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Paul Muad'dib found himself sandwiched between royal concubine and royal wife. His mother, the Lady Jessica, had taken to the turn with an odd smile; a situation that she herself might not have minded if her Duke had married. Though that possibility was long since gone from the realm of that which is.

But it was Paul in his, to be for sure, tender place: not the dead Duke Leto. Shortly after the royal wedding, which had guaranteed an Atreides sitting upon the imperial throne, it was his Sihaya who, out of her own feminine touches, had pointed out to Paul the loss in Irulan, who now had no real companionship.

It's funny, is it not, how companionship had found all three in the same bed night after night. The knowledge that Paul had found about human beings; that one organism, sweeping into a frenzied heat bound by no barriers, had done the unthinkable: surprised him.

One could say, certainly, that not all surprises were bad when your arms were snaked around firm tan hips, pressed into a warm body, his own strong support, even if he was Usul. While creamy hands snaked around him from behind from where the Duchess Irulan held onto him as support her own support.

He could remember the days as a child on Caladan, under his father the Duke Leto. His training with his closest companion Gurney. Or Mentat Thurfir Hawatt. His days on the Atreides fief of Arrakis, with his mother and father, and the threat of Harkonnen around the corner; the hunter-seeker that had nearly taken his life or that of the poor Fremen girl who had flirted with him before the incident.

He could remember his days in the desert as Fremen; fighting a vendetta against Rabban of the Harkonnen; and he could remember the fight against the other Harkonnen in order to subdue the Emperor: Feyd.

He could remember all he liked, but it changed nothing. His gift, what some would call a curse, his very sight of what was to come only told him the future if it remained unchanged. Yet here he lay with two loves who had spoken hardly a word to one another before their chanced possibility. Was it possible? Was it even possible the two had accepted each other to share him at night when they still appeared to not accept one another during the day? If he were still a boy he might have blushed at the thought of just how the two shared him.

You could ask 'how the hell he had gotten into this position'. But I would find it just better to explain; After all the worm comes soon and we will need to ride then. No chance to talk then, all of the moment lies in the now. The now decides the future after all. So let me reiterate the whole point of this story.

Paul Muad'dib found himself sandwiched between royal concubine, and royal wife. Remembering the past that had narrowed to this point. And yet, he could not find anything to distress over with the warm and tender envelopment he found himself in: every night and morning.

Let us take just a small look see at how this ever developed. Shall we?


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