Marauding Ever After

By Mari Kenobi

Author's note - As usual, don't own anything.

Chapter 1 - Fred

Fred Weasley looked around the place he had just been dropped by some cloaked guy complaining about it being a busy night. He was seriously confused. He was just joking with Percy a minute ago. Whatever cursed was hurled his way sent him someplace far away. Maybe it was a vanishing curse? He'd just have to figure out where he was before doing anything else.

"Hello!" He kept walking around. "Hello!" His surroundings were just plain weird. It must be some place where wizards ended up after vanishing type curses. He'd have to figure out how they worked, they could be useful in the future.

Clearly the good guys were using it too because he saw Snape tumble in, extremely confused. Fred almost ran after him but he realized he didn't have his wand and it might not be prudent. At least until he was sure of what was happening, then he could avenge his brother's ear.

He walked a bit further and stopped when he thought he heard his name. He turned around softly because it was a familiar voice. One he hadn't heard in over two years.



"Sirius." Fred whispered. It was impossible. He was dead. "It can't be." He surveyed his surroundings. "If you are alive, where have you been? Harry needed you! C'mon there's a battle right now at Hogwarts! Our friends need us!"

"Fred. I'm dead." Sirius spoke a bit louder this time, his face very comforting, and also very young.

"It can't be. You look so different. I don't understand this. Do I have the power to see dead people? Wait 'till George finds out."

'Fred, you are dead."

Fred closed his eyes and shook his head. "I kind of had already figured it out, but you know, still wanted to be in denial for bit longer. Thanks for helping with THAT!"

Sirius shook his head. "I never sugarcoat things." He seemed to be listening to something else. "I have to go. It's a busy night and I'm needed. I'll be back soon," and with that he was gone.

Fred was all alone again. He staggered to the floor and wished he could have a more comfortable place to sit. As soon as he thought this, he found himself sitting in a leather armchair.

Oh yeah. He was dead. Or this was some weird room of requirement he was on at the time. "How did I die? Who killed me?" Suddenly he received images of himself, Percy, and a wall blowing up.

"What!" He stood up. "That was a pansy way to die! Pieces of a wall fell on me! Rocks fell! I die?" He kicked whatever had appeared for him to kick. "I need to see Harry. I need to see that my death was worth it!" As soon as he said that, a gigantic window popped up in front of him and showed him Harry being AKed by Voldemort. Fred spit out the drink he didn't realize he was drinking. "WHAT! NO EFFING WAY! MY DEATH WAS WASTED! WHEN HARRY GETS HERE I'LL KILL HIM!"

"Easy Fred. Things are not what they seem." Tonks was standing next to him.

Not her. What about Teddy… He took a deep breath (or whatever it was since it seemed he was dead), "We are not dead then?"

"We are. It sucks and it's not fair. The good thing is that Harry's not dead… not really."

"What? So he's just mostly dead?" He asked sarcastically. "Does he need a chocolate pill or something?"

"You watched that muggle movie too? I loved it." She caught his face, "but that's not important now. This was all part of Dumbledore's plan. I don't quite have all the details yet, but Remus will be here soon to explain."

"No! Not Lupin too! This is just wrong! What's going to happen to your baby?"

"My mother will take care of him." She wiped a tear away. "At least I fought to give him a better life."

"Dora." Lupin had appeared and immediately was comforting her. He saw Fred's questioning look, but he just shook his head. "Later. Harry's back." He nodded towards the window. Fred also realized that other people had joined them, including Sirius and Tonks' father. He had many more questions but no one was playing attention to him. They were watching Harry and the action at the window, all of them talking nonstop.

"Wow. My cousin came through."

"It's a mother's love… even if it's Draco."

"Hagrid can be a bit thick! How can he not realize Harry's alive?"

"He's overwhelmed. Give him a break."

"Can you guys be quiet? I want to hear. It is my son out there you know."

"Voldemort's a bastard."

"Always stating the obvious Padfoot."

"Moony I'm trying to listen."

"Poor Minerva."

"Still with the crush, huh? I might get offended."

"Professor Lupin had a crush on McGonagall!"

"That's a story for later, Fred. We'll have time."

"Oh Neville. Oh Neville. That's my boy."

"Wow Neville. Who knew he had it in him."

"Where's Harry?"

"Why is he standing like that in the middle? The snake's dead, shouldn't he strike now? Of course, I still don't get the plan…"




"And now I take back everything bad I ever said about Molly."

"Sirius, I'm right here you know."

"Voldemort had feelings for my aunt? Nah…"

"Can't be. He's probably upset he lost his best weapon."

"Harry, just get on with it. Doesn't he know only evil overlords give the long speech? Sheeesh. This is why he needed his father…"

"Oh sweetheart, please be careful."

"No, this is why he always needed Hermione and Ron. Why would he tell a room filled of people, including Death Eaters that he is the master of the Elder Wand!"

"I don't think he really ever wanted that peaceful life after all."

"Finally! We need butterbeers, firewhiskey, everything to celebrate! Prongs' son defeated Voldemort!"

Everyone cheered!

All around Fred, everything was changing into a celebration. No one was looking at the window anymore where there was also celebrating going on, as well as commiseration. Fred saw as Tonks and Lupin hugged and kissed, the same thing for the other couple, he had just realized were Harry's parents. No wonder Harry fell for Ginny. If he were alive, he'd find it a bit weird… He was also very alone. He needed George. He went to the window.

"George." Immediately the scene shifted to the Weasleys. They were hugging, halfway between tears of joy and despair. George was in the middle of everything, with Fred's body next to him.

"C'mon everybody." He could hear George addressing the family. "Fred wouldn't want us to be so dead serious about him. After all, he went the way he would have liked, laughing. Listen to me, I'm saintly I know about this things."

Fred groaned. "He needs me. He's never going to be able to make good ear jokes without me." He felt a hand land on his shoulder. He didn't turn around. "I have to go back. There has to be a way."

"Don't you think that if there had been, I would have been the first to do so?"

"Sirius you don't understand. George is a part of me. I'm a part of him. We've never been apart from each other." Sirius tried to pull him into a hug, but Fred wasn't having it. "I know. I can become a ghost, like Nick."

"Fred, I know it's hard, but you have to accept that you are dead and you are not going back. If you were to become a ghost, you would have already. You were ready to die and you went into battle knowing that. We can only watch over our loved ones from here. You can decide to stay dwelling over it or you can join us and begin enjoying your after life. Your choice, mate. I'll be with the rest."

Fred didn't budge. He sat down and kept staring at his family for a very long time.