What is the point

What is the point? Of being the smartest, when you can't even do simple things like run? – Faith Haven

"Your musing for the day?" a voice asked.

Faith looked up from her work, "Hmmm?"

Wes, a boy about one year Faith's senior looked over her shoulder. He brushed his red hair out of his eyes and pointed to her work.

"Nice handwriting, you care telling me what's eating you?"

Faith sighed, "Everything, remember Sports day?"


"What in the bloody hell am I going to do?" Faith cried out, "I can't enter in anything!" she started down the hallway.

Wes follow, stepping in pace with her, "How about those pull-ups? You're good at those. Anyhow, things been boring around here, and I hope they liven up by Sports day."

Faith snorted, "First of all that's the only thing I can do. Second didn't anyone tell you 'may your life be exciting' is the worse curse anyone could put on you?"

"You're no fun. I mean, even with electronics and computers you don't take any risk," then he muttered under his breath, "even when you are good a code breaking."

"And get in trouble with the law? No thanks," she pointed to herself, "I've already got enough on my plate. Between me, and my insane family I don't have a normal life!"

"Come on your family isn't that bad. Besides your family is just your dad and he's a good guy," Wes shrugged.

Faith groaned, "My dad is a bit off his rocker, his experiments and his projects, and talking to him is-is- is frustrating!"


"Whenever I try to talk about my mom he would just try and avoid it. Then there are his inventions…"

That got Wes' attention, "Oh? You never talk about them."

Faith tapped her wheelchair, "This is custom made, by my dad. I later found out he put a tracker in it."

"The over protective parent," Wes nods.

"Then he won't let me out of his sight, only when I'm with you," Faith growled.

"Very much so…"

"He's always monitoring me, it's a wonder why people don't mistake me for his experiment! I wouldn't mind for a boring weekend for once."

"Speaking of the weekend…" Wes trailed off.

Faith stopped and turned, "No!"

"No what?"

"You and I know very well what. I am not going to that damn Anime Convention with you! What is it with you and anime?" she started again.

"It's interesting, and they're going to have a-"

"I know, I know, a Gundam Wing section. Good god! What is it with you and big giant machines? You've talked to me about it so much I know just as much as any fanatic and I don't watch the show!" she growled.

"What's it you and dissing every show you've seen?" he countered.

Faith thought about that one, "Don't know, maybe it's because everyone is too perfect."

"No they're not. Wufei is a justice screaming freak, Trowa barely talks, Heero is very anti-social, Duo-"

"I don't mean that kind of perfect. Physically, they are probably more healthy than most people in this school," Faith interrupted.


"Don't 'ah' me!"

Wes thought for a minute, "Maybe that would be a good new suggestion, for the producers I mean. Come on, I bet there are pilots that have some physical problem. Too bad it isn't real… That would be so cool."

As they entered the port-a-pack Faith stated dryly, "Be careful for what you wish for, they might just come true."

Wes didn't make any comment back. Pleased that she won this round, Faith moved on without Wes, before anyone could give any warning the ground began to shake.

"Damn! An Earthquake!" Faith put on the brakes.

Wes tried to get his bearings, "This is a strong- Faith look out!"

Faith looked behind her to see part of the roof caving in. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and Faith found herself falling. That is, until she fell on something, or someone. She groaned, it felt like she was hit in the head with a brick. Before she could figure out what just happened someone else voiced his or her displeasure of being used as a landing cushion.

"Get off me," stated a very deadly voice.

Faith rolled off of the person, and steadied herself by sitting with her back to the railing. She blinked, it was a railing and if she wasn't careful she could fall off the catwalk and onto the ground below.

"How in the hell did I end up on a catwalk?" Faith thought to herself.

The sound of footsteps running caught her attention. Looking up she gaped, if Wes was here with her he would have asked for a picture. There was Duo Maxwell running towards the person, which in this case was Heero Yuy. Heero got up and pointed his gun at her. Where it came from she wasn't sure, and she wasn't sure she wanted to know.

Duo stepped in front of her, "Hey Heero, don't you think you're jumping to conclusions? She looks harmless enough, maybe she just lost her way."

"Duo, that girl landed on me, out of nowhere," Heero stated.

"Okay so that's weird… maybe she's from a different dimension and got lost somewhere?" Duo made a hazarded guessed.

If it weren't so serious Faith would have laughed, since it wasn't too far from the truth. Suddenly she noticed the three other Gundam pilots running up to them.

"Great, just great," Faith couldn't believe this was happening.

Trowa stared down at her, "Where did she come from?"

Heero shrugged, "She fell on me, she's probably a spy."

"The main word is probably," Faith, said dryly, "In other words I could not be a spy."

Duo grinned, "Don't encourage the guy, okay? Just let me do that talking. Besides I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to have you around, what can you do?"

Faith thought for a moment, "Computer stuff and electronics, but…" she waved her hands to the ground below, where she go a good view of the Gundams, "this stuff is out of my league. I don't know a thing about mobile suits."

"Maybe she could help you Heero," Duo chirped.

Heero glared, "She is a spy. Anyone who sees a Gundam must die."

"Heero, we don't even know how she got here," Quatre countered.

Inside, though Faith wouldn't admit it. She was petrified; she just got whisked away into a word she didn't care beans about. In this world, as far as she knew someone like her wouldn't last five minutes. There were five pilots two who were willing to just ask things about her, and the other three probably wanted her dead. Worse of all, she knew she couldn't get away from them, even if her life depended on it. Which it did at the moment.

Wufei studied her, but with just pure indifference.

"I bet he's going to say something about me being weak," Faith thought bitterly.

Wufei then spoke up, "Yuy's right, she is a threat. Maxwell you didn't even check that weak onna for weapons."

Faith had enough, "Look here!"

Everyone stared at her, while Heero raised his gun.

"I don't have a gun on me or any weapons on me! If I had my book-bag I would be most tempted to throw a textbook at that thick skull of yours Chang Wufei! It's bad enough that my friends wish came true, that it just happened to me instead of my friend, that I'm stuck in a world I've just heard about, but I don't need people pointing guns at me or calling me weak!" Faith grabbed the bar above her and pulled herself up, with her legs still on the floor.

"How did you know my name?" Wufei glared.

"One move and I will shoot you," Heero took off the safely.

Quatre looked at her in shock, "What was your friends wish?"

Faith shrugged, "To go to the Gundam World. Crazy but true, he's a fanatic."

Duo nods, "See Heero, it's not her fault!"

Heero put his gun away, "Fine, but she does anything suspicious she gets shot."

Everyone starts heading back down, when Heero turned, "What are you waiting for?"

Faith held back the tears, this was the part the scared her, "I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?" Heero was getting impatient.


"Master Quatre!" Rasid called.

Quatre leaned over, "Yes Rasid?"

"We found this, it's full of school supplies, among other things," Rasid pointed to a bag that hung off a chair.

Faith looked over grateful, "Excuse, sir?"

Rasid looked at Faith.

"Could you please bring that up here?" she asked, "all of it please."

Within minutes Rasid brought it up and place it near Faith. The boys studied the chair with wheels. Faith blinked, "Don't that have people like me here? Great, the last thing I need."

Pushing herself all of the way up with the railing, she settled herself in the wheelchair. Check her bag, things and to see in what condition it was in. That's when it hit her, "Shit."

"What's the matter?" Duo asked.

"Nothing," Faith smiled sadly, "Is there an elevator any where?"

Quatre pointed down the catwalk, "Down there."

"Good, then I'll see you on the ground. By the way, it would be easier for all of us if I had a ground room," Faith stated, then she turned and wheeled herself to the elevator.

"Why isn't doesn't she just walk like everyone else?" Wufei asked.

Everyone just shrugged.

The night went by without a problem. The pilots didn't question too much on why she was in a wheelchair. Late that night Faith did some research, and the information confirmed what she feared. There weren't any people like her; birth defects were dealt with in the womb and accidents with surgery. A part of her wished it was like that in her world.

"Well sooner or later they'll figure out I can't walk," Faith murmured.

Duo got up a noon, and was surprised that Heero was yelling at him. Getting up he when to the workout room. There was hard breathing coming from the room. As he walked inside he noticed Faith, with her chair below her. She was doing pull-ups, and didn't know he was in the room.

"19… 20… 21… 22… 23… 24… 25."

Carefully Faith let herself down, but not carefully enough. She missed her chair by an inch sending her chair crashing down and her on the ground.

"Damn!" Faith swore, sitting up she grabbed her legs moving them to where she wanted.

Duo watched as she went on her stomach, using her hands to pull her forward to where the wheelchair was. After several minutes of trying to get the chair back up she swore with frustration, blinking back the tears Faith knew how big her dilemma was.

"Damn! Bad enough Quatre's bathroom isn't built for the handicapped." Faith heard a sound.

Looking up she knew right away it was Duo. He put the chair back up, then lifting her off the ground and putting her back in the wheelchair.

"Thanks," Faith smiled.

Duo frowned, "If it helps any, I'll tell Quatre about the bathroom."

Faith blinked, "No, it's okay. I should have made sure the wheelchair was right under me."

She starts to wheel away from the room. Duo runs to catch up with her.

"Do you need any help?" Duo asked.

Faith stopped, "No, I don't unless I need it."


"No buts Duo. Look, I've been taught to look after myself. I'll be fine."

"You!" Heero stepped into the room.

Faith turned, "My name is Faith Heero, you could have just asked for it."

"The scientists wants to see you," Heero didn't stop.

"You must be kidding me," Faith stared at him.

It soon became clear that Heero wasn't kidding. The scientists questioned her about what she knew, what she could do and so forth. After that they put her through simulation after simulation, test after test. Testing her reflexes, strength and intelligence. When they were done, the G-boys and Faith were seated around the table.

"We have all thought this out and have decided that Faith will be trained to be our sixth pilot."

Before anyone of the Gundam pilots would protest, Faith beat them to it, "No! Look, there is no way I could be a pilot. Give me one could reason why."

Dr. J looked at her serious, "If you can give me a good reason why not."

Faith thought for a minute, "I can't walk. If I can't walk then that limits what I can do. If someone knocks me out of my wheelchair I'm a sitting duck. I can't go on recon missions, the most I can probably use as defense is a gun and I don't even know how to do that. How in the bloody hell am I going to get around? You need someone mobile, not someone who's strapped to a damn wheelchair."

Everyone but Duo stared at her in shock.

Faith pushed herself away from the table, "Sorry, but it isn't possible. You're better off finding someone who can walk."

Without another word she wheeled herself away from the room and out the door.

Author's Note: To me this is an interesting twist compare to all of the other girls who come from the real world. Smart, but not physically able, and uh… unlike my other real world story it isn't base on anyone or anything. In fact you have suggestions, I'll be happy to think it over. If you want her to be set up with anyone (cause I don't have a person in mind), then tell me.