Author's Note: Just a little fic inspired by what happened to me today. I'm having the same doubts as Catherine, here.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the experience that inspired this fic.


"Gil!" I call out to the dark-haired man at the door. He turns around and I grin at him. I had seen him in the crowd as I swung on the pole. It has been awhile since he had last been in here.

"Catherine!" he says, giving me a small smile, "How are you doing?"

"I'm good. I just got finished," I shrug, gesturing to the stage. His smile looked odd now.

"I know," is all he says. There's a silence between us for just a second before I break it.

"What about you? How's life at the Crime Lab?"

"It's…good," he assures me, "It's good."

"That's…good," I echo him. He chuckles.

"Yeah," he agrees, looking at his feet for a moment, "So…still dancing, huh?" he asked, trying to make conversation. I'm glad he asked.

"Yeah, but it's only temporary," I grin as I tell him this, "In April, I'm going to get my degree and then I'm going to try to get an internship at the Crime Lab!" He looks incredulous.

"Wow! Catherine, that's so great! I can't wait to work with you," his smile is genuine and I see a small hint of pride in his expression. It feels good.

"The pay won't be quite as good as here," I quip and he chuckles, "But hey, Ed's band is doing really good, so what the heck?" I shrug. He seems to freeze.

"Are you still with Eddie?" he asks. I nod happily.

"Yeah. Almost two years now," I tell him. I watch him carefully as he considers this. His smile has fallen slightly. The pride that was in his eyes is replaced by something else…disappointment, maybe?

"That's great," he says, but there's something in his tone that betrays his words.

"Yeah," I am really confused here.

"It was good seeing you again, Catherine," he is sincere as he says this, "But I'm afraid I have to get back to the lab," this he says as if in a rush, "I'll see you at the lab, soon?"

"Definitely," I answer.

"Great," just like that, he disappeared out the door, leaving me standing there, more confused than I already was. Why did he leave so quickly? Why did he seem in a rush as soon as I said I was still with Eddie? Why did his smile fall and his eyes dim? Why did his voice sound so forlorn when he said, "That's great"?

Why am I suddenly wishing that I never mentioned Eddie? Why am I thinking about Gil instead of Eddie? Why can't I stop thinking about Gil?

The End