Marauding Ever After

by MariKenobi

Chapter 31 – Almost Happily Ever After

A/N - It's been a long time. Life... computer crashed... heartbreak... job sucks... etc

The PINK over took everything. It was sparkly and beautiful. It would have been shocking if it were meant for anyone else. But this was all for Dora (and Remus too, of course.) Everyone in attendance was happy awaiting their arrival. Sadly (or maybe not… depends on how you looked at it) this joyous gathering could be seen as a Voldemort's victims reunion. But with the passage of time and knowing that somehow they all contributed to Harry's triumph… it really wasn't all that sad. It was a celebration… quite a big celebration seeing how they were there to witness the continued love of their dear friends.

Dobby ran around making sure everyone was sitting down while Ted & the Hearties began soft music to set the mood. Merlin took his spot at the front of the aisle. The show was clearly about to start. Everyone turned around to look for Remus and Dora. The anticipation was palpable.

But where were they?

Had something happened?

They were right outside, taking their sweet time to arrive, holding hands and exchanging kisses, acting like silly fools in love. "We are here." Remus smiled at her.

"For my very special surprise." Dora giggled and kissed him.

"You know, don't you?" Remus raised an eyebrow and shook his head. He should have known. His wife was brilliant.

"One question…, who's going to be your best man?" She kissed him again.

"James… clearly a mistake." Sirius approached them. "I would have made sure you were both at the ceremony on time."

Both Remus and Dora laughed.

"The almost best man is right, Dora. We should go in."

"I believe you should go first." Dora winked. "See you in a few."

"I'll miss you." He smiled and began walking.

"I'll miss you more." She blew him a kiss.

"Oh gag me. Just get on with it." Sirius pushed them in. "Show time."

"Dearly beloved, we are joyously gathered here to reiterate the grand love that commenced between Nymphadora (HEY!) Tonks and Remus Lupin back in the land of the living." Merlin began to preside quite pompously over the assembled.

Remus and Dora glanced at each other and grinned. They tried to contain their laughs but couldn't. They were deliriously happy and showing it to everyone in attendance. Their radiance was contagious to everyone around. James and Lily grinned so much that they shone brightly. Together it appeared to be a constellation among the guests… with only one dark spot. Ironic, if you considered his name. In fact, as Sirius looked around, everyone was smiling widely. Really… everyone, but him…

Sirius… was well serious.

And it really didn't help with all of the particulars. He wasn't sad or bummed. He was… not overflowing with joy. So he just stood out… and not in the good way.

It was all made worse by what happened next.

And maybe it was planned. Maybe it just happened. It could have been plain coincidence…

As soon as Remus and Dora were re-declared married, windows with everyone's Earthly weddings kept appearing all around them. Past weddings, future weddings, their families' weddings. It was all one big giant wedding pallooza. Everyone in attendance was involved in a wedding, usually theirs…

That's it…. Every one of course, but Sirius… he didn't even get up to see himself at his friends' weddings.

Tears of happiness filled everyone as they ran to relive the happy memories or watch their living loved ones' futures. All around, joy was spreading. Spontaneous dancing occurred and Sirius just sat there. All alone. Not even getting up to take in some of the action.

Even Fred had gotten over his brother marrying Angelina. He kept calling all the people he knew to come over and watch that window. However he couldn't deal with the apparent chosen décor. "Pink? With our complexion? What were they thinking?" Fred shook his head. "They clearly needed my expertise. It's incredible that this occurred! Who did they get to do the wedding? Lockhart? Deeply disappointed in Ginny. She shouldn't have let this happened!"

"Lockhart was all about the color lilac. I'm sure Ginny was too busy with Harry to think about the Pink situation." Cedric suggested. "Besides, it makes it unique… extravagant… memorable."

Fred touched upon his chin and played with the few hairs he had managed to grow before dying. "True… it would be just like them to provide shock value to this grand occasion on purpose. Sure, lacks some creativity, but what could they do without the brains of the operation. Points for effort, though. Now that I think it over, I approve!"

"Whoop dee doo!" Sirius walked by. "People still living are having a great time. Of course they are! They are still LIVING IT up! Get it? Ha ha ha. I kill me, if I weren't dead."

"Oh he better not ruin my party!" Dora walked up next to them, glaring at her cousin.

"Don't mind him. He never really liked weddings. He enjoyed Lily and James' because Lily had already prepared a room for Sirius above the garage! If she hadn't, he probably would have complained and whined throughout. Plus the Fire Whiskey was flowing freely." Remus hugged his bride. "He also liked Ted and Andromeda's because of the scandal!"

"Well, he better get over that." Dora folded her arms. "We need a plan. He's getting on my nerves again."

At that moment, Aurora walked past them talking animatedly to a few of the other equally animated guests. Fred grinned wickedly. "No. What we need is a scheme. I say we step outside and put our little heads together. Mine already has something brewing." He took a few steps and turned to his friends. "Let's go. Time's a wasting!"

Sirius was nursing a firewhiskey premium, nothing but the best in the Ever After, especially if Remus was footing the nonexistent bill. He knew he was being childish, but he was feeling so bummed out and alone, even though he was surrounded by friends. He just didn't know how to move past it. Everyone else seemed to be able to find someone and be happy. He could only keep being unhappy.



That's what he was.

Majorly jealous.

And bitter.

His life had been unfair from the start. Born into a lousy family, growing up during a horrid war, losing his only friends, being unfairly imprisoned, and finally when he could almost smell freedom… KILLED.

Really, it was a wonder he hadn't gone completely mad and killed a few (not like he could of course)… but he just ended up seeing everyone moving on and he stuck.

He noticed his drink was empty and stood up to get another one when he ran smack right into Cedric. "Hey!"

"Sirius! There you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

"I'm here. What do you need from me?"

"Nothing! I just want you to come with me. I saw the most awesome thing. You are going to love it!" Cedric laughed excitedly. "Let's go!"

Sirius groaned. "Do I have to?"

"Trust me. You won't be disappointed."

Sirius followed begrudgingly and wondering if whatever it was could actually improve his mood.

Probably not.