Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

Faith Haven was writing in her journal when Duo came bouncing into her room.

Duo grinned, "I have a surprise for you!"

Faith looked up, not looking all too trilled, "Duo, the last time you said that I nearly crashed the carrier into a hill."

"Come on, you weren't that bad," Duo was still grinning.

"When we were miles into the air, you told me it was my turn to pilot. We nearly crashed."

Faith crossed her arms over her chest. A few days earlier, Duo had started Faith's flying lessons. Unfortunately Duo had never thought before, nor had it occurred to him that Faith had never been in a plane before. These two facts made a bad combination when it came to teaching Faith. After teaching her through books, Duo thought it would be a great surprise to let her pilot. That was after they were several miles into the air. The lesson had ended with an emergency landing done by Faith and barely crashing the plane into a nearby hill. Afterwards Faith wouldn't go into the carrier until Duo promised he wouldn't pull any more surprises like that again.

"Come on, you'll like this surprise," Duo insisted.

Faith raised a brow, "That's what you said last time."

"Look, I'm not going to take you miles into the air and suddenly let you pilot. Trust me Faith," Duo reassured her.

Faith stated dryly, "The last time you said 'trust me' was when I tried your cooking."

"It was just one time," Duo whined.

"Duo, I rather be at target practice than go through that again."

Duo took her wheelchair and started pushing her out the door, "You rather be with Mr. I-Will-Kill-You than me? Was it really that bad?"

Faith put her chin in her hand, "I suppose it wasn't that bad. He's not a bad teacher Duo; its just Heero is intimidating. He's not the person you can go to for personal problems."

"Speaking of teachers, why hasn't Wu-man taught you yet?" Duo asked.

Faith shrugged, "Maybe he's just putting it off as long as possible. Teaching someone who can't walk self-defense is going to take a bit of creativity on his part."

"Or Wu-man just doesn't like teaching ladies," Duo added.

"Huh, probably both."

When Faith noticed her wheelchair suddenly stopped she looked ahead of her. In the hallway was a girl their age that Faith recognized as Hilde. She had seen a picture of her once or twice, but she wasn't really sure of Hilde's connection with the pilots. Faith tried to search her memory of what Wes had told her, but nothing really came up. All she knew was that Hilde had some connection with Duo.

Duo waved, "Hi Hilde, this is Faith, ya know. The girl I was talking about," he looked at Faith, "I figured since you're alone here. You needed some friend that was a girl."

Hilde smiled and held out a hand, "And Duo wouldn't shut up on how heartless Heero was being when he wanted to dump you in the Sank Kingdom."

Faith shook Hilde's hand, "I bet."

"Well, I'll just leave you girls alone," Duo walked away waving.

Hilde and Faith decided to take this conversation into the living room. Faith decided immediately that she liked Hilde. Hilde seemed to be easy going and since it was clear she knew about Faith's problem and wasn't uncomfortable with the idea, Hilde was the ideal person to talk to.

Hilde sat on the couch, "So, the truth now. How is it?"

"How is what?" Faith asked.

Hilde smiled impishly, "Faith! You live with five boys. Ranging from cute to handsome. A lot of girls would kill to be in your position."

Faith eyed Hilde, "Hilde, I'm stuck with five boys who don't know how to treat me, and have you tasted Duo's cooking?"

Hilde laughed, "Yeah! It should go to the lab for testing, it could be toxic."

Faith laughed for the first time since she got there. It felt good to laugh again, maybe for once Duo did the right thing.

Faith put her chin in her hands, "Hilde…"


"Do you think… I can do this?" Faith asked, "It's a big job."

Hilde smiled, "I know it's gonna seem rough, but you'll pull through."

"I guess as they say… You fail only if you don't try," Faith sighed.

"That's the spirit!" Hilde grinned slapping her on the back.

The sound of Wufei clearing his throat brought their attention to the doorway. Wufei was leaning against the doorframe. Faith raised a brow in question at Wufei.

"It's time for your training," Wufei stated.

Hilde piped up, "But we were talking!"

Wufei growled, "I don't care woman!"

"I have a feeling I'm getting into deeper waters by the minute," Faith muttered so only Hilde can hear.

Hilde shrugged, "Well, who knows, maybe all of this will help you when you get back home."

As Faith wheeled away she then answered back, "If I don't get myself killed first!"

She silently followed Wufei down the hall to the training room. Faith at the moment briefly wondered what Wufei would do for her part of the training. When they arrived it was clear that things had all ready been set up.

Faith looked up at him, "Weights?"

"I can't really teach you much in hand-to-hand combat, but I can improve on your strength so that when you hit someone, they'll really feel it," Wufei explained.

"I can live with that," Faith nodded.

Faith wheeled her chair beside the bench and slid herself on. Wufei watched all of this carefully, at least now he knew how she managed to get herself in and out of bed every single day. He walked over to the weights, looking from the weights to Faith and back again. From the looks of it Faith all ready had some muscle on her. He first tried 10kg; Faith lifted it up and down several times with ease. Wufei didn't say anything; instead he added another 10kg to the bar. This time she had a bit more difficulty lifting up the bar.

"I want you to lift this up twenty times," Wufei told her.

Faith didn't say anything, she just continued lifting up the weights. She didn't by any means want to be considered weak by anyone, most of all not by egoistic male. If she was going to live with them until the scientists figure out how to get her back home, then she was going to prove that she didn't need any babying. By the time she was done the twenty she was a bit wore out, but she didn't say anything. Wufei just grunted.

"Can you do any more?" he asked.

Faith smiled, "Sure."

Wufei didn't comment on her weary look, "Twenty more."

Doing the next twenty was harder than the last. Faith just kept reminding herself over and over that Wufei would no doubt never let her hear the end of it if she couldn't do it. Yet a part of her knew it was foolish to keep on going, by the time she finished that twenty her body was screaming at her. She took several deep breaths, trying to calm her beating heart. The young girl could see Wufei look down at her with expressionless eyes. He didn't look at her with anything with indifference.

Wufei stated, "Do you want to stop?"

For the brief second Faith wondered why Wufei was looking at her indifferently. What was he looking for? An excuse not to follow her orders perhaps? To find a weakness about her so he could tell Dr. J? Of course she was paranoid about what others thought about her. She had spent most of her life home schooled because her father was too afraid she couldn't handle herself. Though he could be forgiven as she had lost her mother at a young age and she was all her father had left.

Faith shook her head.

"Another twenty then."

Wufei couldn't understand it. It was clear that she was tired, why was she being as stubborn as to keep on going? What did she hope to prove? She would only hurt herself in the end. He doubted he had ever met a woman so stubborn before. Wufei thought about that last thought. Okay, so that wasn't completely true, he had met two stubborn women before her. As she started to struggle to the point where her arms were shaking, Wufei carefully placed has hands were he could grab the bar if needed be.

Faith had never felt her arms scream at her like this for the longest time. She barely even remembered when was the last time she did. There was just something so familiar about the situation at the moment. As she tried to get the fifteenth one in there and as she struggled with the weights Faith feared that she was going to let them drop on her. Like the way she nearly dropped herself when she did one too many pull-ups… With one last burst of strength she lifted the weights and set them back in their holder.

Wufei asked, "So you finally decided to stop?"

"Yea, well, I had to," Faith answered back.

"Hn, we'll continue this tomorrow."

Faith got back into the chair, "Right."

Figuring that Faith couldn't wheel herself out, Wufei was about to reach the handle with Faith started moving. He backed off, it was clear that she wanted to wheel herself out. As she left he shook his head, the girl had a lot of pride too. Hilde was waiting outside the training room. When Faith passed the door, Hilde swooped down and grabbed the handles.

Before Faith could protest Hilde said, "Look, Wufei can't see you so stop with the pride thing okay?"

"All right," Faith rested her one elbow on the armrest and rested her chin on her hand."

"When it didn't look like you were going to stop, I was about to rush in there and demand Wufei to make you stop," Hilde said, "You nearly seriously injured yourself!"

"I know," Faith saw this coming.

But the lecture didn't come, "What made you stop?"

Faith was caught off guard by the question.

Hilde stopped, "Faith?"

"Huh? Oh, you mean what caused me to stop?" Faith asked.

"I guess you could put it that way," Hilde answered.

Faith took in a deep breath, "The last time I trained that hard it was for a marathon. Like that incident with Wufei, I wanted to prove to everyone I could do it. So I trained really hard, tiring myself out everyday."

"Ah…" Hilde nodded, "And this has to do with Wufei because…"

"I'm getting there. Well, anyhow, one day I was doing pull-ups and my hand slipped because they were too tired. Fortunately my dad caught me in time. I was about to start again when my dad asked me the weirdest question ever."

Hilde started to look interested, "And what was that?"

"Was there a proverb for knowing when to stop," Faith then gave off a small laugh, "Strangely enough I did know one. I told him so, and then he asked, what is the point of proverbs. Well, the point of them was to teach us about life, to keep us from making mistakes. The minute I said that, I knew he had caught me. I knew the proverb and I was ignoring it."

"Smart dad," Hilde smiled, "What was the proverb?"

"One must draw the line somewhere."

"Yep, you really did need to draw the line," Hilde wheeled her into the living room, "What on Earth convinced you to go that far?"

"Wufei, I hate it that he thinks women are weak," Faith snorted, "I wanted to prove him wrong."

Hilde put a hand on her shoulder, "Faith, Wufei would be the last person on Earth go to for an opinion on yourself. Don't bother."

"What about the others?" Faith asked, "I still have Heero to deal with."

"Well, Heero is Heero," Hilde shrugged, "Everyone else is fine. Trust me."

Faith grinned, "I only hope your 'trust me' is better than Duo's."

Author's Notes: Sorry it took so long! But now that school is over I can spend more time on my stories! Anyhow here is it, hope you liked it. Thanks Aes Sedai for the quote! It's better than the last one I was gonna use. Bye for now!