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Give Me Life

Chapter One

Something About You


It's been a long time coming.

For Harry anyway, it all started the summer before fifth year.

He would have liked to have blamed it on hormones, but, to tell the truth, he wasn't exactly going through puberty anymore and his hormones had more or less leveled off to a manageable level. So how then had this happened? Well, that wasn't a question Harry was interested in answering; he didn't much fancy what the answer might be.


He was in one of the spare rooms trying, rather unsuccessfully, to rid it of doxies. The ones that had managed to flee the massacre in the drawing room had settled comfortably into some tattered linens in the wardrobe. They had used all of the doxycide on the curtains, and Harry was having a particularly hard time of stunning the little buggers. He didn't understand; he never had this much trouble. That stunning spell was like second nature to him by now.

He must have been making an awful lot of noise, because, after about the hundredth time he had yelled, "Stupefy," and tried to grab a stunned doxy before it shook itself off and attacked him, he was interrupted.

"What are you doing in here, Potter?"

Harry turned to see his greasy hook-nosed potions professor. "I'm trying,' he started, but was cut off as the doxy he currently had clutched in his hand bit him and made a bid for freedom. Harry managed to fling the offending creature to the floor and give it a few good kicks.

"I hope you have antidote for that," Snape said, once Harry had asserted himself.

Harry dug a vial out of his pocket and downed it, wincing. Just then, another doxy flew at him, and he tried ineffectually to stun it.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake!" Snape strode across the room, his black robes billowing impressively. He stood behind Harry and grabbed the boy's wand hand roughly. Harry tried to push him off, but Snape grabbed his other hand too. The doxy bite stung under the pressure, but Harry hardly noticed as Snape took control of his wand.

Snape moved Harry's hand in a wide swoop and said, "Stupefy," in a forceful commanding voice. Harry was blown away by the feeling of vast power being channeled through him. It was mind-blowing, to an almost literal degree. He could feel parts of his brain that he never knew he had, being opened to channel out all of that power. The euphoria was like that sated moment just after an orgasm.

The doxies fell unconscious to the floor with a simultaneous dull thump, and Snape released Harry.

Harry staggered for a second, feeling raw and used. He tried to form words, but only managed a little fish-like gaping.

"Yes Potter, I think that should take care of them."

"I didn't know you could do that."

"I can do lots of things Potter, and what you don't know could fill libraries: does, in fact, fill libraries." Snape sneered. "Where is your godfather?"

"What do you want Sirius for?" Harry asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Not that it's any of your business Potter, but I have a letter for him from the other mutt. Perhaps you could pass along the message that I am not an owl and I do not enjoy couriering back and forth their sappy love letters." Snape dug into his robes and drew out an envelope, handing it to Harry. "Perhaps you could give this to him and save me the trouble of carrying a response."

Harry stared dumbfounded at the letter in his hand. It said "To my Padfoot," in Remus' handwriting on the front. But the red ink it was written in, and a certain emphasis on the word my, gave off a distinct love-sick impression.

Snape, as accomplished as he was at reading people in general and Harry in particular, did not mistake the expression on Harry's face. He quickly snatched the letter back. "Maybe I'll just give it to him myself after all."

But, it was too late; it seemed the damage had been done.

"Are Sirius and Lupin…," but Harry trailed off, unable to voice the idea.

"Look, I didn't know that they hadn't told you, but maybe this will convince them to deliver their messages in person." Snape said with his usual sneer. But if he didn't know better, he would have said that Snape actually looked a bit surprised: seemed apologetic even, defensive.

But, Snape was already on his way out the door.

"Thank you," Harry called after him.

Snape paused in the doorway. "Yes, well it's just a good thing that I'm not responsible for your abysmal wand work; I'd have to resign," Snape shot back. Mumbling, "Can't even do a simple stunning spell," and then he was gone.


Yeah, well after that Harry had the feeling he'd never have trouble with another stunning spell, ever again. He shivered, as he was hit by a reverberation of that sweet invasion of power. "Stupefy," indeed.


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