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He watched her as she stood in front of him, her blonde hair bouncing with each step she took. He wanted to reach out and touch her, but knew that he shouldn't; he couldn't. He wanted to speak to her in private, and knew that it was against the rules. He shouldn't even be thinking of her in this way, but he couldn't help it.

It wasn't an unhealthy obsession he had for her; he knew it was deeper, but couldn't bear to speak the words or take any action that he knew would change his life forever. He'd lose his job; Hell, he'd be blackballed by every station in Baltimore and possibly Maryland. God knew that if he got on the bad side of Velma Von Tussel, no one would want to be associated with him. She was a powerful ally, and a terrifying enemy. He would deny it to her face, but she intimidated him, and the idea of her finding out what he'd been thinking lately would surely seal his fate.

But, that was hard to care about when he saw the blonde girl every day after school. He would give anything to speak to her, and to have her touch his arm flirtatiously the way she did Link's, but he knew it wasn't possible. It would be considered odd, even disgusting, to most people. But, God, he was only a few years older than her, and she didn't seem to mind the fact that men ogled her like lemonade on a hot summer day. He knew that her relationship with Link wasn't all that it seemed, and while they smiled and held each other on camera, they didn't associate with each other in the backstage area.

He would make every excuse he could think of to see her; he needed to go over a change in the dance with her, wanted to tell her the latest on the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. She would watch him with those cold, blue eyes but never saw what he wanted her to see. Never heard the words he wanted her to hear.

It hadn't always been this way. For the first year she'd been on the show, she'd been just another kid, and he'd treated her like all the others. But then, right around the time she turned seventeen, something about her had changed. Her chest started to look bigger, her waist smaller. Her hips swished from side to side when she walked, and danced, and though she wasn't the best dancer on the show, something about her made him stop and watch.

He shifted in his chair, the make-up artist dabbing at his face with a sponge to even out his complexion. He watched from the corner of his eye as one of the other council boys made their way over to her, speaking to her in such a manner that, even from far away, his flirting was obvious. He felt a knot in his stomach. Those boys couldn't make her happy. They'd just as soon play football with their friends as make her feel special. She needed someone who knew how to take care of her, and they couldn't do it. They didn't want to. All they wanted was to have her as their arm candy, and it wasn't right. It bothered him that they thought of her as just another girl, not anyone particularly special. It bothered him that they lied to her through their teeth; none of whose were as perfect as his own, and that she couldn't see the truth. Or maybe that she did know the truth, and just didn't care.

He closed his eyes, trying to get her mind out of his face before the show started. He couldn't think of her on the air, because then he'd want to look at her, and then Velma would see. If she saw, she would surely confront him on it. Tact wasn't one of her strong points.

Even with his eyes closed, he recreated her face in his mind. He had looked at her enough to memorize the way she sucked her cheeks in slightly when she was angry or upset. He knew that her eyes expressed exactly what she was feeling, and that when she got mad she tended to pout like a child. He found it adorable, and yet, that fire in her eyes was completely irresistible to him. He wanted to kiss her, to touch her like she deserved to be touched, and yet…he could barely speak to her.

He heard the buzzer sound and knew that it was almost time to start the show. He stood from the chair, the heels of his dress shoes clicking as he walked across the soundstage. He smiled reassuringly at the rest of his council, nodding encouragingly at them as they readied themselves in their designated positions. The hiss of the aerosol cans of hairspray was deafening in the air as he stopped before a mirror, pushing a hand through his hair. He studied his reflection, and decided that he looked fine. He turned to walk to the stage, and bumped into someone who was standing less than two feet behind him.

He put his hand up to steady himself, and realized that it was her. She smiled apologetically at him.

"Sorry, Corny. Didn't see you there." Something in her eyes told him that she had.

"It's okay, Amber. Ready for the show?" He found it hard to breathe around her, and could barely believe she was actually this close to him. Her hand touched his arm, and he felt the fire beginning to ignite inside of him.

"I'm ready for anything." She grinned at him, and he wondered for a moment if there was any way she could have discovered his feelings. He'd kept his thoughts so private. He hadn't spoken them to anyone, and he was sure he hadn't been overly showy with his glances at her. He was always very careful about that. She brushed past him then, her long, flowing skirt grazing his fingertips and sending sparks through his body. He watched her as she walked, and knew that he should look away. This wasn't right. He shouldn't be feeling this way about a girl who was technically off-limits. He tried to divert his eyes, but couldn't stop watching the soft swing in her hips as she moved.

It wasn't more than a second later that she turned around, their eyes connecting again. Her eyes appraised his body, and she winked. He felt the blush of attraction creep into his cheeks, and then heard the stage manager call his name. It was show time.