Disclaimer: Do I look like I'd kill Sirius, Lily, James, etc? No. Therefore, I'm not the fantastic Ms. Rowlings, creator of Harry Potter, and the killer of hundreds.

"Just back off, ok?! Just back bloody off!" With each 'off' the red haired beauty shoved at the human statue as hard as she could. The 'statue' was more commonly known as James Potter, Quidditch extraordinaire and Marauder (aka hot, smart and popular). James looked down in vague shock at the girl in front of him.

"Did you not hear me? I said to bugger off!" once again she shoved but this time James grabbed her wrists as he over balanced and rocked backwards on his heels. All he'd done was ask how she was! He looked down into her face once again and saw shock and pain and- was it possible? - A hint of a smile on her face.

Lily looked up into his big brown eyes and saw shock and the smile that was always waiting just for her. She saw warmth in his eyes and something else, but she didn't know what. All of a sudden the moment was broken as he rocked back onto his feet and let go of her.

He didn't want to push his luck. Friends they might be, but this was a rather recent development. In fact it had only been a few weeks since they'd agreed that they would have to be friends (ok, so maybe after a row on the first day back, McGonagall had made the two become friends, but hey, he wasn't complaining).

"Lils, what's wrong?" he didn't sound so sure of himself now and it still felt strange saying her first name, even though 'Lils' wasn't her full first name.

"I-its nothing, ok potter?" she looked around her at all the other students crowding around them in the corridor.

"The bell went 5 minutes ago! Shows over! NOW!" Everyone finally started walking away; they knew better then to stick around when she got mad.

Every one but James. James… even in her own head it sounded weird, but it suited him nicely- messy jet black hair, brown eyes, round glasses… wide shoulders, big hands and well, years of Quidditch had done scrawny James Potter the world of good. He was still a jokester though not much of a prankster anymore. What do you know? Maybe he had grown up a bit.

"James," Lily looked at him like he was crazy.

"My name is James, not Potter. I called you Lily, you call me James," he continued. This got a smile out of her.

"You know what Lils? I just got some sudden urges," he said taking a step closer, so the previous two feet distance became one foot. The smile slipped off her face faster then money on a credit card. He was being so nice! And mature! He was actually acting like the Head Boy he was. And then he had to go and ruin it!

"Excuse me?!" she asked stiffly.

"Yeah, I have the sudden urge to ask you to brunch on the lake. We could say we were doing Head stuff and to be honest Flower, you look like time out is just what you need," he continued undaunted. She spluttered, this was true, but she wasn't about to tell him that. He raised his hand to cut off her continued spluttering.

"We have Charms now, so it won't hurt you to miss it. And if I do say so myself, I think I'm plenty charming enough already." He said this last bit with the lopsided grin that made nearly every girl melt, and as he'd been talking he'd very smoothly turned her around and started walking her down the corridor towards the kitchens. She nodded her head and off they went.