Chapter 1 (revealing the past)

She has always being known as a very quiet teenager, unusually quiet for her age, maybe there is a reason behind this, maybe there's not, for no one knew. Only her not even her parents, only her, not even her friends, only her. No one paid her much attention, no one put her in mind, as if she was just a piece of transparent glass which seemed oddly extra in a world like that, just yesterday, a squirrel ran over her leg. Maybe she has a thought in mind, a strange one, and a thirst for something which had being bugging her since she knew how to talk. A brother, just the word "brother" is strange to her, she has never, in fact seen any one without an elder brother before in her life, not little girls with ponytails dancing in the wind and their brothers, handsome as ever leaning on a bark of tree smiling at them, no one, as she could recall, born in Paris would NOT have a brother. She would give anything, just to get a brother, someone who would protect her in life as she grows, someone who would give her advises as she proceeds on the way to the murderous world. No, just her, alone.

She was, as usual, taking a walk in the 1870 year, in a park in Paris, with cold wind blowing in her face, as a warning that winter is coming. No chirps of birds, not like spring. Spring, something which she misses so much since the last, with bright green grass dotting on the neatly trimmed pathment, with new shoots emerging from the thin layer of snow, and new year's breeze stroking her face, not like winter, with huge balls of snow raining down from the sky above, gales and snowstorms were common.

As she trudged along, she did not at all noticed a woman in black looking at her, with a thick veil over her head, she did not seemed human at all, as she leaned carelessly on a lamppost, all the while looking at the girl. Victory is just ahead, she thought to herself. The girl just walked on, not at all noticing the now growing tension of the woman, who suddenly dashed across the road and came to her side.

"Lavender Froney?" the woman asked.

"Yes, I am", the girl replied.

"I need to talk to you, it is regarding your family", the woman continued.

Lavender just gasped, "wait a minute, how do you know my name?"

"It's a long story dear, but sad, unfortunately."

Raising her eyes, Lavender took the first glimpse at the woman's face; she had removed her veil, and revealed her kind, motherly like face, definitely not a kidnapper, thought Lavender as they sat down at a bench.

"What is it that you wanted to tell me?" Lavender probed the woman, "you may call my madam Giry,"

"Alright, madam Giry".

Taking a huge deep breath, Madam Giry spilled out the sad history of Lavender, "you have a brother out there in Paris, waiting for you, my girl".