(This is my first chapter length Kyle XY story. I'm excited to write this, and I hope I can give this great show some justice. Reviews please, and enjoy. And just so you know, this is taking place a few days after tonight's episode.)

Kyle found himself waking up to another morning. While laying in his bathtub, he looked up at the ceiling. Engraved with little bumbs, he looked at them with such great detail. Thinking to himself how they could have made little stories.

He heard Nicole walk into the room, "Kyle you ready for breakfast?"

"Sounds good." He said, sitting up, and throwing on his smile. Nicole smiled back, and left the room.

He got out of his bathtub, and went to close the door. He finished getting dressed, and his eyes moved over to his desk. There on top of all the paper work, was a flower from his and Amanda's visit to the rose garden. He smiled to himself. Amanda.

He loved that name, and the person who that name belonged to was pretty great too. She was amazing, and he couldn't help but smile everytime we thought of her.

Moving to the kitchen, he found the whole family was already there. "Took you long enough." Josh said, while they all looked up at Kyle.

"Sorry." He said, sitting in the seat inbetween Josh and Lori.

"It's fine Kyle." Nicole said, as she passed him the pancakes.

"Looks good." Kyle said smiling.

"You suck up a lot Kyle." Josh said. Lori leaned over Kyle and hit Josh in the arm. Resulting in Kyle laughing.

"That's enough you two." Stephen said to his two children.

"She started it dad." Josh defended himself.

"You're the one who was annoying Kyle." Lori shot back.

"Kyle didn't say anything about me annoying him. Now did you Kyle?"

Kyle laughed again, "No I didn't but..."

And Josh cut him off, "See!"

"You didn't even let him finish."

"How old you two again? Enough." Stephen said.

"She started it..." Josh mumbled.

"JOSH I SWEAR TO GOD!" Lori started.

"Ohhhhh... she swore to God. You're going to hell."

"Oh my God, will you ever shut up."


"Dear freaking lord. Shut up."


Kyle decided to take a walk in the park. Which was rather relaxing, and definitely cleared his mind of everything that was going on in his life.

Foss had just made him go through plenty of working, since his return. Many things had been happening, and Kyle was still unable to open the box that he had found of Adam's. It was all very stressing.

Kyle was walking with his eyes closed, letting all the sounds and smells sink in. Then he happened to walk into someone. "Oh I'm sorry." He heard someone say, as he opened his eyes.

There stood Amanda. "Oh hi Kyle!"

"Hey Amanda." He smiled.

"What are you doing here Kyle?"

"Just walking around."

"Oh me too. Want to walk together?" She looked up at him hopefully.

"Definitely." She smiled at him.

As they walked, they held hands. "So Kyle, how have you been holding up since the other night?"

"Oh. I'm fine."

"You almost died."

"You saved me."

"By kissing you?" She laughed.

"I think that may have been part of it." She could feel herself start blushing.

"Kyle, I need to ask you something."


"Are we officially a couple now or something?"

He looked at her. "Do you want to be a couple?"

"Yes Kyle. I do."

"Me too." He smiled.

"So are we now?"

"I guess so. It doesn't feel any different."

She laughed, "It will after a while. You have to get used to it."

"Oh, how long will that take?"

"Depends on the person."

"What about for me?"

"I don't know. I guess you'll just find out."

Kyle smiled, "I guess I will."

(Short first chapter. Sorry, other chapters should be at least a little bit longer than this one. I was just starting it out. I got it all planned out in my head. By the way, wasn't tonight's episode amazing!?!? Just saying. haha. Reviews please.)