Banoffee Pie Cravings

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Hermione was wide awake and she had been for a hour, she glanced at the clock on the bedside table and she noticed that it 3:00 AM, she sighed there was nothing else for it. She glanced at her husband's sleeping form "Ron" she whispered, nothing happened "Ron" she whispered again , nothing not even a twitch. She took a deep breath "RON" she shouted AWWWW her husband shouted as he sprang awake and sat up quickly glancing frantically around the room, "Ron" Hermione said quietly "Mione" he replied "what's happened What's going on" he asked her. "nothing" she replied to her husband's question.

She sat up , facing him "Ron" she said "I'm Hungry for something sweet, something in particular she whined "What" he asked sleepily

"Banoffee Pie she replied to his question "go get some from the fridge" he said groggily , she licked her lips "there is none in the fridge" she said quietly "would you mind going to get me some" she asked sweetly he groaned but got up with a further groan. He started to get dressed and achieved it within minutes "be back soon" he said before apparting out of their house.

Hermione hated waiting, she was usually a very patient person but since she had got pregnant she had become a lot more irritable and impatient. Ten minutes later Ron appeared in the room, carrying three boxes of Banoffee Pie and a spoon for his wife. He handed her the boxes and the spoon then quickly got dressed back into his pyjamas and got back into bed, "thank you" she said he mumbled a curse as he tried in vain to get himself into a comfortable position to go back to sleep.

Minutes passed and no words passed between the couple then Ron spoke "remind me" he said to her "never to get you pregnant again" he said grouchily Hermione chuckled

"That's what you said last time Ron" she said "I Know" he replied as he turned back on his side and he fall asleep within minutes "Ron" Hermione whispered, no response. Hermione chuckled to herself after all his moaning he had fallen back asleep within minutes, she shook her head, "I Love You" she whispered to him before tucking into her first box of Banoffee Pie.


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