger to her chin and appeared to be contemplating how she would start the conversation. Finally she decided to speak up, and after putting down the notepad and pen, she looked at the former District Prosecutor.

"Hi, Lana! How are things?" She was unusually perky considering where they both currently were sitting in, but while it would bother most people, Lana gently smiled at the irony of this whole situation. Lana decided to just respond casually, and not pay to mind all the thoughts she had prior to the visit's beginning.

"Hello, Ema. Things are… okay, I guess. It's unusually clean in here; I guess the image of prison the media reveals isn't as true as they say it is, huh?" Lana smiled, but she wasn't happy. She found it slightly humorous when her younger sister looked at her in that way she looks when she's about to deliver her clever insight on something spoken. She smiled, because no matter what would change, she couldn't see how Ema ever would. She didn't think Ema ever COULD.

"It's like I always say Lana: Never believe anyone's eyes but your own!" Ema was positively beaming with happiness, which Lana still found unusual, but decided not to ask. "By the way, has Mr. Marshall or Ms. Starr been by here at all? I heard that they were thinking of visiting you later on, Ms. Starr in particular… not fully sure why though…" Ema held her finger to her cheek as she mulled over her previous statement, or more specifically, mulled over if she should tell her older sister the real reason why Ms. Starr was thinking of making an appearance. However, Ema eventually thought that although this was the perfect time and the only place for revealing this, she also recognized that maybe Ms. Starr would want to keep it confidential, so Ema decided to remain silent. She also realized that Lana was looking at her curiously, so she decided to change the subject.

"By the way, thanks for the book, sis! I never realized that you were into scientific investigation too!" Ema was smiling as she reached into her handbag and, nearly knocking out many vials of different chemicals in the process, pulled out a small red book with the words "Scientific Investigation" on the cover of it. Lana smiled, as she was glad that Ema was enjoying her gift, which was the first book that Lana ever bought. However, Ema seemed oblivious to the fact of what was inside the back cover of the book, but Lana decided that she wouldn't say anything… not yet anyways.

Ema was smiling, but it quickly became a frown. She wasn't stupid. She knew where she was, where her sister would remain until she paid her debt to society. Sure, Ema knew her sister could never do anything as terrible as kill another person, however, her sister still aided someone who did, and despite there being a reason for it, one that Ema believed would be good enough to have her sister released from here if it was up to any one person, she also knew that the justice system punishes all who commit crimes, even if the person had no choice but to comply. Ema thought about Lana's reply to Ema's first question, and realized that her sister didn't really answer it. Her sister had, more or less, tried to change the subject in as subtle of a way as possible, so Ema decided to ask again.

"Sis… how are you, really?" Lana was a bit surprised to hear her sister suddenly sound so serious, but at the same time, she knew her sister wasn't a fool. "I believe I already said that things are okay…" Lana paused; she couldn't keep lying to her sister. She sighed to herself, and then continued. "I mean, considering where I am and all, I would assume that most of my fellow… fugitives… would prefer I not be here." She hated her wording of that sentence, but not as much as Ema, who angrily stared at her sister, before replying, "LANA! Don't talk like that! You know that I missed you, and the last thing I would want to hear is something that…" she paused, and Lana could see Ema's face starting to produce tears of mixed emotions. Sadness, worry, joy, and anger, all showed on her face, mostly worry, as she finished her sentence, "… horrible."

Ema looked down so that Lana couldn't see the tears, but Lana knew her sister was upset. She had every right to be. Lana decided to try to help her sister by lightening the mood, although she knew they would still have to talk about what happened, "Ema… I am alright, there's no need for you to cry, so please don't. It hurts me to see you shed tears, you know that. It's oka…" Lana just stopped when her sister shot up again, with an angry look on her face, the faint sign of the tears shed prior still on her cheeks. "It's not okay, sis! Don't you see? You're in prison and even though you had a reason to do what you did, and even though it was for me…" she stopped for a moment to control her emotions before almost whispering to her sister, but it was really her choking on her mix of anger and sadness. "… Why did you do it, Lana? Why… why did you leave me?"

Lana knew her sister wasn't talking about 'leaving' in the literal sense of the word. She knew what she meant. "Ema… you must understand that I had to leave… I had to abandon myself… Ema… I couldn't handle what I did… I had to keep it within me, keep it bottled up for as long as I could… because I couldn't face you… I couldn't face me, Ema… Please understand." Lana bit her nail to try to keep herself from breaking down in front of her sister, who was also as upset as her sister was across from her.

"Lana. You could've told me what was wrong. You didn't have to become so distant from you own sister. You didn't have to become so cold. Lana. Why didn't you tell m-"

"NO! Ema, you know that I could NOT tell you, of all people, Ema! If what I thought was ever spoken out, I couldn't imagine what you would think of me. You were only 14, sis! Even if you did do…" she paused, because she didn't know what to say, so she simply left that part blank and continued on, "you couldn't even tell what you were doing, and I would do anything to keep you from recognizing what happened… and I did do everything to keep that from happening. " She felt herself get ill once again while recalling her life over the past two years, and the people she abandoned from her life. She hid herself from everyone in order to be able to cope with what she did in her life. And what she thought had happened two years prior.

Ema couldn't control the tears anymore. She had waited for her sister to come back to her, and now she finally was back and she couldn't even see her without a large glass panel in front of her. Ema didn't need to be protected from her sister; she needed her sister to protect her! Their father and mother were… no longer with them, and Lana was the only family Ema had anymore. Ema was completely alone now, at least, she felt that way. She wanted her sister and her to be together, no restrictions. But... she knew that would be impossible, not just scientifically or logically, but completely impossible for now. The only way she could see her sister would be in this one room. She wouldn't be able to see her sister any other way and that fact was practically killing Ema.

Lana saw Ema's tears, and though she felt too ill now to even speak, she fought through how she felt and spoke anyways; she had to get Ema under control again, for Ema's sake. "Sis… look at me" Ema was still looking away, a foolish attempt at hiding the tears trickling down her cheeks. "Ema… please… look at me" Ema fought every instinct telling her to ignore her sister, and looked into her sister's eyes. They both knew how the other felt: Helpless… lonely…scared. Once Lana realized that Ema was finally looking at her, she continued, "Ema, I will be alright, that much I know, and as much as you are scared for me, you know it too, right?" Ema looked back down again, straight down at the floor. She was very worried for her sister, but she couldn't deny the fact that Lana was right. Lana, though somewhat weak when it came to physical stature, was incredibly intelligent, and had a powerful presence around others, even before SL-9. Ema slowly nodded and looked back up at her sister.

"Ema… I wish I could be there for you, but I know I can't, so I need you to be strong for me while I serve my time, okay?" Ema had stopped crying as Lana spoke. Ema knew that her big sister would be okay, and Ema also knew that she had to be strong as well. People look up to the Skye's, people respect them, and Ema knew that she would have to become mature, and be brave. "Ema… do you understand?" Ema shed tears… but it wasn't sadness she felt, but rather… relief. "Yes, Lana, I understand. I will make you proud!" Lana smiled brightly, as did Ema. However, Ema was still troubled by something, and Lana was pretty sure of what Ema would ask next.

"Ema, see you are still troubled by something?" Ema knew her sister could sense when she had something on her mind. "Actually, I was wondering about what to do now… I mean, as interesting as scientific investigation is, I realize that, well… I feel I am not going to be taken too seriously as an investigator unless I broaden my horizons more. You know, gain more knowledge in other fields of investigation?" Lana looked down slightly, deep in thought, for what felt like forever (which according to Ema's watch, was really about 20 seconds) before she smiled and looked back at her sister.

"I think I know someone who could help. I have a friend in Europe, who works as a coroner, and I'm pretty sure she can help you learn more about investigating, if you are willing to see her?" To say Ema was shocked at what her sister just proposed would be an understatement. She nearly dropped all the contents out of her handbag when she accidentally bumped the strap off her shoulder, sending the bag towards the hard floor, before Ema gripped the bag as quickly as possible. Once the strap was back around her shoulder, she tried to speak, but was a bit shaken still. "Eu-Europe!? How the… how would I even be able to afford to get there? I mean, it's not like I get allowance anymore, and even if I did get it, I'd pro…" Lana was trying to hold back her laughter upon witnessing her sister's reaction. "Ema, calm down for a moment! Ha-ha-ha" Ema stopped talking, which also caused her to breathe in deeply to relax herself (and because she was speaking so fast she didn't have time to breathe) and raised her eyebrow at her sister, who was laughing softly. "Ema, just leave everything to me, okay? You should know by now that you can always depend on me for anything, right?"

Ema thought to herself for a moment, before smiling and looking back up at her sister. "Okay, sis! I trust you. Just remember to call me when everything is ready, okay?" Lana smiled back at her sister's cheerfulness before she spoke. "Of course I'll tell you when everything's been arranged! I mean, you'll have to prepare everything before leaving!" Ema laughed, as did Lana, but then Lana heard the guard behind her. "Ms. Skye? Time's up. Sorry, but you know the rules" Lana looked tilted her head towards the guard and composed herself before saying sternly, "I understand." She looked back into her sister's eyes. "Well Ema, it looks like I have to get going. Get home safe, understand?" Ema put her lenses on as she smiled. "No problem! I asked Mr. Wright to drive me here and back… but since he doesn't have a car, we took the taxi here. He's probably still trying to keep the driver outside here until I go back." Ema smiled to her sister, before suddenly coming to the realization that she wouldn't be able to see her sister for a long time after she leaves this room. Lana could see the sadness in her sister's eyes. She decided to tell her sister something, as she was standing up from where she was seated.

"Take care, sis… oh, and Ema?" Her sister looked up at her. "Remember to finish the book quickly, alright?" Ema was very confused as she looked at her sister while gathering her belongings. "There's a surprise at the end of it." Lana stood up and turned to the door, still looking slightly over at her little sister. Ema was confused still, but remembered she had to say something to her sister before she left. "Bye, Lana! I'll remember to write to you when I get to Europe!" Lana was at the door, and as the guard opened the door, she took one last look at Ema, and smiled.

As Ema watched her sister exit through the door at the end of the room, she stood up and started walking toward the door. She looked at the cover of her sister's book. "A… surprise at the… end?" Ema opened the book to the very last page, and saw a small envelope there. She opened the envelope and looked at the small picture inside it.

"Sis…" Ema shed tears once more, of pure joy. "I know now you'll always be with me, wherever I go… Thank you" And with that, she exited through the door, for the first time, truly knowing that she had nothing to worry about anymore, and that she was never really alone.

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