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Amy's POV.

I swear if James and Lily don't go out soon, I'm going to scream! Merlin, how girly did that sound?! When we got out of the Lake, we walked back up to the castle, girls in front, and boys behind. I ducked behind a tree and waited for the boys to pass me. Ok, so I trained with the Marauders, and I know all about avoiding detection. After they have passed me (like now for instance) I'll just slip out and follow them inconspicuously. Oh, big word alert! I have to get close enough to hear them, but keep covered so they don't see me… I walk behind them so they can't see me, I can hear them, and it's all good.

"… And her hair, spread out, and the sun streaming through her hair, her hair floating, and my hands on her waist…" James is talking about Lily apparently. The 'sister' in me is about to hurl at what James is saying and the friend in me is about to go 'Aw!' really loudly. Shut up damn it! Remus has seen me, crapsicles!

His hand twitches in my direction behind his back, as if calling me to follow. I follow closer and I see Sirius jerk his head back, as if he is rolling his eyes. Which, I reason, he probably is.

"Look Prongs, what is wrong with you? Yeah she's smart, I'll admit she's kind of cute-" Sirius says, then pauses for two whacks to the back of the head. I'd add my slap to the pile but I'm trying to think inconspicuously, and hitting Sirius Black in the back of the head? Yeah, not so inconspicuous.

"Whatever, but Prongs, seriously, you are The James Potter! Marauder extraordinaire, Quidditch star, you are in the top six smartest kids in all your classes! You going after this one girl for more then a week, let alone for-" here Sirius falters "-for two years, its madness! It's un-Marauder-like!" Okay, now I'm getting concerned. Sirius, being and not just acting, serious? From left to right, it is Sirius, James, Remus and Peter. Remus has his head down, hands in his pockets and I get a funny feeling he's trying not to laugh. Sirius, on the other hand, is gesturing wildly, trying to get his point across by poking someone's eyes out perhaps? Remus looks up at the girls ahead of them.

"Aren't the Marauders all for one and one for all? I thought you three were my brothers, through thick and thin? I mean, isn't this like my furry little problem? It's a case of either fighting it or accepting and overcoming it. I, for one, think that after all we've been through; we should still continue to support each other." Remus says quietly and calmly, but loud enough to interrupt Sirius.

"Besides, Sirius," James says, "haven't you ever felt this way before? That… that you would do anything, anything, just to see her happy?" Sirius gives a tiny nod. Sirius Black actually likes someone? Why does it feel like I just got stabbed? Note to self, ask girls later, listen now.

"Have you ever… ever fell in love, you don't just like someone, anything and everything you do, its just to make her happy, to see her laugh?" here Sirius shrugs. "Sirius, you wouldn't understand, I love Lily. Yes, I know you've heard this before, but now… now I really mean it. I know she doesn't love me, but… I just want to see her happy." James says quietly. Oh my bloody Merlin. James Potter is in love! With my little Lily! Don't get me wrong, I'd known he liked her, especially when I was hanging out with the Marauders, but this… he's going to back off, to make her happy? Damn, he was in deep. I'm, well bloody amazed is about right. I mean, Sirius is right; James is a big thing around Hogwarts.

Do I stay around and listen to more or do I interrupt? Remus is signaling me away, so I shall go. But tonight, we play truth or dare!

Prongs' POV.

Oh Merlin, I didn't just say all that did I?!

Some-random-who-shall-remain-anonymous-for-security-reasons' POV.

Tonight, we begin the Plan.

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