By Super Reader

Just a oneshot I thought up one night and it wouldn't leave my mind until I wrote it...This is number 37 of the 100 Theme Challenge. I hope you like it! I dunno when this is based time wise. You decide. I am the proud owner of nothing. :)

Eyes. You'd never consider them dangerous. But they are. Pulling you deeper and deeper into their endless pools of color until you were completely submerged.

These were the thoughts running through the head of one Nigel Uno.

Oh not ALL eyes were nice, some were positively ugly and cold but not the eyes of the person he had in mind. No, her eyes were warm, laughing, and beautiful. Just endless tunnels that seemed to go on and on forever.

Whenever Nigel looked into them he got a warm fuzzy feeling and had to try his hardest so as not to act like a fool in front of her. It was hard but he usually managed it.

"Mr. Uno! Please pay attention!" Mrs. Trinity, the algebra teacher barked.

Nigel jumped and looked at the board trying to pay attention to the most boring class in school, in his opinion anyway.

"So what happened to you in algebra, Numbuh 1?" Hoagie Gilligan asked curiously.

"Nothing. I was just thinking." Nigel sighed.

Hoagie looked at him slyly.

"About HER?"

"Yeah... no wait! I wasn't!" Nigel stammered.

Hoagie shook his head.

"Right. Sure." He said rolling his eyes. "Dude, you should just tell her and get it over with. This is sorta pathetic. Especially because you're still with Lizzie."

Nigel looked annoyed. "I KNOW that. I just can't tell her. It'd ruin our friendship."

"Maybe, maybe not." Hoagie muttered before turning down the hall in the opposite direction.

"I KNOW it would. It's not like she feels the same." Nigel muttered before walking away.

"Hi Nigie!" Came a cheerful voice from the other end of the hall.

Nigel flinched. Only one person called him by that nickname. Only one person would DARE to call him that. Lizzie Devine.

"Are we going out on a date tonight, Nigie?" Lizzie asked, attaching herself to Nigel's arm and batting her eyelashes at him.

Nigel frowned as he looked into her eyes. Sure he had looked into them before but this was the first time he actually SAW them.

They were dark brown, very common. They were dull, not stupid dull, they just had none of that special sparkle in that SHE had in her eyes.

Lizzie's eyes were partially hidden by her glasses but what Nigel could see didn't interest him.

They didn't pull him in like HER'S did. They didn't give him a warm fuzzy feeling like HER'S did. They weren't even that pretty and HER'S were gorgeous.

Nigel pulled away from the girl and turned.

"Actually Lizzie. I have a few things to do tonight. Maybe tomorrow ok?" He asked starting to walk away.

"Ok! But tomorrow you owe me!" Lizzie giggled.

"Yeah sure." Nigel muttered walking down the hall.

Half way to English he passed a girl.

They didn't have time to stop and talk so she just flashed him a warm smile and a small wave and continued on.

Her eyes were the purest amber color of autumn leaves. Sparkling, warm, laughing and beautiful.

They were the eyes he had fallen in love with and were the eyes of his best friend.

Abby Lincoln.


Wow this is probably the shortest story I've ever done! Was it complete trash? Or something to be proud of? Either way review! And flames will be used to roast marshmallows. :)